Laparoscopy experiences??

Discussion in 'Overcoming Infertility' started by MyrtleWarbler, Jun 26, 2008.

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    Those pics have really helped to put my mind at rest! I am going on holiday in July and was worried about having an ugly scar while wearing my bikini!!!!! lol! I know, I am so vain!!!!!

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    Don't worry! I worried about it too ... and I still don't like the one down low, but I also don't like my tattoos lol! So owell I guess =/

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    More of me than you ever wanted or needed to see!...

    Here is a link to the album with my internal lap photos. The quality isn't the greatest... basically they printed the photos onto plain typing paper for me, 6 images to a sheet, and I had to scan that and then crop and label each photo. The photos are labeled with titles... shows my messy uterine lining, the effect of the septum (made my fallopian tube entrances be tucked into "tunnels"), the process and result of the septum being cut to expose the tube openings better, the fibroid on the outside, the dye test, and the little bit of endo they treated. The only photos not included are the ones of the adhesions I had on my large intestines and on my left ovary. It is probably hard to really make out what these photos are showing, easier for me b/c he pointed all the details out so I know what I'm looking at! But, enjoy anyway!

    Just click on the first image in the upper left of the album and scroll through them.

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    Wow MW! There actually a little gross! lol!!!!

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    I warned you!!!

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    I am wondering if anyone had this procedure for tubal blockage....and or tubal removal/repair.

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    I have a quick question for those that have had the procedure, how long did you bleed for? It's been 3 days now and it's not constant but every time I think it's stopped it starts again!

    Also how long do you feel bloated for?

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    Okay I thought I would update this thread about my lap so anyone going through this in the future will be able to read up on it. I am copying my original post from the 12 month thread so if you read it there there really is no need to read it again. I will add about my recovery at the bottom of the post!
    Hi everyone, I am back from my lap and still feeling a little woozy so you will have to excuse me if this doesn't make alot of sense! lol!

    Right, first of all I think the anticipation was far worse than the actual procedure. I was scared stiff by this morning but now I am looking back and wondering what I was so scared about!

    They took me down to theatre and I started freaking out. Being in there and seeing all the medical equipment got to me and I started bawling. The nurse was so nice to me and promised they would take good care of me and that just made me worse. The last thing I remember was trying to stop crying as they started putting the anasthtic through.

    The next thing I remember was someone saying my name and as I came round there were 4 nurses around me, taking my blood presure and such. I started crying again more or less as soon as I opened my eyes and I have no idea why. I wasn't in alot of pain although I was shaking uncontroleably which they said was because of the anesthetic.

    They took me back to the ward, gave me a drink and something to eat and said the surgeon would be coming to have a word with me as soon as he was out of theatre. I could tell I was going to receive bad news by the way they were talking.

    So, basically my left tube is no good at all. It never developed properley and doesn't even reach the uterus. From what I can gather no dye even managed to enter it. My uterus also didn't develop as well on the left side as it did on the right which makes it a slightly different shape than it should be and slightly smaller than it should be. He assured me this would not cause a problem in pregnancy. The right side is fine and both ovaries work.

    Here was the shocker for me. I have endo. It was on my ovaires and other places too, I can't remember where but that has all been removed. I asked him if it would return and he said chances are that it will eventually (something along those lines anyway!) I wasn't expecting this news at all, I have no signs of endo whatsoever, apart from infertility!

    He left the left tube in which suprised me because he did say it may have to be removed in the future. Can't quite understand why they didn't take it out there and then but never mind.

    So the next step for me is to go back to the fertility clinic and find out what my options are but he did say they will not perform IUI. I am assuming this means I will have to have IVF which I know there is a long waiting list for and I don't know how many atempts I will get on the NHS. I will find this out when I make my new appointment.

    I did ask him if I am actually able to get pregnant naturally and he said yes so thats a good thing. So there you have it, not the best update but it could have been alot worse! Sorry fot the essay and it's probably full of spelling errors as I don't feel 100% with it at the moment.


    Update on recovery

    I feel I was very lucky with my recovery compared to some of the stories I have read! Mine seems to be very quick and easy!

    On the day of surgery the pain wasn't that bad at all, I was quite suprised as I expected to be in more pain than I actually was. I was prescribed paracetomol 1000mg every 4 hours and they also gave me some stronger meds for if I needed them. I only used the paracetomol.

    Saturday was by far the worst day. I was in quite alot of pain and was very uncomfortable. I couldn't stand up straight and was walking very slowly. Looking back I really should have taken the stronger meds they gave me that day but the side effects put me off so I didn't take them. The worst part was not being able to get comfortable no matter what position I was in. Sitting hurt, lying down hurt, being propped up hurt, I was feeling very sorry for myself! I had quite alot of pain in my ribs and chest which apparently is down to the gas, this seemed to be worse when I was lying down, felt like my bottom ribs were broken!

    Sunday I was slowly starting to feel better. By the afternoon I was able to stand straighter but was still walking very slowly and was still very bloated. The rib pain was starting to subside by this point but was still noticeable! I was still constipated by the point but felt strong enough to have a shower.

