Light sleeping babies??

Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by LittleMissMeliss, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. LittleMissMeliss

    LittleMissMeliss New Member

    my baby is a really light sleeper. We have to share a room w her 4 now, and when I lie her down, 1/2 the time, she wakes up! Also, when I climb into bed, she wakes! I think it's the rustling of the blanket. I am already using my least noisy blanket! We already play music to drown out the background noise. Any ideas on how to get and keeep light sleepers asleep?

  2. LittleMissMeliss

    LittleMissMeliss New Member

    good to know. ty- I did find, though- after 1 night so far- that Johnson's & Johnson's lavender scented lotion helps- purple bottle. w/o it, it takes Julia 2-3 h to get to sleep. last night- w the lotion- it only took her 1-2 h, and tonight it took only 1 h- not even. I figured it's worth a try.

    She woke a few mins. after the original posting.

  3. lesley007

    lesley007 New Member

    You could try timing the disturbances. If I put Elliott down, and I remember that I need to get something from upstairs (we have separate rooms upstairs but our hardwood floors are insanely loud and have woken him up before), then I wait 10-15 minutes because by then I know he's in deep sleep. Maybe don't get in bed until she's been asleep for 15 minutes or an hour and 15 minutes.

    Same with putting her down. The longer I would hold him and wait after he'd fall asleep, the better chance that he would not wake up (though he often did anyway, which is why eventually he just slept with us until 7 months). For naps, I would lie next to him in bed and feed him to sleep and then wait and carefull sneak out (only until he started rolling over).

  4. petal4

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    I had the same problem with Ethan when he was younger. We also share a room and my bed was awfully creaky, it would wake him and then he would end up in my bed because he wouldn't settle in his cot again. I ended up getting a new bed.
    Then when he was about 15 months, he began to sleep more soundly and deeply, he doesnt wake at all now during the night (unless he's sick or teething). It will get better.
    Although I can't wait to move and get Ethan his own room. Df and I need to get back our bedroom life, lol.

    Hayley x
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  5. sunflwr

    sunflwr New Member

    LittleMissMeliss did you try swaddling? I find that my baby's deepest sleeps are when she's swaddled.

  6. Mish

    Mish New Member

    My daughter was the same and i read that babies who are light sleepers stay that way until adulthood and i was not pleased when i read that lol however she is now 18 months and no longer a light sleeper, very rarely wakes now and puts herself back to sleep when she does so dont worry things will probably change for you to , good luck :)

  7. Surry

    Surry New Member

    I can also recommend swaddling, it helped LO to go to sleep more easily.

  8. Leah Watson

    Leah Watson New Member

    Put your baby to bed when she's drowsy, not asleep. Wait a moment before going to your baby. Try not to look your baby in the eye. Relax the rules on diaper changes. Wait until she's ready for sleep training.

  9. Karina

    Karina New Member

    I have the same problem. My daughter is now 1.3 years old and she slept not much since childhood. I used to carry her for a long time and then she began sleeping only with me in our bed. My husband had to change the room as he needs to go to the work in the morning and he can't have enough sleep. Now I am thinking about turning on some music and just trying to sit near her bed and not sleep together with her. Maybe to use such camomile tea like Hipp to make the child calmer.


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