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  1. Lady evie

    Lady evie New Member

    Hi Larissa,
    cant thank you enough for those encouraging words! I was feeling so much more relaxed after reading your post. And truly enough, my LC showed yellow for the next 3 days and has been giving me green lights since.

    1) A new problem, not sure whether you have encountered before. I have bad nights for the past 2 nights (had chances of temping as within the -3 hours, but I forgot and started moving too much. LOL. cursed myself.... LC still predicts green) and today after finally having a solid block of sleep, my LC's thermometer did not luminate for me to temp. I prob set the alarm to late last night, close to 11pm. I have now set it to 7am (before midday) but im still worried it wont lit up for me again tomorrow morning. If it decides not to lit up again, what should I do?

    2) Today 10/10, LC predicts green day, but I did wipe some slight cervical discharge earlier, should I trust that its safe today or prob just take it as a red and ditch the idea?

    18/9 36.28 red
    19/9 36.26 red
    20/9 36.24 red
    21/9 36.22 red
    22/9 36.26 red
    23/9 36.15 red
    24/9 36.10 red
    25/9 36.57 red
    26/9 36.32 red
    27/9 36.30 red
    28/9 36.29 red
    29/9 36.20 red
    30/9 36.28 red
    1/10 36.53 red
    2/10 36.43 red
    3/10 36.65 yellow
    4/10 36.37 yellow
    5/10 36.46 yellow
    6/10 36.58 green
    7/10 36.57 green
    8/10 bad night, no temp (still predicts green)
    9/10 bad night, no temp (still predicts green)
    10/10 LC didn't light up (still predicts green)

  2. Lady evie

    Lady evie New Member

    Hey Larissa,

    I think I just found the answer to my question... "If a reading is secured each day, there is no need to re-activate the bell. It will continue to record the temperature each day without any further action." Raxmedical online support FAQ
    I haven't had any reading input in for 2 days and then, I toyed with the alarm near to midnight... all those prob didn't help. :oops:

    Hmm, My last cycle begun on the 5/9, today is the 10/9, getting a little worried. Well, we only did the deed on the 2 days after the yellow. I presume we would be safe. I hope so. :confused:

  3. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Hi Lady Evie,

    I'm so glad I can be of help! I remember how confusing it was starting out with this myself...

    I've gone through that same debacle with the alarm! I missed a temp and LC simply didn't seem to want to take my temperature. I never quite figured out what was going on, but now if I miss a temperature I set the alarm for the next morning and then it seems to let me take my temperature. If I don't set that alarm it doesn't seem to accept temperatures once I miss one. Is it accepting temps again for you? As far as I know, as long as the alarm is set the day before it should work.

    As for the cervical fluid, I asked that same question once! Yes I get a little bit AFTER ovulation every single cycle. I was told that it's normal to have a little bit later in the cycle. Unless it was a heavy amount as you would expect at ovulation, I wouldn't let it discourage you. Like I said, for me, it is just a part of my cycle to have some during my green lights for a day or two.

    Hmm I can see how your temps are a little confusing. It looks like the red light temps are in fact the low temps and the yellow/green are the high ones. (I use Fahrenheit so it's hard to visualize what's going on with yours compared to mine..). You are supposed to have about 11-15 high temps before your period starts so based on what LC says, then you've still got at least a few days (as of your last post) before menstruation starts. Do you usually have long cycles? I've heard that ovulation can be delayed if you're stressed or sick. Is that a possibility? Or any big changes can do it too. The only time to worry about pregnancy is if you've had more than 15 days of high temps (and it looks like you've had 8?). Too many low temps most likely just means ovulation took awhile to get going.

    Another thing you might want to try: there is a website called that allows you to chart your temps for free. Have you tried that yet? It helps to see the temperature shift and gives a vertical line when ovulation has passed. It's not meant to be super accurate so you should always rely on your LC and judgement over the information it gives you, but when my temps seem a little confusing it helps me to see them on a chart.

    Please let me know how it goes!

  4. Lady evie

    Lady evie New Member

    HI Larissa,

    its all good. 3 days into M right now. I did SIGH an big relief! Yes my alarm did go off the next morning after setting it. That was good.

    I must admit the cervical fluid after ovulation is so tricky. I find myself in a situation at who to trust, my judgement or the LC. I read somewhere on raxmedicial or similar, that it is best to stick to LC and rely on it rather that trying to do combine methods. (eg. Billings and LC)

    I had a quick look on, im downloading the mobile app right now. :)

  5. NewToAllOfThis

    NewToAllOfThis New Member

    Hi All,

    I am a new LC user and new charter. Being able to read everyone's experiences is so useful!

    I have been using the Ovuview phone app for most of this year, just marking M days. Since getting my LC just over 2 weeks ago, I have also been entering my temps and trying to learn and record mucus types.

    This morning was my first unprotected Si with my partner. Eek ;)

    It is very good to have both the LC and the app giving me green days. It's still a big step to take though!

    I never really used birth control for long, because it is so toxic for me (well, I believe it's just generally toxic), so use mainly withdrawal. At least now I have additional tools and I know when withdrawal isn't going to be safe enough.

    A cervical cap and natural spermicide are on their way to me in the mail.

    I will have a veritable natural contraceptive arsenal soon :)

    It's great to be able to learn through all of your experiences too. Thank you!

