missed period with loestrin 24 fe

Discussion in 'Contraception' started by jdfurr, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. jdfurr

    jdfurr New Member

    I just finished up my first pack of loestrin24fe. Is it normal to either not have a period the first month or for it to be late. [/LIST] [/LIST]

  2. ash8309

    ash8309 New Member

    I started loestrin24 2 months ago, I just finished taking the second cycle of pills. The first month I had a period, lasted about 2-3 days. Now, I am finished with my placebo pills and have not yet had a period. I don't know if this is normal or not, but I hope it is. I am going to take a pregnancy test later today. Have you done any more research into this??

  3. bigbopo

    bigbopo New Member

    I also just finished my first month of loestrin 24 and did not get a period. Did you learn anything about this?

  4. AugustLove

    AugustLove New Member

    I am also experiencing such circumstances right now.

    I'm currently looking at research for this little situation. I'm just praying that I'm not pregnant.

  5. jmz521

    jmz521 New Member

    I also experienced the same thing. My period was extremely light and very short. I am also hoping I am not pregnant.

  6. raquel

    raquel New Member

    hey- i'm having the same question as you guys too!! seeing that other people are having this problem too makes me feel a lot better though. its my 1st month taking loestrin and i didnt have any period either. man is that stressful or what?

  7. younglove

    younglove New Member

    I'm totally new to all this... the pamphlet says its normal to have a missed period when you start the pill... but that doesn't keep me from freaking a little. I guess if so many of us are having the same problem, it must be normal right? Someone give an explaination please!


    FLOWERPOWER New Member

    The bleed women get whilst on the Pill is definitely not a sign of fertility and definitely not a sign that a woman is or isn't pregnant. It is a drug induced withdrawal bleed and not the woman's own menstruation.

    The steroid sex hormones in the drug are much more powerful than the bodily hormones which they suppress. When the levels of the drug fluctuate or the woman comes off (withdraws) the drug monthly, the level of the drug drops sharply and the womb is forced, entirely artificially, to shed its lining.

    So this is definitely not the woman's own "delayed menstruation". It is a bleed forced by the drop in levels of the drug and the woman's own menstruation is still suppressed.

    There is confusion about this because many medics, nurses, and manufacturer leaflets talk about "periods" or even "menstruation" when they mean the drug induced withdrawal bleed.

    This leads the woman, quite understandably, to assume wrongly that the bleed is some kind of "delayed menstruation" because she has no idea a drug induced withdrawal bleed can even exist.

  9. boricua76

    boricua76 New Member

    I too have just finished my 1st pack of Loestrin24fe and have started on my next pack and have not had my period yet. I am relieved to see that I am not the only one who encountered this problem. I am now not so fearful of being pregnant.

  10. looking4answers

    looking4answers New Member

    just wanted to add what my fiance and I just went through, same situation, same Birth Control...to the T...of course we were worried, every sign was pointing to the fact that she was pregnant, it was a bit nerve wrecking. Breasts were tender, naseau, missed period...everything pointed to pregnancy. So she got a pregnancy test, and it came up with and error! Of course it couldn't just say negative and be done with it, so we waited out the whole stressful weekend and began accepting that she was probably pregnant, and so to try to be sure she got another pregnancy test and yet again it almost signaled to a positive, but it wasn't quite there, so a false positive i guess it's called. So we gave up and she went to the Dr's. Well..he said right away, "you're not pregnant" That the hormones in the medicine was just really doing a number on her body and it was somewhat normal. I hope this puts your minds at ease a bit but, however remember not every situation is the same, everyone is different so make sure you find out for sure before you brush it off. thanks

  11. vballmhs8

    vballmhs8 New Member

    Thank you guys so much. Just reading that others are having the same reactions that I am makes me feel much better. I just started my 3rd package of pills and did not have a period at the end of my 2nd pack. Ive really been freaking out. My fiance is in the military and isn't in the country and so the added stress is almost more than I've been able to bear. I never missed a pill last month while he was home and took them at the same time every day. I know that I cant be pregnant but the missed period has still worrieed me a lot.