    Monday I stupidly tried to go back to work. I drove but really shouldn't have. Getting ready for work exhausted me and I had to leave at lunch time as I was too uncomfortable. I wore my jeans which was a mistake as I was still very bloated and bruised. As soon as I got home I put my PJ bottoms on and felt instant relief!

    Tuesday I went back to work again and managed the whole day! Was still walking slowly and still tired easily but apart from that felt fine. I was no longer in pain, felt like a pulled tummy muscle from too much excercise. Driving was no problem. Still had the damn bloating though!

    Wednesday (today) I feel very nearly back to normal! Still a little bloated but I think I may be back in my jeans as soon as tomorrow! Walking at a normal pace but every now and then I forget and bend too quickly or try to jog up some stairs and then I realise I should still be carefull! The bleeding has almost stopped. I still don't feel able to hoover or anything like that but apart from that I feel fine!

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    Ok so I had my procedure last Thursday 3-5 I am writing this kind of for myself too as I want to keep a 'journal' of my TTC journey.

    So the wend. prior to the surgery I was to be on a clear liq. diet and Thur NPO. I arrived at the hospital at 530 to get checked in and then at 6 was escorted to the gyn surgery dept (had to go through L&D and NICU. I was told to get undressed and put on a gown and was given some booties. I was hooked up to this warmer thing via a vacuum attachment into my paper gown, I was able to control my level of warmth, the theory is that keeping a patient warm pre-op helps post-op recovery time. bair-hugger. The nurse did my history and someone from anastisiology started my IV, the resident came and did a H&P and we signed the consent. 2 CRNA's came and we chatted, the med student, the OR nurse so many people. I was also given a little sticker behind the ear to reduce nausea.

    730 I removed my tongue ring and they gave me something to make me 'happy' I was wheeled out into the OR. I remember seeing all the instruments and I was told to transfer onto the OR bed I remember them securing my arms down and looking at this computer monitor that had my name and what was going to be done, I remember seeing a TV monitor, and a urinary catheter tray and remember them putting on a mask and I was out.

    1030 was the first time I remember waking up, I remember being so relaxed I would forget to breathe, she put o2 on and vitals were being took, I remember moaning cause I was so nauseated. I woke up enough to eat some ice but started to get sick. I then was allowed to go to the bathroom I had some bleeding and was VERY difficult to urinate d/t the cath.

    Got back to the cot and was trying to get sick, then peed all over myself so the nurse helped me clean up and get dressed, removed the IV's and wheeled me out to the car.

    Took 50mh phenergan before the ride home d/t nausea. As for pain I was given Darvocet.

    It was about 3 days after I was urinating without difficulty, 4 days to make a BM (laxatives and fish oil helped) and pass gas.

    I was very uncomfortable 3 small incisions one in the belly button one above the pubic bone and one in a fat roll so I feel like I am being stretched. No stitches topically just glue. Hurt to walk I could not stand straight and needed help getting up and down. Also having cramping on the left side.

    Today I am on day 5 post op and I am pretty much better, still having some pain in the belly and at the end of the day it hurts more than the beg. still walk a bit slow just to be careful.

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    Just thought this was worth a mention. I am currently having my first period after my lap and it hurts. After looking on the internet apparently it is quite common for the first couple of periods after the lap to be heavier and/or more painfull than normal. I wasn't expecting this so just thought anyone who has a lap in the future might be interested and stock up on pain meds. These are the worst AF cramps I have had in a long time!!!!!

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    Oh and also my LP is normally between 11 and 13 days but this month was only 9 days long!

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    I just wanted to add that when I went to the bathroom for the first time after surgery I had a pad that they must have put on me. I noticed a string of mucusy blue dye. That must have been from them cleaning my good tube out. It just grossed me out how it still looked like a tube shape. I'm happy knowing my left tube is good. Any body else notice this??

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    I'm wondering if anybody else has bad bruising about 2-3 inches below their bellybutton? I'm pretty black and blue. Doc was gone by the time I woke up from surgery, so I'm not sure why I'm bruised.


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    I had bruising around my lower stitch, this was made worse when I tried to where my normal clothes. Stick to elasticated clothes for a week. I think my bruising went about 1 week after the lap!

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    I wanted to update. I had my 2 week post op today. The doc came in and was explaining my surgery. He said that my tubes looked good and the dye spilled out of them. I noticed right away that he was saying "them" so I asked what he ment by that or maybe he was confusing me with another patient. He said that my right tube (ep side) actually fused itself back together and it looked pretty normal!!!! I still can't believe it! Has this ever happened to anybody?

    He also said that he thought my endo was caused by my surgery from the ep and that I have no signs of pcos. He said that if I'm not pg in 3 months that he will prescribe clomid! So I'm pretty happy today. I've been feeling down lately and that's what I needed to bring me back up


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    carrielynn, that's wonderful news! I hope we can add you to the BFP list very soon!

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    Thank you Beth! I'm on cloud 9 at the moment!!

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    Carrielynn that is such great news hun, you must be very relieved!

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    Very much so Mel!! Have u ever heard of that happening? I haven't done much research, but that's the first I've heard of it


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    Hiya. I just had a laparoscopy done, and although it was done because of pelvic pain not because of fertility because I have not ttc yet, I thought I would add my experience to this thread for anyone else who uses it. I found this thread really helpful in preparing.

