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  1. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    I love to make polls!

    Round up any users you are in touch with and get them to answer this, since I know not everyone is online frequently. We'll leave it up as long as necessary. Please only vote one time (it should only permite one per computer, but please only vote once total). Even if you no longer use the LadyComp, report on your experience please! If you are not a user and just want to see results, there is a link to click for that. You can see them without answering. It would be ideal if we could link answers (e.g., women using it shorter time likely to have more greens, or to see that long-time users are among the most satisfied), but we can't. Overall averages are informative, though. Enjoy!!

    1) How long have you been using (or did you use) your LadyComp or BabyComp? If you stopped and restarted for any reason, please add it all up.

    2) On average, how many green lights do you get per month? This can vary user to user, even month to month, but this will give us a sense of the typical experience.

    3) Taking into consideration all factors (ease of use, confidence in effectiveness, satisfaction with freedom for unprotected sex, etc), how happy are you with your LadyComp or BabyComp?
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  2. KawaiiNot

    KawaiiNot Active Member

    I think a poll like this is very cool. But won't the "length of use" option be false in just a matter of time?
    If this is still a sticky (and an active one) in six months time, my answer will then be false. If you catch my drift? So the poll will no longer be representative.

    I think the two other options are more correct so to speak.

    Oh, I think it's virtually impossible to get 20 green lights in a month. I don't think it is likely to get more then maximum 17-18 every cycle. Lady-com gives yellow/red from around CD6, and won't give greens until it has has three consecutive elevated temps. Which means that you need to have a luteal phase of 16-17 days to get close to 20 greens a month. Which is not common at all is it?
    Unless I did the math wrong of course, which is totally possible.

    PS: I read the "green light"-poll wrong, and entered my number of RED lights... Silly I know.
    Could you change my entry from 10-12 to 16-18? Thanks!

  3. newtothis

    newtothis New Member

    I just realized that you have to click on the thing at the bottom of each question to see the results!
    Thought I'd mention that in case anyone else (like me) thought no one had taken the poll yet!
    Happy to see that most of the respondents have had good results for 1+ years!

  4. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    Kawaiinot... Even as the post author, I can't seem to access anything related to the poll now. It's not fancy survey software like SurveyMonkey (I used that for my extensive survey of Centchroman users). So unfortunately I can't access the results to change your answer. At least anyone reading this thread will know what you meant! I altered the text to hopefully prevent that. I agree that the results would be inaccurate rather quickly... I didn't intend for the poll to be up forever, but maybe within a month or two most users will have checked in on the forum and answered it. Then I could lock it, change the title to say it is results as of a certain date, and leave it posted for reference. That's the best I can do with this basic poll functionality.

  5. KawaiiNot

    KawaiiNot Active Member

    I think that's a very good solution! That would make it as representative as a poll like this can be. [​IMG]

    Bummer about not being able to change my entry. Thanks for checking though.

  6. JulesBunny

    JulesBunny New Member

    there must be more than 6 users on here....right? [​IMG]

  7. Amanda34

    Amanda34 New Member

    I put 16-18 green days. That is when I have a cycle. Because I have PCOS, my cycles can be irregular. But I am working on fixing that! We are seriously avoiding for at least 5 years with Lady comp and condoms alone. I am excited about it, and my husband trusts ladycomp.

  8. larysa

    larysa New Member

    I've got more than 20 green lights. It's because my cycles are quite long. I've been using my pearly since June 2009. So far so good but I still hope the number of red lights will decrease a bit..

  9. jazo25

    jazo25 New Member

    [​IMG]Im new at this forum thing and I've only just started LC 17 days ago. does the higher the temp mean you're less furtile? I just feel like its a lot at once. I've never charted b4 and i just got off the pill.

  10. newtothis

    newtothis New Member

    Hey all,
    Just an update...
    I was nervous about the ladycomp when I started using it and have had good results so far. I have a suggestion for those who are squeamish and/or extra cautious, though: keep track of your temps on a site like fertility friend for a while, just so you can double check what ladycomp is telling you. I find it really helps to give me peace of mind!

  11. lovinglife

    lovinglife New Member

    My cycles were a mass before I started using the Ladycomp it took me a while to get regular. Used the pill before...
    Now i am very regular and I have up to 20 green days.

  12. Marianna

    Marianna New Member

    I've been using my Ladycomp (Baby) for over 5 years now…at first cos I wanted to get pregnant (which I did successfully) and since the birth of my wee one my husband and I have been using it equally successfully to avoid another pregnancy. I am easily having up to 20 "green" days …but to be honest - it is not like we are "using" them all (who does??) [​IMG]

  13. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Somehow I've never noticed this poll. Anyway, I get roughly 20-22 green lights with typical ovulation on CD17 and an average LP length of 14-15 days. I've pretty much maximized the number of greens I could get without having a longer, very consistent cycle. I'm wondering what it will be like postpartum while breastfeeding/pumping.

  14. MyrtleWarbler

    MyrtleWarbler Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm going to close this thread, because I've been asked to open a new poll! I'll leave it here so you can access and compare results. Feel free to answer the new one, especially if a number of months or even years have passed since you did the initial one. Maybe your experience has changed?


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