mirena iud questions,please help!

Discussion in 'IUDs' started by Zucker, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Zucker

    Zucker New Member

    Hallo there, first of all i am new here and i find this forum really interesting :)

    so i am 21 years old and i never had i child,i had my mirena IUD placed in the begining of August.
    the first days i had just a bit of pain and bleeding but not so much,then the bleeding stoped and instead of blood i just had something like a brown liquid (i know sounds disgusting) but in a small amound. IS that normal?

    i checked my IUD once in the end of August and the doctor said everything was fine and i should check it again after 5 weeks.

    now i got a bit of panik because i start eating like a pig (i really cant stop) i got no bleeding and i have some pain, like period pain, for the last 5-6 days. is that normal? is there a possibility that i am pregnant?
    i heard that if you werent pregnand before theres a high possibility that the iud fells out,but wouldnt i feel it or something? i also cannot feel or find my strings but that was also before my visit to the doctor,and the check showed the iud was fine so i didnt bother.

    did some of you had the same experience? any answer from girls who have or had the mirena would be usefull!

    ps:i am currently on holidays at my parents place and i forgot my insurance card so I CANT visit a doctor until next week and im kinda freaking out thats why im posting here.


  2. AnnaM

    AnnaM Member

    Most contraceptives work on either mimicking pregnancy or causing the implantation to fail. Some IUD also have progesterone added, so they do mimic pregnancy. So back to your concerns, your body will still go through the process of ovulation and many women get an increased appetite just before their period, your body will still try to shed the endometrium ( hence the period like pain, because your period is happening). Often with Mirenas and Implenons etc the body reduces the amount of menstral flow and for many women the flow doesn't happen at all, one of the up sides. It would be really, I mean really almost impossible for the Mirena to fall out of your body unless it was not inserted properly, and then you would most likely have spotting or bleeding. Did you have a fever, feel unwell or have any abnormal discharge? No? Well unlikely you have infection or misplaced IUD. Unlikely you pregnant with correctly inserted Mirena.

  3. Zucker

    Zucker New Member

    thanks a lot!!!i did a check up and everything looks fine and i hope it stays like this. :-D but something else i noticed is that i lost weight though im eating like before (dont know if this has to do with the iud)and also im losing hair and thats for sure cause of the hormones :-\ anyway thanks again!!

  4. AnnaM

    AnnaM Member

    cool, glad that everything is ok. The Mirena isn't for every one, but of all of them I think it is the least offensive to the body. THen again every one reacts to hormones differently.. Man you should see this household sometimes: 2 teenage girls, a twenty something woman and me, we sync periods on occasions, talk about hormonal HELL! I can't think of an explanation off the top of my head re the weight loss, only to say 'you lucky minx'.

  5. Pants92105

    Pants92105 New Member

    I had similar issues when I first had it inserted. I brushed off all the side effects and suffered for 7 years. I posted about it on the Depo forum.


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