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  1. momof2under2

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    How do you know when is your ovulation from LC? Does it tell you that? Im sorry its probably a stupid question but i didn't know it could do that.

  2. meowCat

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    It makes an "educated guess" based on your previous month. It depends on your cycles how accurate this is. When LC think you ovulate, the red light flashes. This is being re-calculated after your current cycle closes. Which means after day 3 of M you can go back and check what LC thinks now, after your actual ovulation has happened, when the date was.

  3. momof2under2

    momof2under2 New Member

    that's very good to know. thanks

  4. momof2under2

    momof2under2 New Member

    Hi, Im sorry I have another question that was probably answered here before but I just can't find it.
    I am trying to charge my lady comp today for the first time, and when I pulgged it in the lights stay on. It doesn't show anything different than the time. I have read that it shows some scale from 1 to 10 how fully it is charged. But mine doesn't.
    Is my lady comp ok? does it have to show something different than time, while charging?

  5. Pia

    Pia New Member

    Normally it should show eg. LO:04 and is fully charged at LO:10

    Have a look at your mains supply. The adapter and the box must fit very tightly - use force if needed. That is the main reason for charging problems.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Larissa

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    I was wondering if anyone knows why alcohol raises temperatures? I was curious and tried to find an answer online, but got conflicting answers ranging from alcohol makes you sleep less deeply, to dehydration causes a temperature rise.

    I'm not much of a drinker and have only a couple times in my life had more than a glass of anything, but I think it may be important to know what exactly causes this rise so that if I do anything that could have a similar effect I can know to be wary of that day's temp. For example, I am sometimes guilty of allowing myself to get dehydrated, or sleeping restlessly when I am stressed.

  7. Pia

    Pia New Member

    WHY alcohol increases the temperature is a bit outside my expertise.

    I have seen that alcohol does increase the temperature in many cycles. A glass with dinner may not have an effect, but a party definitely.

    Most - but not all women have higher temperaturs if they take their temperature after 8:30 or if they had more or a lot less sleep than usual.

    Naturally a flue or infection does affect the temperature visibly.

    What exactly affects your own pattern is something you find out by charting e.g. wake up times, duration of sleep, alcohol, dehydration, restless sleep, fights, stress etc. for a month or two. You will soon find your own disturbances and may not have to worry about others.
    Some women have extremely stable cycles - others highly sensitive. There is no one right answer for everyone.

    Don't worry too much - I would only start this kind of detective work if your temperature pattern is erratic and difficult to evaluate.

    For a second parameter use the cervical mucus - if your Lady-Comp shows green and you do not see any mucus - having had fertile, fluid mucus during the red days - then you are infertile.

  8. Larissa

    Larissa Member


    This may be the most obvious question ever, but how can I tell the difference between menstruation and spotting?

    My body is still messed up from coming off hbc in September. I have had brown spotting in the luteal phase for about a week before each period and when my period actually starts my temps have gone down and it has been fairly distinct. This month I had the early spotting, but instead of brown it has been bright red and a bit heavier (but still not as heavy as I would expect if my period had started). This light red spotting/menstruation has been going on a few days, but my temps haven't gone down and it's still a little earlier than usual for menstruation to occur, if I look at my recent patterns.

    I have had a sore throat, but no fever throughout the day that I can detect.

    I'd like to know if I should be entering this as "menstruation" in my lady comp, or if it is best to wait until the bleeding is heavier and the temperatures have gone down. I'd like to keep the readings and information in my lady comp as accurate as possible.

    Thank you,

  9. Miss_A

    Miss_A New Member

    I'm not sure if this will help you at all, but for me the 1st day of AF is so far high temp and then 2nd day it drops. I think the rest needs to be answered my a more professional user [​IMG]

  10. Pia

    Pia New Member

    Well difficult question really.

    it could be an ovulation bleeding - but only if your Lady-Comp still shows red.

    If you had green and your spotting goes on for at least 3 days, then you can enter it as M. But if you want to go on the very safe side (as LC will immediately show green) I would wait a bit and look for your typical temp and bleeding pattern.

    Some women will have a drop of temp on the day before mens - others a bit later.
    I have even seen cycles where the temp comes down about 3-4 days after the start of M on each cycle.

    So in the end I would advice in this special case to wait a bit, and rather omit a M instead of risking a wrong green phase.

    Hope this helps.

  11. Maygem82

    Maygem82 New Member

    I have always gone with "full red flow" but eventually you just have to make a call like Pia mentioned. How much is it? Do you need a pad or tampon or is it just when you wipe? If you end up calling it menses and you are truly TTA then I would keep things covered up regardless of a green light. [​IMG]

  12. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Thank you so much for your feedback everyone! It was very helpful. I ended up waiting to see what would happen. Here's a brief update for anyone who is interested:

    The first signs of bleeding came a week before I expected my period and it was enough that I needed to use a pad, without a doubt. I would say it was still on the light side but it was definitely red as you would expect to see during menstruation. Then a day or two later it sort of stopped and there was some brown spotting (which I have been having pre-period since stopping the hormonal birth control a few months ago). Then a couple days later my real period started and the temp went down on the second day of this real menstruation (just like you said Miss A!).

