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Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by dauphin, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. dauphin

    dauphin New Member

    I’ve read some postings, on other sites, and indeed articles about male chastity. Many men seem to enjoy it, and women talk about the benefits: more attentive partners, better relationship dynamics. Many, though not all, use male chastity within BDSM. Has anyone ever used male chastity devices, and with what results? Or indeed considered it?

  2. Moirae

    Moirae New Member

    It honestly never occurred to me. Though my fiance sometimes jokes with me about waiting the first four days when we see each other (not having sex those first four days) it never happens.

    I should say, he and I get to see each other once or twice a year. Long distance relationship.

    I don't think I would consider a chastity belt.

  3. dauphin

    dauphin New Member

    I think it’s an interesting idea: the lost of control, and submission; waiting for sex from the ‘key holder’. I can see it being quite a turn on. I’ve never tried it and one wonders whether there are any medical side effects from restricting an erection for long periods of time. From my brief research, and it is brief, more men than women seem to enjoy wearing chastity devices.

    If your boyfriend wore a chastity belt and you were the key holder, I wonder what the sex would be like.

  4. Michelle3344

    Michelle3344 New Member

    I would loving knowing that hubbie could only have erections when I was around and only when I was in the mood!!! Plus, I am willing to bet he would be a little more willing to help me around the house if I had that kind of control!!!

    But that is probably going to have to remain in the "only as a fantasy" file. I would never ask my hubbie to do something like that.
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  5. dauphin

    dauphin New Member

    The articles and threads I’ve read suggest that many men get really turned on my this, many doing the house work and other tasks dictated by the key holder/wife. Couples that use male chastity, that I’ve read about, say they find sex and their relationships more satisfying.

  6. Jamal

    Jamal New Member

    Though I've never used them, I've seen various male chastity devices in use. There are all sorts of nifty devices available from any adult outlet that sells BDSM supplies. They all pretty much revolve around some sort of harness that restricts access to the penis and some are designed to be decidely uncomfortable whenever a man gets an erection. Obviously, your male partner would have to share your interest in this approach to sexuality (or asexuality, if you will), but if he is game--or obedient enough to wear something of this sort because you tell him to--you should have no trouble finding such an item on the Web and they can usually be found for somewhere under $100.

  7. Jamal

    Jamal New Member

    By the way, you can get male chastity belts that include butt plugs--in fact, from what I've seen, this is a common variation on the theme. Also, there are similar devices for use by women. Interestingly, these seem to include plugs to a lesser degree than do the ones for men and I'm not sure what to make of that fact. However, the most common chastity devices for women simply consist of harnesses that include a locking strap that covers the genitals, but there are some that also include either a vaginal or anal insert, or ones that have both. We have a very simple version, which is a pair of shorts--sort of like the old fashioned long-line girdles, with two rubber plugs molded right into the crotch, so that when you pull them on, both the vaginal and anal orifice are filled. The latex is very tight, of course, so it holds them firmly in place.

  8. Keith

    Keith New Member

    I have worn the "trapped balls" style chastity device. Wearing the device is a pain and not fun. However I do feel closer to my partner. Some women do enjoy knowing there partner is locked up for them. They wear the key around thier necks.
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  9. Keith

    Keith New Member

    I forgot to mention, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  10. Dreamer

    Dreamer New Member

    I'm not into BDSM... But I'm intrigued... I'm not into uncomfortabel stuff like this. Bt it's cool to think she'd have to decide when, and whatnot.

  11. Married Curious

    Married Curious New Member

    This post scares the bejezus out of me!!! [​IMG]

  12. Dreamer

    Dreamer New Member

    For the wife> I'd give it a shot. :0

    But not permenantly!!!!

  13. JLWilliams

    JLWilliams New Member

    My first novel explores some of the inner workings of a male-led relationship and a female-led relationship (FLR) which includes male chastity. The heroine goes through quite a lot to come out of the other side with her partner "locked up". It combines fantasy elements with erotica. It has a lot of steamy scenes. Bear in mind the first half is more "50 Shades" style male-led stuff. I actually found it quite uncomfortable to write! It also has a whole chapter on Keats, though...
    Check it out on Amazon

