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  1. Pia

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    CM peak may be as early as 3 days before the raise of temperature - but it may also be a day after the raise of temp. All is possible.
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  2. Kosotie

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    Hi. Can't find out how to post a new post here so I have to put it here...
    I just bought second hand LC but it came without a charger/power supply, and now I wonder, can I buy a power supply that is not original even though it says so in the manual? And if so, what are the spec for the charger (it does not say anywhere), how many watt and amp?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Pia

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    If you buy an other charger then your Lady-Comp may suffer and break down all together. Seen it many times.

    The charge for a repair is more expensive than a new original charger and will take around 2 weeks!

  4. meowCat

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    This is the first time since using lady-comp that I have had to take plan B due to a condom incident.
    I took it today around 2.30pm. Now it's 7.30pm and I'm bleeding. I don't know yet if it's my 'period', but when can I start temping again? I suppose I don't enter this period into lady comp?
    I'm sure this question has been answered before and I apologize, but I can't work out the search.

  5. Pia

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    you can enter M - it is just like a normal bleeding. You may prefer to wait one or two days to be sure the bleeding is strong enough - but am sure it is. If you want to go on the very save side, use a condom till LC shows the next green after ovulation.

    Good luck

  6. Pia

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    Girls, I wonder what you would love to see in
    a small fertility guide explaining the cycle?

    - Anything special that you feel is important to better understand the cycle?

    - What would help you to better understand how Lady-Comp works?

  7. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Hi Pia,

    I read TCOYF recently when I switched to using Lady Comp in September and one of the main things I have been returning to reference in this book is cervical fluid. Of course I imagine that you'll be including this in your guide, but one thing I found very useful was all the different explanations for identifying the quality of it other than its appearance. For example, the description of what it looks like on your underwear at different stages, the way it feels, how quickly it drys, how much it stretches, etc. All this has been more useful to me than how it actually looks.

    Another thing that I have been looking into a lot lately is how the hormones present throughout my cycle affect me (and not only in terms of reproductive functions). A lot of this is because I am still having signs of hormonal imbalance since quitting hormonal birth control, but I think a description of how estrogen, progesterone, and even testosterone affect a woman in all respects would be extremely useful.

    As for better understanding temperatures and how Lady Comp works, I have been a bit confused on how much of a temperature increase is significant enough to justify a confirmed transition into the luteal phase. TCOYF addresses this a bit, but knowing how Lady Comp determines a significant enough temperature shift would be useful I think. This past cycle I had a gradual increase in temps that kind of threw me and that would have been something I would have been happy to reference.

    I hope you will be posting the guide when you are finished with it! I'd love to see it!

  8. Maygem82

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    I'm so glad you asked that question Meowcat! I haven't dealt with that yet but it's good info to bank. So I'm now at the end of my cycle & I was wondering if you wouldn't mind looking at my chart. Rather than disturb the temp from the day I got up & laid back down, I deleted it altogether because even though I disturbed it, but TCOYF kept using it to calculate O. Please use the link I post rather than the one in my siggie, I can't get it to change in my profile. Thanks!

  9. Miss_A

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    Well ladies, the time has come for me to leave this forum and return somewhere at the end of 2013...

    I must say that I consider LadyComp as 100% reliable for contraception and 100% reliable for family planning.

    I used LC for 3 cycles as prevention and 1 cycle "not trying, not preventing" attempt on a red light has lead to a new little miracle [​IMG]

    I will continue using LC as prevention at the end of 2013! I wish you all the joys of getting to know your body just the way it has been joyful and educational to me!


  10. Pia

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    Congratulation! Happy for you - crossing my fingers for a fun and relaxed pregnancy and a nice happy healthy baby.

  11. Pia

    Pia New Member

    thanks for your valuable input for the fertility guide. I'll consider it. Never even thought about that the form mucus dries could be of any help.

    as of the step wise raise of temp after ovulation - that is fine and ok. Just watch your mucus - if temps go up and mucus dries - you are fine.

    Normally one says that a raise of at least 2/10th degree is sufficient.
    If one wants to go on the very safe siede then 3 higher readings of 3/10 degree over the highest of the low ones is perfect (the old Döring rule) The disadvantage is, that then many cycles do not have a clear infertile phase as in many cycles a step wise raise of temp is normal.

    May be this helps

  12. meowCat

    meowCat New Member


    I am selling my lady-comp. If anyone is interested or knows of anyone interested, it is approximately 2 years old and has worked very reliably. I am accepting offers and am open to suggestions. Please leave an email address so I can contact you.

