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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by oliviarose, Oct 13, 2016.


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    If you're having problems figuring out how to sexually attract women, then look no further. Most guys are all struggling with the same thing, but there are a few secrets you should know if you ever want to have a chance landing a girl. Here are a few things that you should always keep in the back of your mind when you're on the prowl:

    Women don't like clinginess. It's a sign of insecurity and will surely put her off. There's nothing less attractive to a woman than a man who is so uncomfortable with himself that he thinks he's not worthy.

    Women love confidence. Confidence will always play a role in attraction. Even men are attracted to confident women, but it's been agreed that women find confidence the sexiest thing a man can have.

    Women like to have a good time. Don't bore them with the usual routine; stay spontaneous and fun. Nothing is worse than a guy who brings down the whole mood because he can't maintain an upbeat attitude.

    Women love to flirt. Regardless of how horrible your game is, women love to know that men desire them, and it really boosts their ego, so don't go around with the mindset that by playfully flirting with them, you're going to be inconveniencing them in some way.

    Women desire men that other women desire as well. If you can attract one, you can attract them all. When a woman's friend likes a guy, he automatically becomes more desirable to her too.

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