  14. nellythedog

    nellythedog New Member

    Hi. My wife keeps me caged in a chastity device 24/7 I love it, she loves it and it harmonious the relationship. I don't pester he for sex... when she wants it she simply unlocks me.
    I pull my weight in the house... If not I have to wait an other month.
    If she wants punishment she masturbates next to me with no release... that's tourcher.
    Simply put your man will change his ways and focus on you needs not just sexual.
    I love her more now than ever! I've devoted my life to making sure she's happy and I am as well.
    It's a two way thing that works for both of us.
    I've coached other couples and they'd never go back to a traditional relationship.
    Post me any questions. Good luck

  15. cunilicker69

    cunilicker69 New Member

    Chastity cured me of a porn problem and left me devoted worshipping and lets face it in her power. I have never been so happy
    I was caught masturbating several times. She really didnt mind but her thoughts were if i put that energy into her needs we would both be happier. She toik me to a female sex therapist she knew of. At our second session I agreed to be hypnotized as long as my wife was there. After I came out of hypnosis we all agreed that we should try the male chastity and swap our roles. I would let her lead the relationship and submit to her. When she felt I deserved an orgasm I would be released. These two ladies would hold the keys to my sexlife. Just so my wife didnt get soft and let me out they both had to agree. I also signed a contract submitting to my goddess. She had all financial control, control of my sexlife, and she was now my "husband".
    We kept going to the therapist and my sexlife became pleasing my wife orally. From that day on I never got intercourse again. I didn't mind the hypnotherapy the meds and worshipping my wife was enough.
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  16. nellythedog

    nellythedog New Member

    Hi. Yes there is a strong sense of seeing a satisfied wife . Mine love the control. Have you any way you can fight this hypnotism?

  17. ChasteHubby2008

    ChasteHubby2008 New Member

    Hi, I know this thread is 10 years old, but since this is a women's health forum, I wanted to say that male chastity probably saved our marriage.

    Intercourse has always been painful for my wife. Never has it been a happy thing. After seven years of infrequent and begrudging sex, I was really sick of masturbating all the time to stay sane.

    I was searching the internet for things that could help me stop masturbating and found a site that advocated chastity devices. I decided to give it a try. When I showed it to my wife she was afraid it would hurt me.

    A few weeks later I really wanted sex, but my wife told me she was menstruating. Definitely no chance for intercourse. But she suggested I just stay locked up and we could do "everything else". I found the experience terribly frustrating. Words can't describe what it was like to be aroused and horny but not even be able to have an erection.

    My wife, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoying it. She experienced the first orgasm of her life that night. She later told me that she just felt really loved and uninhibited knowing that there would be no painful intercourse and I was willing to make love to her with no expectations of receiving anything in return.

    That began some big changes in our sex life. My once asexual wife who hated sex began to warm up to lovemaking as long as I was locked up. The few times we tried intercourse after that were as bad as before. She just couldn't loosen up and have a good time unless she knew I was locked up.

    I on the other hand was blown away by the changes in my wife. All of a sudden I had the active happy sex life I had always hoped for; except I had to wear a device that prevented erections and orgasms to have it.

    As time went on, my wife pleaded with me to stay chaste permanently. It was a big emotional fight for me. Part of me really wanted to do it for her, but part of me thought that permanently giving up erections and orgasms was crazy.

    In the end I ended up deciding to stay chaste permanently for her. It really boiled down to a few things:
    1. She went through 7 years of painful sex and never once enjoyed it, much less experienced an orgasm.
    2. Even without erections or orgasms, I still really enjoyed making love to her. It isn't the same, but it isn't bad at all.
    3. I would rather give up a little bit of pleasure to see both of us enjoy sex than to have more pleasure and watch my wife suffer and hate it.

    Keeping me chaste hasn't just benefited our sex life, though. After I committed to permanent chastity, I had days when it was really hard. Days when I just ached to feel a hard erection again. Days I wanted to feel an orgasm again. It was at those times that my wife would hold me and help me get through the hardest times. Our relationship deepened and got stronger.

    Now I've pretty much forgotten what erections and orgasms feel like. I know that they felt good, but I can't remember what the sensations felt like. I do enjoy giving my wife orgasms. That gives me a lot of pleasure and sometimes I get really excited when she's climaxing and I think I get close to an orgasm. But more than anything I love the attention I get from my wife now. Nearly ever night she plays with my chastity cage, massages my balls, and just plays around with me. She knows I can't orgasm anymore, but she likes getting me excited and I enjoy it. We have a very playful relationship now.

  18. Tikivn23143

    Tikivn23143 New Member

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