    All the best

  13. Anglea

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    I have been unable to take temp for 3 days, and am on the third day of my period. I've entered in the M now without taking temp, is there a way to put in the info that it's the third day? I don't want the lady-comp to think I had a delay in my period.

    Still tryin to figure out how to work this thing.

  14. Pia

    Pia New Member

    To be able to take your temperature - when ever you did not take it the day before, you must set and activate the alarm.

    Entering historic menstruation data can only be done as long as you did not take a temperature - back to the last day you took a temperature (if you did use it before)

    If you want to enter the M info for the last two days, you must do this before you enter M for today.
    Try to delete M for today - and then go back to the first day of M and enter this first - then day 2 - then day 3. It only works this way around.

    Hope this helps.
    Contact me or if you need further help.

  15. Lady evie

    Lady evie New Member

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum (from Australia) and owned LC for 3 days. My decision on getting the LC was finally made after I read this forum and its professional advice given by many helpful ladies. I know the start to something is always hard and do have a few questions myself if I may please?


    I went back in time and entered my M days on 5/06 (it automatically entered next 2 days) and taken 2 temps (one yesterday and today):

    18/09 36.28
    19/09 36.26
    Then it flashes '15' then when pressed '+' it reads '01' with (blinking red) and '+' it reads '02' with (red) then '03' (red) then '04' (yellow) then '05' (green) '06' (green)

    1) what is the flashing '15' please?
    2) is the 01 02 03 04 05 06 with different coloured lights my next few days prediction from LC?
    3) I have set my LC alarm for the past 2 temp days but never got to use it. LOL. Got up minutes before LC did. Me waking on my own and LC waking me up will not make a difference, will it?
    4) After waking up, can I laze in bed for a few more minutes before taking temp? (w/o getting up)
    5) Slight flu (with cough and nasal problems w/o fever), but say under paracetamol or basic medication... Is it safe to temp for the day?
    6) why does LC only input 3 days of M? Because I have about 5-7 days including spotting. Is that a problem?

    Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post.

  16. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Hi Lady Evie,

    I've been using LC for a bit more than a year now and I also got a lot of information from these forums! As for your questions:
    1. I think this is the day of your cycle (where 1 is the first day of menstruation).
    2. Yes those lights are predictions only for the next 6 days. They do sometimes change based on the next temp you input.
    3. How you wake shouldn't make a difference. I wake before the alarm all the time! LC will accept your temp within a certain time frame regardless (I think 3 hours before and after alarm setting/previous morning's temp). Temps can be unreliable based on other aspects though - only a few hours sleep, being cold all night, drinking a lot the night before etc. You may know about all that already...
    4. I laze in bed before taking my temp sometimes and have not noticed any confusing temp increases. In my personal experience this is not a problem, but when I am waiting for my temps to rise, I tend to be very diligent about the position of the thermometer in my mouth and taking it immediately, just in case. But like I said, on other days, I haven't noticed any significant increase if I lay around a bit first.
    5. I don't know much about medication's effects, although I've read that antibiotics can cause temp increases. I took ibuprofen for awhile a few months ago and didn't notice any drastic changes in temps. I have gotten strange temps with a cold though, even with no fever. Maybe just lots of tossing and turning throughout the night or something? Anyhow, I treat those temps as suspect anytime I'm not well. I have found it useful to track cervical fluid as well because that helps me validate the temps and LC lights. It's always good to have all the information!
    6. You can include more M days! After the 3 mandatory days LC gives you just hold down that middle button until M flashes, then "+" to confirm. However, I believe you are only supposed to input days of red bleeding, not spotting.

    I hope that helped! Good luck with your new LC!

  17. Lady evie

    Lady evie New Member

    Hi Larissa, thanks for your valuable input! Lol, I was hoping that someone will reply to my queries soon and you did. :) Yes I realise that the 6 days predication can change a lot. Great about the lazing part. I often do it without realising im up and still in bed (and haven't reach for the LC!)

    My M is on the 5/9, not the 15th, so I'm still unsure what that flashing '15' was. (Now its flashing '21' instead of ''15'. Very puzzling). Any idea please?
    Should I input more M days in cycles to come? I do usually have about 5 days of red bleeding though.
    I have had LC for 7 days now, but I haven't gotten any greens/yellow days. Is this normal?

    5/9 M (backdate input)
    6/9 M
    7/9 M
    17/9 charging day
    18/9 36.28
    19/9 36.26
    20/9 36.24
    21/9 36.22
    22/9 36.26
    23/9 36.15
    24/9 36.10 (It was asking me for M this morning when I have input M for the month) Is it normal?

