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  1. D 4 A

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    Astarte thank you! Im going to email them! Spermicide with condoms are always good for extra protection [​IMG]

  2. Astarte

    Astarte New Member

    D 4 A - you are more than welcome! I hope it works out well for you. [​IMG]

    Day 18 isn't really late. All women have unique cycles - not everyone ovulates on day 14. A range between 21-35 days is not unusual. Just depends on the woman. But the luteal phase is always the more consistent phase usually somewhere around 14 days. So being at 13 days is normal. After I ovulate I can expect my period to start 2 weeks to that day.

  3. Celebrian80

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    I recieved my LC today! I've been able to input my BMI and time info, but I don't understand how to put in previous menstruations? I'm also on my period right now, so do I just put that in the first time I take my temp (tomorrow) or when it began on Sunday [​IMG]

  4. chutzpah

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    Haven't checked in for a while. Celebrian, go ahead and input your data beginning with the day you started your period, even though you don't have temps for the first few days. The length of your period factors into the LC calculations. It will learn your cycle faster if you start on the first day.

  5. mmur77

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    I have a question about the LC and i might have just misunderstood the directions.

    Do you have to have the alarm set to do a temperature and if it is set and you take your temp before it goes off, will it still go off?

    I thought the book said you have to have the alarm set and it has to be set before 12pm the day before and I didn't get it until last night, so I didn't try the alarm this morning.

  6. lorfaith

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    hmmm, all I know is that my alarm always goes off even if I have already taken my temp. I wish that it didnt though. Sometimes on Saturday mornings when I can sleep in I will get up around 6 to go to the bathroom and take my temp before I get up. Its so disturbing to be waken up at 6:45 with that alarm even if I have already taken my temp for the day. I wish there was a way to turn that off. Maybe there is and I just dont know about it. I havent experimented with it for fear of messing up some of my data.

  7. Sunshine23

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    i just got my LC 2 days ago and its pretty confusing (or I'm just slow yet impatient)! I set the alarm the first night and it didn't go off (of course i had to turn it ON). Have taken 2 temps so far but I have to figure out how to take my temp earlier than the alarm! That is annoying though if the alarm will still go off. My dog had to go out at 5:30 and I don't take my temp until 6:30 .. but oh well I had an excuse to have my DH do it!

  8. Astarte

    Astarte New Member

    You can take your temp anywhere from 3 hours before to 3 hours after the alarm is set. Why not just take your temp then hit the button to turn off the alarm once you've taken it?


    PUMPKIN Member

    if you push the round button till the alarm time shows up then hit the - button twice that will shut off the alarm if you wish not to have it to not go off. if you wish to take your temp I think( I do this w/o thinking) you push the round button like twice and it chimes and the temp sign flashes you can then take your temp.

  10. Sunshine23

    Sunshine23 New Member

    Thanks Pumpkin [​IMG] I can't wait to have it all figured out and not have to think about it. Especially trying to do it first thing in the morning - I'm all groggy and clumsy with it!

  11. Messalina

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    Hey Girls,
    I got a Pearly this year, but I've just found out I've got a problem with my periods and need to go back on the pill to regulate them. I'm not happy! Consequently, I'm thinking I will have to sell my Pearly. Is anyone interested in buying it? I payed 400 dollars Australian for it, but am willing to sell it for cheaper. This is soooo annoying! Oh well, if anyone knows someone that wants one for cheaper let me know. It's in perfect condition. Hasn't left it's pouch!! I might put it on EBAY or something, but let me know! Cheers, Catherine :)

  12. Hells Bells

    Hells Bells New Member

    OK ladies, please help me out here. I really want to make a decision, the pearly or the LC? What is really the difference? One costs twice as much as the other. One seems only to record twice as much info as the other, but why is this important? OK so you might have to replace thew battery pack in the pearly, so what? I intend on charting my info by hand, the device I want just to be sure, just to have that extra sense of security. Please give me some advice I need to make a choice here and this is a hard decision to make.

  13. brown eyed girl

    brown eyed girl New Member

    Hey ladies! I am just joining this thread now upon the recommendation of someone from the "2ww thread" because my husband and I are using a fertility monitor, but not the brand you all are using- we are using the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor (around $200 with 30 test sticks) which uses urine to determine your High, Peak and Low Fertility. I am 31, and this is our first month TTC for our first child and the monitor did exactly what the directions said it would- gave me between 1-5 days of HF (4 days for me), 2 days of Peak Fertility (you get three fertility bars and a little egg on the computer screen) and one day of High fertility following Peak. We utilized those high and peak days to their fullest, and now I am at 12 DPO and am afraid to test for fear of being disappointed by a big fat negative. I feel more as if AF is coming on, with sore boobs and a zit, and am going to wait until this weekend to see if AF arrives before testing, but I have absolutely NO signs other women report of early pregnancy- no nausea, metallic taste in mouth, cramps- NOTHING! Oh well- there is always next month! [​IMG] My husband is awesome and supportive to me during this journey, thankfully! For so long I was hesitant about being a Mom, and I think he is just thrilled I finally want this! My best friend (who is almost 32) got pregnant after 2 months of using a monitor. Her friends in the city where she lives swear by them. Anyone else using the Clear Blue Easy system and do any of you ladies have any thoughts? Good luck to all- no matter if you are using this method to avoid or achieve pregnancy! [​IMG]