  12. KelJ

    KelJ New Member

    I'm almost finished with my first pack...will be finished Sat. I wanted to research this though. I haven't experienced any spotting. I'm currently feeling like my cycle is about to start, but it just drives me crazy when I don't know when. I kind of feel better to see it's just not me.

  13. makeyourself

    makeyourself New Member

    I just finished my first pack of Loestrin 24 Fe too & no period! Thank god I'm not the only one.

  14. monkey61

    monkey61 New Member

    Whew, glad I'm not the only one. I started taking Loestrin 24 3 months ago primarily to help with some perimenoposal systems specifically migraines and it has been amazing. I take it regurarly and have had no side effects whatsoever and the best thing my periods lasts 3 days instead of 5. Then this past weekend when I didn't get my period I got a bit nervous and thus started do the research. Glad to have found this site and glad to know it's not just me. I was on Depo Provera for 8 years and no period and loved that so if this continues I'll not mind it either.

  15. calliope

    calliope New Member

    And yet another addition to this list of those having missed a period on Loestrin 24. I had a shortened, but normal period for my first cycle, but have nothing now for my 2nd. I had *really* light spotting earlier in the week, but that was it. I remember my gyn saying that if I had light spotting, to just consider it a period, but I didn't think it would be THAT light.

    I definitely started getting worried about being pregnant, but seeing this message board REALLY made me feel better. It seems that our bodies are just getting used to the pill, but I wish my (and all of our) gyn(s) would have been more specific. It would have saved us ALL the worry.

  16. NYC110681

    NYC110681 New Member

    I am 24 and have been on numerous pills over the last 6 years (most recently Nordette) and I have never missed a period or even been late. I have just started my second pack of Loestrin 24, but did not have a period during my first "placebo" period. I did, however, have some breakthrough bleeding about 10 days into the first pack that turned into a full on period. I just took a pregnancy test because I was starting to freak out and it was negative. I'm glad to hear others have had similar experiences on this pill. If I miss again next month I'll be switching back to Nordette as I can't bear the thought of having to take another test.

  17. Enchantingqueen

    Enchantingqueen New Member

    I want to hug all of you (hmm... think those are the harmones speaking lol). No but seriously, I'm on my second pack of Loestrin24 and got practically no bleeding. Just enough to see it when I wipped and smell the odor (not to sound too graphic), but not enough to actually stain a pad. My first month I had 2 weeks of spotting then a "full" period that was lighter than normal. Glad to see I'm not the only one. I'm assuming this is fairly new to the market. Other than this little worry, I think the pill is awesome... no nausea or other side effects. I have been experiencing some headaches, but I'm not sure if its because of the pill. Good Luck ladies~!

  18. beccaboom

    beccaboom New Member

    Just thought I'd add that I too have not gotten my period while on Loestrin 24. I've been on it for four months now and not a single period. I went on it to alleviate my pms which was pretty bad-one week before each period I was overly emotional/aggressive, bloated , back ache etc. It has been a relief to be relieved of my pms. My doctor said not to be concerned about not getting my period. She said that 20% of women on this pill don't get their period. Other than nausea for the first week this pill has worked well.

  19. babydoll84

    babydoll84 New Member

    hi ladies!

    I'm about to finish my first pack of Loestrin and I've been bleeding heavily for about almost 3 weeks now. I'm getting a little worried. I talked to my doctor and she said to just stick with it....my "hormones are messing up my body right now" she says that it is going to take me a while to get used to the pill. I'm not doubting her, but this is terrible. This is like having a period(heavy bleeding!) for 3 weeks straight... [​IMG] have you heard of anything similiar to my situation?? Thanks in advance!! Any help would be highly appreciated!

  20. Kbane

    Kbane New Member

    I am about to start my first pack of Loestrin 24 Fe and I was wondering if anyone was havine trouble with weight gain while using it?


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