  6. Lady evie

    Lady evie New Member

    Dear all,

    The weather here in Australia is driving my hayfever mad and I need to take some form of medication to stop the itchy swollen eyes, sniffy nose, blocked nose symptoms. I didn't temp this morning because I didn't manage to get a good block of sleep and really don't wish to have continuous no temp days. I have read that antihistamine may dry out cervical mucus as well too (but I guess that doesn't really matter since LC uses the body temperature). I'm wondering does anyone know which antihistamine - Loratadin, or nasal sprays like 12 hr Dimetapp, Beconase, etc may be safe to use in the sense that it wont alter the body temperature? Thanks heaps for any input.

  7. Ghost83

    Ghost83 New Member

    Hi, I am new and I read through this page with eager to know more about the Lady Comp. I actually ordered one a few days ago, and after a few hours I got "scared". Then the customer service of the European website I ordered it from told me that my delivery will be delayed due to the fact that they didn't have any LC in stock at the moment. And so I got time to think and I got more and more scared. I asked to delete the order and they asked me why, I gave a reply today so its all still pending. I am actually willing to have my LC anyway...

    A lot of my fears have already been cleared by reading through this pages, however I will write some about me, so that if u have suggestions or advices u can just add up.
    I am originally Italian but I live in Sweden since almost 3 years, I will be 31 years old in may.
    I eat pregnancy pill since I was 16, due to the fact that I tended to be hairy in the face, and definitely did not wanna stay pregnant.
    When I moved to Sweden I had to change pill cuz mine was not sold here. I spent 3 horrible months with NO menstruation. I started holding liquids and begun to become fat. I changed pill and got better results, but never lost much weight.
    Lately I went surgical and got a Body Jet treatment for liposuction on a wide part of my body. I am so happy with it... BUT... During a session of treatment after operation, the nurse told me I should stop with the pill. Especially for the liquids and pimples. So I started searching and here I am.
    My concerns is a lot about STARTING with the LC. I understood that the "playing in" time is rather much about red days, and that feels annoying.
    I am actually ways more concerned than my partner. He thinks LC is a great idea and I should definitely go for it. I am scared cuz, if with the pill I have to just stick it in my mouth and sleep quiet... The LC needs to read and learn and could have issues if drinking and so on...
    Plus I am scared of consequences when stopping the pill after 15 years. Will I get hairy? Will I have pain? Will my clockwork menstruation start flipping?
    And most of I have the same endurance that there is no way I am gonna have an unwished pregnancy? (Which, once again, my partner is very calm about... While I freak out just at the idea). Anyone else who had similar fears before having a LC?

  8. MLA

    MLA New Member

    Hi there,

    I just got my lady comp today and put in 6 months worth of menstrual information (LC has already successfully predicted my future periods, right on time with my chart). I am getting married November 8th and while I have a BC prescription that I just got recently, I have never taken BC and wanted to avoid taking it and the maybe side effects- thus the LC. HOWEVER, I'm worried that LC will not be giving me the green lights I'm looking for by the honeymoon. I'm also worried that flying to Italy is going to delay my ovulation (in fact, I'm pretty confident it will) and I'm worried that LC will give me red lights even if it's delayed, and technically, I am good to go (green). I'm also going to be drinking wine, I'm sure, on the honeymoon so I feel like- again- I'm going to get a lot of red or yellow. Now, I don't know about you- but I AM NOT okay with using condoms on the honeymoon. With that said, I'm considering giving it a month to see what LC predicts, and if it looks like I'm not ovulating on or near the honeymoon. I really want to go natural, but I just think between flying oversees, drinking wine, and the short time that LC will get to know me, there are too many variables that are going to lead to a red light honeymoon. What is ya'll experience, had anyone ever used the LC on an overseas honeymoon that included having an occasional glass of wine, and did you have a delayed ovulation that resulted in more red lights?

  9. nc8snc8s

    nc8snc8s New Member

    Hi all! I have a question about my pearly and hope someone out there can help! I drank (quite a bit of) alcohol one night, took my temperature the next morning (yesterday morning) and got a green light... I then had sex last night, and then this morning woke up and got a yellow light... I am now considering taking Plan B because I don't know if I can trust yesterday's green light.. It was not a good decision but my husband and I only see each other once every couple months so of course I wasn't thinking :( What do you ladies think? To Plan B or not to Plan B?

  10. Gemma O

    Gemma O New Member

    Hi there,

    I am going to purchase my first Lady Comp next week (as I have been on contraception for 5 years now, my acne has been constant since then and I am almost 100% sure it's due to hormone imbalance)

    A lot of my friends and family feel that it's 'too risky' and with hormonal treatment 'your a lot safer' but I just can't do it to myself or my body anymore. I really do not want to get pregnant so I'm going to be putting a lot of trust in my LC which is a bit worrying but I'm feeling positive.

    I am currently on the Depo shot (I get it every 3 months) and it is due on Friday again (which I won't be getting). I have been told that even when I stop taking the shot, it can linger in my body for 6-12 months :/ horrifying.

    I am wondering if the LC will provide me will accurate readings from day one? and how it will react to my body if hormones from the injection are still in it. I haven't had a proper period in around 3 years...

    Thank you for your help, all your comments are making me feel a lot more positive about my decision.

  11. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    In the beginning you're going to just get red or yellow lights nearly all the time until you start having ovulatory cycles again. Then it's pretty accurate.

  12. Kcivie

    Kcivie New Member

    Did you figure this out yet bc I'm having the same problem. I just bought a used baby comp and wanna know what to do!

  13. EricaW

    EricaW New Member

    Is this helpful:
    Starting from the time:
    • Press the round button once.
    • You go backwards with the minus button to
    the desired date.
    • Now hold the round button for 5 seconds.
    “M” flashes.
    • Press the plus button and enter “M”.
    “M” remains illuminated.
    • In case of correction:
    negate “M” with the minus button.

    This instruction is for the older model.


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