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    Astarte, Does the Pearly show the potential fertility all of the time? I mean, could you pick it up at any time and see if it is a green day or a red day, or do you have to push a button to access the fertility info? Also, is the display always "on" or only when the alarm goes off? With the LC, when you let it run on battery, the display shuts off after 30 secs. until the alarm rings or you push a button. Thanks for the info.

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    Hazel600 - good questions [​IMG] You do have to push the center circle button to access fertility info - it is not constantly available. The display also shuts off like the LC.

    Hells Bells - BMI = Body Mass Index. It takes your weight and height to determine body fat. I am not sure why the LC uses this info. The Pearly doesn't and it has never affected its accuracy. Going with the Pearly certainly won't mean you're going the "cheap" route. It's just a simpler product with the exact same technology but narrowed down to just the essentials. I felt I didn't need the extra features of LC so I saved a bit of money and I am totally satisfied with the Pearly - it's still a very cool device and I am amazed at its accuracy. [​IMG]

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    Is this still an active post? I had trouble finding it again.

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    Yep I had to do a search to find it as well ... where is it hiding??

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    Hi ladies,

    I haven't been here in awhile and thought I would check in. I'm on my 5th cycle with LC and I'm still loving it! This has been the best birth control decision I've made and I wish I had found it sooner! I learned about it through school but not many women were actually on it (even though they knew about it) so I thought I would give it a shot after lots of research and stumbling across this thread of positive users.

    I hope your all doing well!

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    Ok that's wierd, now I can't find this thread either, where did it go? I had to search for it as well and I thought that posting would bring it back up!

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    Well I found it through search...Did it come back up yet?

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    Hi Sunshine 23,

    If you are confused just email, they will answer all your questions, I thnk they even have weekend customer service. You can also try the toll free number, 1 866 202 2193. They were really helpful when I was setting up my Lady-Comp. Once it is set up its a breeze to use....I think your problem in losing your readings was because you reset the date and then when it did not record the next day because you set the alarm to late in the day. As long as you see the alarm bell illuminated on the LadyComp, it will wake you and record the temp each problems.

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