Missed period 16 days with saheli help

Discussion in 'Centchroman' started by mylove, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. mylove

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    I am a new member , I have been taking saheli twice as required for 3 months but Now I have missed my period by 16 days , can anyone tell if it is normal , I am very stressed

  2. GreenTea

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    That's the most common side effect of all. Didn't you read up on Saheli before starting it? If you did, you would know that it causes longer and more irregular cycles more often than not.

    Even if your first two cycles were about the same length as before, you could see a change after a few months. It seems that unusually long--or, sometimes, unusually short--cycles about three months in are nothing unusual. If you've just switched to the once a week schedule, like we're advised to do after three months, then seeing abnormal cycles right then is nothing unusual at all.

    I had such a long cycle in my third month on Saheli that I thought I was skipping my period that month. It ended up coming just over six weeks after the last one. Then, five days after that period ended, I had another period. That's the only time I've had such a short cycle, on or off Saheli.
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  3. Dilillili

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    GreenTea, I'm in England and ofc, people don't recommend anything that hasn't undergone the strict cross-examinations and fulfilled the requirements that are native. But I am going through hell with the implant and because I'm underage people are trying to prevent me from taking it out because of the risk of pregnancy. Is there anything I should know about Saheli? Because I can't cope with hormones and neither can ANYONE around/close to me, so Centchroman seems like the perfect answer =/

  4. Dilillili

    Dilillili New Member

    Also, if skipping periods is making you anxious it may delay the periods. I've read it's natural with Saheli, but stressing over it might affect things too. If it's something very difficult to get over psychologically take a test or visit a doctor just for the peace of mind, it's well worth it.
    Being able to relax and be comfortable with your body is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

  5. GreenTea

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    Read our FAQ thread. It has all the basic information that you need to know if you're considering Centchroman. If you still have questions once you've read that, feel free to start a new topic and post them (I'm suggesting a new topic so as not to hijack this one). Reading other topics may also answer some of your questions, if others have asked them here before.
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  6. GreenTea

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    I doubt that stress has anything to do with causing missed periods on Saheli. That's simply a very common side effect, whether you stress about it or not. However, if you find it very stressful to have irregular periods--say, you tend to worry that you're pregnant if your period is one day late, let alone a week or two--then to be able to comfortably be on Saheli, you would have to find a way to get over the stress. Some women have quit taking it for that reason--they found the irregular cycles too worrisome, even if they never got pregnant.

    An important thing to keep in mind is that Saheli may change the normal length of your cycle. If you think of your period as being late when it's past 28 days (or whatever your normal cycle length off Saheli was), that isn't accurate. It may be right on time, but what's on time for you has now become later and perhaps more sporadic.

    Off Saheli, my cycles were nearly always between 28 and 31 days. On Saheli, anywhere from 31 to upwards of 40 days (but never as much as 45) is normal for me. If I got a period at 28 days while on Saheli, it would be early. For some other users, normal cycle length has changed even more drastically.
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