Low calorie breast milk.

Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by BunnyGirl19, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. BunnyGirl19

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    Brighton isn't gaining any weight despite feeding more than adequately. The suspected culprit is low calorie breast milk again. When I had the same issues as RJ I had my milk analyzed and it averaged 12 calories per ounce and normal range is 17-30 calories. The general assumption is that I'm having the same issue this time. Does anyone know what could cause low calorie milk or ways to improve its caloric content?

  2. iampam

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    I was reading some different links on KellyMom about this. This link: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/milk/change-milkfat/ suggests that the milk from fuller breasts has lower fat content and the milk from empty breasts has higher fat content... which makes sense if the fuller breasts have more foremilk.

    Maybe if you pump for a minute or two first, and then nurse Brighton, he would get more hindmilk (and you could follow the feeding with a bottle). It sounds like he hasn't had the best suck, and maybe your hindmilk takes longer to let down, so maybe he has been having trouble getting the good stuff?

    I know Fenugreek didn't do anything for you last time, but maybe you can try other herbal supplements? The list on Kellymom seems to be down but I am sure you can google and find more.

  3. TDG

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    Are you eating enough? I know you eat a pretty low carb diet and I can tell my milk production gets lower as well as more watery if Im not eating enough carbs. It kind of sucks because it makes any decent amount of weight loss while bfing almost impossible but as long as I eat enough (especially carbs and obviously h20) my milk is extremely high calorie.(Im assuming based on the boys weight gains and how thick it is--it looks like cream) I dont have any science to back this, but it works for me and is easy enough to try.

  4. BunnyGirl19

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    I know my milk looks really creamy and there ends up being a decent fat layer on it after it's been in the fridge awhile. It doesn't appear to be watery. I know when they analyzed it with RJ it was pretty low cal but there was good fat content at the high end of the range. I didn't seem to have much sugars/carbs in it, like at the bottom of the range. Nobody seemed to know what that meant or why it was that way, let alone what to do about it. I'm not really losing weight as quickly as I did last time and I'm still really bloated with fluid. I've got 25 lb to lose still out of the 35 I gained.

  5. Confused-Hasya

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    Bunny, you eat very less carbs, right? Perhaps that is why it is too low in carbs. If low carb diet is good for weight loss, the opposite must be true even for babies. I know that you don't like to increase your carb intake but it is worth trying. You have enough control that you can keep it to the exact number of servings although I am not sure if you would need more in the beginning.


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