    PUMPKIN Member

    the LC and Pearly are more for pregnancy protection so it works mkinda in the opposite direction as what you use....the Baby Comp is more for pregnancy planning

  15. Astarte

    Astarte New Member

    brown eyed girl - we are all using the LC or Pearly for contraception. Might there be a discussion somewhere around here about people using BabyComp who are ttc? Maybe you got the discussions mixed up... sorry I do not mean to offend.

    Hells Bells - I have the Pearly and I love it. It is small, lightweight, and just as effective (same computer software) as LC. I first had the LC but I returned it because I thought it was too big for my use and also had a lot of cool features I did not need. I just wanted a very small and convenient device and Pearly is perfect for me! The negatives are of course, that it does not have the extended features such as BMI calculation and also it does not flash red when it is ovulation time and it will tell you a few days sooner if you're pregnant. It has a lot of digital lights and colors and cool stuff like that, which the Pearly does not have. When it is ovulation day, the Pearly has a blinking arrow towards the red "light" which is not really a light. There are no "lights" on the Pearly but actually arrows that point toward the color red, yellow, or green. It is just not as full of "bells and whistles" as the LC but I wanted the Pearly because I did not want all of that. Also the LC has a dimmer so you can see the time and your temp at night. Pearly does not, so you need to turn on the light. I use a small light that is used for reading books at night. However I barely need to use it for Pearly because once the alarm goes off it is usually light out and even if I decide to take my temp before that, I just put the thermometer in my mouth, press the round button and I am done. I do not like any kind of light at night (I do not even use a regular alarm clock.) But you can turn off the light on the LC though. Anyway the Pearly is really easy to get the hang of. So it it is more a matter size and features that makes the difference.

  16. Astarte

    Astarte New Member

    Sorry I just realized that I wrote the Pearly will tell you a few days sooner if you're pregnant. That's not true - the LC will tell you sooner than the Pearly I just got mixed up when I was writing all that stuff too fast!

  17. brown eyed girl

    brown eyed girl New Member

    Yes, sorry, I did get the discussions mixed up! No, Astarte, of course you did not offend! Just for the record, I just found out yesterday that I got pregnant using the Clear Blue Easy Monitor! Sorry about the mix-up! I'm off to another discussion! [​IMG]

  18. Hells Bells

    Hells Bells New Member


    thanks for the info, I'm new to all this I do remember reading about the BMI, but can't remember what is it and why do we need it recorded? This is a hard decision...the LC is twice as expensive, then again is this the department I want to be frugal in? This is an investment for my health and peace of mind [​IMG] But do I need bells and whistles?

    LAST question to everybody who has either of these wonderful toys. Please tell me your reasons for purchasing one or the other?

    Thanks to all of you for being out there, being impartial (not sales people), being opinionated and empowered to take your fertility into your own hands.


    PUMPKIN Member

    Hells Bells....since I started this thread I had now one to bounce ideas off so I just went with the LC because of it's lifespan and rechargeable battery. Really other than that nothing else swayed me to one or the other. I think the pearly will suit you prefectly fine for the use you are looking for. It will be 1 year in March that I started with the LC and I am happier with each day I use it. My problems with panic attacks and anxiety that had me housebound lifted so quickyl after the pill and using the LC.

  20. Sunshine23

    Sunshine23 New Member

    First off, I have been very excited about LC's existance since I learned about it almost a year ago. However, I am having a hard time with my it. I have thoroughly read the directions now and somehow keep screwing something up. First the date was set wrong for me so when I corrected it (on the 2nd day), it wiped out one of my temps. Then this morning I took my temp when the alarm went off, later to see that it hadn't recorded. So I only have 2 recorded temps out of 4 days! $500 seems like a lot for all it does, so I may actually return mine. I feel that I see more when just temping on a chart.

    Did anyone else have a hard time starting with LC?

    The best thing so far has been laughing with my hubby about it - he calls it the spaceship because of all the funny beeps it makes, and of course its shape and the way it sits!

    Hells Bells - I would imagine the Pearly would be just as useful as LC, and the size would be better (LC is a little cumbersome).


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