    In the future I will wait until I see the temp drop to enter M to make sure that I enter in the correct information. Although hopefully in the future my body will just return to normal, thus making all this easier! It sure threw me for a loop. I really appreciate your ladies' advice. Thanks again!

  13. Pia

    Pia New Member

    Glad it all came to a clearer picture.

  14. Maygem82

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    Ok, so before I ask my question, I know the general rule of thumb is to never temp twice BUT...dh & I slept in a different room last night away from my lc. I woke up this morning and went to my bed and slept for another 45 minutes or so and took my temp, at this point it was 97.35 which is high for me pre O. Now, the reason I took my temp at this point was because I was at the end of the window for my lc to take my temp. So out of curiosity when I woke again about 45 minutes to an hour after that I decided to take my temp in test mode and it was quite a bit lower which is weird right? It was 96.83 which is more in line for me. I know I can't change the lc now but I still paper chart to double check myself and the lc so I put both temps on my paper chart and made a note to myself and after this cycle is over I suppose I'll know what was right. My question is; has anyone experienced a temp drop like that after more sleep and does anyone have an opinion on which temp I should go with?

  15. Miss_A

    Miss_A New Member

    Hello Maygem82,

    I'm not experienced enough so I will only post an opinion: I would go with the lower temp as I have also noticed that getting out of bed makes your temp spike up. I have done that once by accident. Lets see what other opinions get posted here!

    I also have a question to you ladies:

    LC predicted my OV on CD 17 (so far it as never been wrong).
    Now as I play with FF and it's tomorrow's temperatures I see it will set my OV as CD 20.
    According to my CM I would say I definitely ovulated on CD 17. CD 16 was eggwhite after 2 days of watery. And CD 17 afternoon I was completely dry. I would say that would definitely mean ovulation was done...?

    So I'm thinking is FF giving me the wrong day and I should just listen to my body and the CM I experienced? I don't know how reliable is CM?

    My temperatures in FF are quite off (low) as I had a stomach flu from CD 10-15

  16. meowCat

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    We all react differently to outside influences, which is why the temperature method dictates to temp before getting out of bed in order to insure that the same conditions are present every single day. If you start messing with this, the method becomes unreliable. It is not possible to predict how each individual will react. It it not even possible to predict if the same individual will react in the same manner to a disturbance. The rule is, take all possible disturbances out! After all, we want a safe and effective method of birth control, don't we?

    From your post I did not understand if LC has already given you a green or not. I think there is also a bit of a confusion with the terms here. The exact day of ovulation cannot be predicted or observed. What we go by is a range. Typically, which means statistically speaking the majority of women, ovulate in a range between 2 days before and one day after the day of the first temperature spike. There are similar correlations done for the cervical fluid. In order to be SAFE, you always take the symptom that appeared last post ovulation. In your case for this cycle, this is clearly the temperature. So, if tomorrow is still high, you can assume infertility starting from there. To be safe, we go with the most conservative sign. If you decide for yourself to choose a different course of action then you cannot rely anymore on the years of study that have gone into FAM methods or the lady comp. It all depends on how badly you do NOT want to become pregnant.

  17. Miss_A

    Miss_A New Member


    Yes I understand this is all a bit confusing. I'm actually only asking to learn about my body and to notice patterns.
    LadyComp has not given me a green yet, today is orange and yesterday was red. I'm just wondering how odd this is, when my body was clearly telling me I was fertile 5 days ago. I am completely going by LadyComp and trust it 100%, and so I am curious which day it will indicate as my ovulation after the cycle is completed. I just think that my temperatures and my cervical mucus are not in sync this month.

    I will update in a few days for those who will find this useful.

  18. meowCat

    meowCat New Member

    In your post you said that you have had a stomach flu. Did you take medication? There is a list of medications that influence cervical fluid. The list is in the book 'taking charge of your fertility' by Toni Weschler. If you have this book, you may check there and see if you have taken anything that may have had an effect on your CF.

    As LC knows nothing about your CF, the ovulation date will most likely be recalculated to match the later temperature spike.

    You are doing great observing your body so well! It's an exciting journey to see how things pan out. I wish more women were doing this!

  19. Larissa

    Larissa Member


    I just want to say that I have had the same thing happen with my temperature. I had stomach pain early one morning and got out of bed for just a moment because I thought I was sick. It passed right away and I got back in bed, slept for almost an hour and then took my temp (my stomach was perfectly fine by then). I was in the luteal phase at that time but my temp was noticeably higher than normal (but not high enough to be a fever). I thought maybe it got raised when I got out of bed and I didn't sleep long enough for it to normalize again. Although it could have been anything really. Like Meowcat said I suppose we really can't justify exactly why anything happens when we are thrown off our usual routine with temps. All the same I wanted to share my experience since it was similar to yours.

  20. Pia

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    CM peak may be as early as 3 days before the raise of temperature. It may also sometimes be after the raise of temp. All is possible.
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