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    Here is the new Master Charters List, if you would like to be added just send me a PM with your chart link and I will add you. Have fun obsessing.... [​IMG]


    <span style="font-size: 14pt">TTC Chart's
    leeaman7777 -

    BethG -

    *mel* -

    Love0322 -

    jms -

    Confused211 -
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    Re: **New** Master Charters List

    I thought I would start another area blow here for the ladies charts who have gotten the BFP's... If anyone has a BFP chart they would like to share, feel free to PM me with your chart link and I would be more then happy to add it. I have had a suggestion to also add in with everyone's charts how long it took them to conceive as well..

    <span style="font-size: 14pt">BFP Chart's</span>

    petal4 - - 6 Cycles to get BFP

    Allison_82 - - 11th month TTC, and first cycle on Serophene.

    Gutterflower - - 7 mths ttc, miscarried, immediately got BFP without cycle

    Bryony - - Not ttc at the time

    Cleo - - 12 months to get BFP

    Peppermint -

    Charlie1 - - Not ttc at the time

    T.E - - 17 months/10 cycles to get BFP

    Kylie/Drew'sMom - - 3 months to get BFP

    Dee - - 2 years (26 cycles) to get BFP .

    Snows - - 2.5 years to get BFP with IUI.

    ANMSMITH - - 2 years to get BFP

    erin321 - - 4 months to get BFP

    Frog - - 6 months to get BFP

    Jenice -


    Myste -

    24Penguins -

    MyrtleWarbler -

    sapphire -

    StLGaL- -3 cycles of actually trying

    Confused-Hasya - - BFP first cycle, m/c ~6w. 3rd cycle BFP.
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