    I had my lap on Saturday (how unfair is that - not even a day off work!). I got there at 8.30 and I *think* I went down to theatre about 10.00 and was knocked out at about 10.15 and I think I came around at about 11.00/11.15 - I checked the times when I was in the anaesthetic room and when I came to, but I didn't remember them clearly. The staff were great, they had me laughing while i was waiting on the trolley so I was quite relaxed. I had one split second of sheer terror at what was about to happen while the aneasthetist was faffing about with his syringes so I just kept telling myself "it's all really interesting, it's a new experience, it's all interesting and I was fine". I remember them putting the anaesthetic in and me saying "oo that's really weird" as the walls went blurry and that's it.

    I felt quite ok afterwards, when the nurse came in 15 minutes after I was wheeled back into the room she said it didn't look as if I'd had anything done - I was reading! My gyn said he'd injected lots of local anaesthetic into the area in surgery so that's why I felt quite good, and I think they'd given me pain meds through the IV before they took the line out. The first thing I felt pain wise was the normal pain I have in the right side of my pelvis, only it was quite magnified and I took paracetamol for that.

    Turns out there was inflammation/infection and adhesions sticking bits together, on the right side. I don't know where the infection came from (I've been checked out for STI's because I know my ex cheated on me and that was clear so I don't think it can be that), but it explained why it's been so sore. He said that a lot of the adhesions had been broken by the course of the investigation so that should help the pain, and he said "it's not a disaster". I know there might be damage because I've had this pain since February but at least it was just the right. I've got a follow up in 4 weeks and I have two weeks worth of antibiotics (9 tablets a day!).

    I'm on day 3 after surgery now and my stomach/incisions feel a lot better. There are just two incisions, and they're really neat, neither of them will be visible. It still hurts if I twist and I'm not attempting to lift much but it's much better than it was. On my first night home I found everything so funny, I think because as soon as I laughed I remembered it hurt too much to laugh but then whatever was funny was even funnier because I couldn't laugh at it! The first night I didn't sleep the best, I found it was easier to sleep with loads of pillows propping me up but last night I was down to just two, which was heaven because my BF could cuddle up to me properly. I'm not up to scooting over to him in the bed just yet!

    I made my bf take me to the local shop (about 5 miles car journey) on Sunday (day 1 after surgery) because I needed to get out the house. I was finding it hard to walk 'straight', as in I had to be a little bent over and was walking very very slowly, but he compromised on that because I agreed not to try and wash my hair over the sink. That may have been too much - I was knackered by the evening and very sore, but it got me out. My bf thinks it was worth it because I've been more accepting of what he's told me not to do since!

    I feel a little groggy today and yesterday and I think that's because of the antibiotics - a bit queasy/dizzy. Not enough to make a song and dance of but enough. I think if it was just up to me I would go back to work on Monday and be careful - my job is in a hospital on the wards and involves a lot of awkward positions working with patients and I'm on my feet all day running here and there. However the gyn really surprised me by patting my knee and telling me to take two weeks and rest up and he'd see me in four weeks(and said to the nurse something like "not this 5 days business").

    I thought at first that this was maybe his being kind, maybe a bit over generous or making sure, or because his office is opposite mine at work and he sees that I'm always off somewhere at a pace(I had it done and have seen him at a different hosp but he works the same days as me at my work and I often see him! :S )after all it was just a dagnostic, I didn't have anything actually done. But I did a bit of googling today and saw that you should rest while the inflammation is treated for it to work I think - I saw that on two different sites - so I will take it seriously.

    Anyway, the things that have really helped me so far:
    *The pillow - has become essential, for car journey, laughing, coughing, moving - much easier to do all that holding a pillow to your tummy!

    *Having lots of easy food in the house, and nice snacks - pots of fruit salad, tins of soup and things like that.

    *Live yoghurt and yoghurt drinks with all the added "good" bacteria - I got these because of the antibiotics but they've been really helpful and I've had no constipation which I was told was almost a cert after this op. I've tried to keep moving too which I'm sure has helped.

    *I've been taking paracetamol and ibuprofen at 2 hourly intervals (4 hours apart each but they are different so can take them together) but the general definitely left me more easily confused for a few days and I was finding it really hard to keep track so I've started writing down exactly what I took and when so I know what I can have and when next. Is saving plenty of head scratching.

    *At the hospital they said to have someone with you for 24 hours. My bf was with me that night and all the next day and my mum with me the day after that. I think I really needed that because otherwise I wouldn't have been able to have a shower (they said not to shower till yesterday) - I would have been too worried about having a funny turn. Also, I've been much grottier in the evenings so I've been glad when my BF has got home.

    *Oh and I've got to wear surgical stockings for two weeks or until I'm back to normal mobility and I definitely couldn't put them on or take them off myself until last night/this morning - needed help of someone determined! They're so sexy though [​IMG]

    *Lots of books and DVDs. Gonna be essential if I'm going to be off two weeks!
    If I think of anything else that helped I'll add it!
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