Menstrual Disorder, PMS

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    Just like pregnancy, menstruation (periods) is a natural phenomenon occurring in woman’s body once in a month. Periods come like clockwork. They start and stop at nearly the same time every 21 to 30 days on average. Normal period bleeding is heavy on first 2 days and lasts for normally 4-6 days. Menstrual cycle should be regular and period bleeding should cause least discomfort to any woman.

    When this is not the case and you are going through irregular period cycle or lot of physical and psychological stress during periods, it is a warning of menstrual disorder. Menstrual Disorder can trigger severe PMS complications.

    PMS- Pre-menstrual Syndrome- is the difficult phase which starts a week before the period date. Women suffer physically and emotionally during this phase and feel better once the periods begin. Even the women with normal period cycle can go through mild to moderate PMS symptoms.

    Fortitude, Gynaecology & Obstetrics Clinic (Ayurveda) aims to make periods less stressful for women.


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