    Im not feeling sick. I have started a good workout routine for the past 2 weeks, but this shouldn't affect my temps right?
    Will be grateful for any inputs or assistance. thank you for reading ladies.


  18. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Hi Lady Evie,

    Hmmm, I guess there aren't many ladies on here these days. I often check in now and again, I'm sure others do as well, but in the meantime, I may be able to answer some of your new questions...

    I definitely think that the flashing number is the day of your cycle. So when it was flashing 15, you were on day 15 of your cycle. Just so I'm clear, this does not correspond to the date of the month. LC counts the days of your cycle where day 1 is the first day of menstruation, day 2 is the second day, ovulation is somewhere around day 14 (for me anyway), etc... Does that make sense? I've noticed mine does that too. So when it was flashing 21 you were then on day 21 of your cycle. The count starts over after your next period starts.

    It is normal to not have green lights for awhile. LC has to learn what your high temps and your low temps are. Once it does you'll get more green lights. I get about 10 red lights after menstruation ends til LC detects a temperature rise to indicate that ovulation is over, then about 15 green lights til my period starts. That is normal for me, but your normal can be slightly different depending on how long your cycles are.

    I haven't noticed exercise affecting my temps in any significant way, but being very dehydrated seems to cause high temperatures for me. Whether it's from being thirsty or from sleeping restlessly because I'm thirsty, I don't know, but I suspect as long as you stay hydrated while exercising it shouldn't be a problem (based on my personal experience).

    As for the flashing "M," I noticed that your temps went down a little and a dip in temps usually means menstruation is about to start. Now small fluctuations don't necessarily mean that, but since your LC is new, it might not know that yet so it prompted you for more information. It's normal for LC to prompt "M" before your period starts. Mine predicts it 3 days ahead of time every single month, because that's when my temperature starts to go down.

    I hope this was helpful! Please let me know if anything wasn't clear. :)

  19. Lady evie

    Lady evie New Member

    Hi Larissa,

    Thanks for your reply! Your advice has been very helpful. One thing though, I Still have no green lights after 2 weeks. :( My husband and I have been waiting very patiently for it to come. I have not missed a day to temp, but it has been 15 days.
    - I thought you do usually get a stretch of greens before your menstruation comes round?
    - Im wondering at this point is my LC working or am I just too fertile?
    -By the way, you can put the LC thermometer anywhere under the tongue yes? I put it everyday at same spot, right to the frenulum but I can't exactly find a better/more comfortable spot.

    5/9 M (backdate input)
    6/9 M
    7/9 M
    17/9 charging day
    18/9 36.28
    19/9 36.26
    20/9 36.24
    21/9 36.22
    22/9 36.26
    23/9 36.15
    24/9 36.10
    25/9 36.57
    26/9 36.32
    27/9 36.30
    28/9 36.29
    29/9 36.20
    30/9 36.28
    1/10 36.53
    2/10 36.43
    LC is Predicting M for 3/10 and up.

    Thanks a Lot for reading and shedding some light on me.

  20. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Hi Lady Evie,

    As I understand it anyplace under the tongue is ok for the thermometer placement as long as you're consistent each morning.

    Don't worry, your LC is likely working! When you first get it it'll often take awhile to start making accurate predictions (which is why it gives so many red lights - it won't give green ones until it's sure as to where you're at in your cycle). I can't remember how long it took me before mine started giving green lights when I first got it, but I know it felt like a long time.

    I'm looking at the timing of your period and also noticing that the temperatures you took with the LC seem fairly consistent. Here's what I think might have happened: after your period you had all your low temperatures, but your LC arrived after ovulation ended so your temps had already gone up. LC won't give green lights until it sees that temperature shift (after 3 days of higher temps you get green lights). If it missed the low temps leading up to ovulation, however, then it doesn't know for sure if your temps now are your "highs" or your "lows." It errs on the side of caution and gives red lights since it doesn't have your earlier temperatures to compare it to.

    Of course if you tend to have very long cycles, then those could be your low temps in which case ovulation could be any day. Without those earlier temps in the cycle, there's just no way of knowing for sure, which is likely why LC won't give any green lights just yet.

    Here's what you can expect next: Once your next period starts it will give 3 or so days of green lights during menstruation, then yellow and red lights once your period reaches the end. Then it'll watch for that temperature rise. After 3 mornings of high temperatures you should get green lights. As I said, for me, the high temps come about 10 days after my period ends (just to give you an idea based on my cycle). Then I get 15 or so days of green lights til my next period starts. Everything should be more clear with your first full cycle of temps! :)


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