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Discussion in 'Overcoming Infertility' started by Wishing&Hoping, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Wishing&Hoping

    Wishing&Hoping New Member

    I have a quick question - Can you tell me if being a mouth breather (only when I sleep :p) can affect my BBT? I go from 96.8 to 97.5. The past 2 days I was in the 96.8 range and this morning I made it a point to wait 10 minutes in bed (without moving!) with my mouth closed and I got 97.5. Can anybody help me? I know the 96 range is bad, and I'm trying to understand all this.

  2. WhiTniZZle

    WhiTniZZle New Member

    Well, sorry I can't answer your question, because it actually raised a question of my own. are the 96's really bad? I thought it just ranged by the individual. I think everyone just has their own range they are in, because I'm typically in the 96's pre-Ovulation . . . .
    Sorry I couldn't be more help. That is a good question though.

  3. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    I breath through my mouth most of the time and it doesn't seem to have much of an effect on my temp, it shouldn't do really seen as you should take your temp from under your tongue.

  4. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    I think the most important thing is being consistent with how you temp. And like the others said, there is no such thing as a bad temperature, unless you have a fever and get an unusual spike.

  5. BethG

    BethG New Member

    I am a nighttime mouth breather as well AND have a bony growth thing going on under my tongue (called torus mandibularis) and could not get accurate BBTs orally. My chart was wildly erratic. When I switched to vaginal temps, it made a world of difference.

    Outside factors rarely make a difference in my temps (recent fever excluded). I get up in the morning, go to the other room, take my temp vaginally (same BBT as I used to use before), and then use the bathroom. The method seems to work much better than my actual ovaries do.

  6. Wishing&Hoping

    Wishing&Hoping New Member

    Thanks everyone for your replies!

    I am not ovulating, so I'm not sure what is normal and whether my readings are accurate. I guess I will just keep charting and see what happens...

  7. slightlyvintmama

    slightlyvintmama New Member

    just a note though, low BBTs CAN be bad. They CAN - but not necessarily are- be a symptom of hypothyroidism for example, which CAN cause a difficulty in conception. Doesnt mean it is. but its not accurate to say its totally fine either

  8. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    I don't think high 96's are considered abnormally low.

  9. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    They aren't. If they are below 96 there could be a problem.


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