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Discussion in 'Natural Birth Control' started by anonyma, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. anonyma

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    Hi, everyone! I've been reading this forum for ages, but I'm de-lurking with a question about LC.

    I've only been using LC for about a week. I have the alarm set, but I've been waking up before the alarm (but within the 6-hour window), and taking my temperature then. My problem is that the alarm still goes off, even though I've taken my temperature for the day. Is there any way to stop that that doesn't involve un-setting and re-setting the alarm? It seems to me that the alarm would shut itself off, since I can't take my temp more than once a day, but it's obviously not doing that.

    Any help people could offer would be appreciated.

  2. Jessica83

    Jessica83 New Member

    that's correct, the alarm still stays on even if you've already taken your temp, unless you manually set it off.

    To think of it, you're right, it doesn't hold much use since you can't take your temp twice, but I think the productor thought it would be convenient to use LC as an alarm clock as well, assuming you'd prefer using its own instead of setting 2 different alarms.

    I used to set it off manually, but it's way noisier than turning it off when it beeps. Unfortunately, that's the only two ways you have.


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