Mental Health worries part 2

Discussion in 'Mental Wellbeing' started by SmileAndCry, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. SmileAndCry

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    Okay so I posted earlier about something slightly different but this ties into it.

    The doctor couldn't give me a straight answer and said they don't want to yet. However they have sent me for blood tests and want me to have a brain scan as well as the thing where they stick sucky electrode things over your head [​IMG] They are also DESPERATE to put me on anti-phycotic meds and every time I say no they keep telling me it's not me saying no it's the... yeah [​IMG]

    I'm worried that going on anti-pyschotics will make me less of a person and that universitys will turn me down and I won't be able to work with children because of this, cause some people who get really funny if they were ever to find out and would get funny with me being around there kids incase i flip out which wouldn't happen as thats not whats wrong at all. I think they are looking at scitzophrenia (however it's spelt) I just don't want to be seen as a second class citizen who needs all this extra help when I don't.

    I need some advice from some one who doesn't keep saying the same things and talks to me like I don't understand anything when I do. I think I want to try the meds but I'm scared that by doing so I risk basicly my whole future and not to mention what side affects that could happen!

    Please some one help I'm so confused! I'd feel so ashamed if I took them!!

  2. GreenTea

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    I see you live in the UK. Do you know what their laws are regarding mental health conditions? In the US, it's illegal to discriminate against people with mental health conditions in jobs, school, housing, and pretty much everything else. People who have been convicted of violent crime related to a mental illness are a different category--but just taking antipsychotics or any other psychiatric medication, or just having schizophrenia or any other psychiatric condition, is protected. Employers and schools can't even ask if you have any such conditions or are taking medication.

    Does the UK have similar laws? If so, that would cover your situation. If not, you need advice from someone who knows regarding what rights you do have.

    And that's assuming that the diagnosis of schizophrenia is correct and antipsychotics are the medication you need. Would you agree with this if not for the stigma? If not, what then?

  3. Aiden1

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    I'm on products for my depressive disorders, and products for the 'sounds' I 'hear'. They don't appear to be doing whatever but make me worn out. I'm tempted to stop taking them because of it. I have suicidal means//

  4. Ricy Mardona

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    Mental illness is very serious problem don't take it easy. If your doctor is not telling you about this then you must consult to some other doctor.


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