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    What does Ladycomp look like?

    How safe is Babycomp/Ladycomp?
    With a Pearl Index of 0.7, Babycomp/Ladycomp is as safe as the pill on "green" days. This has been confirmed by a number of independent studies.

    Due to the lifetime of the sperm, the fertile period actually begins five days before ovulation. Does the fertility indication take this extra time into consideration?
    Yes, the computer accounts for the sperm's maximum life expectancy of five days for its indication of Fertile or Infertile periods

    A very sleepless night or the consumption of alcohol can influence the readings. Can I rely on the device anyway?
    Yes. If your reading is influenced by a bad night or by drinking large amounts of alcohol (omitting a reading once in a while isn't a problem), this doesn't mean that the indicator becomes unreliable. Depending on the phase of your cycle, Ladycomp/Babycomp will react accordingly. Either the reading will be recognized and ignored as an exception, or the device will show a yellow or red light on the next day to be on the safe side

    What happens if I omit a few readings?
    Based on the information stored internally,Ladycomp can make up reliably for missing input. Although we do encourage you to take your temperature very regularly in order to determine your fertile period as precisely as possible, omitting some readings does not reduce the product's safety. If you omit some readings due to illness, Ladycomp will soon return to normal afterwards.

    Can young girls use Ladycomp too?
    provided the user sticks to the rules and has sexual intercourse only on "green" days Ladycomp compares very well to the effectiveness of the pill, regardless of the user's age.

    My cycles are irregular. Can I use Ladycomp anyway?Yes. The device is designed to handle cycles of varying lengths without posing a safety risk. Ladycomp does not even require a minimum or maximum number of days within a cycle to process its readings reliably. Nevertheless, extreme fluctuations might make using the device a little inefficient because it will result in a greatly increased number of "red" days.

    Fluctuations of several days are no problem at all. However, if some of your cycles are as long as many months, we recommend using natural cycle regulators (herbal preparations).

    When can I start using Ladycomp?
    Right after you receive the device. If you have just stopped taking the contraceptive pill, you can either start using the device immediately or wait until the beginning of your first real menstruation. Maximum safety will always be provided.

    Where do I measure the temperature?
    Under the tongue.

    Must I always let Ladycomp wake me, or can I take my temperature even if no alarm has been set?
    Setting the alarm clock is not necessary for taking your temperature .

    Can my readings get lost?
    No. Ladycomp is protected against power failures and voltage fluctuations. When power is shut off, all information remains stored permanently in the device's memory. Even the time, date and year information will continue to count indefinitely without any mains or battery power. Neither can the information be deleted by mistake, e.g. by children playing with the device.

    Can taking Medications effect my temperature and therefore my readings?

    This really depends on the medication you take. Normal medications such as antibiotics, painkillers, cough mixtures, antiviral medicines are all fine.

    Hormonal medications such as the pill, progesterone, estrogen, be it in shots, pills, patches or implants will change body temperature.

    Other more important long term medications should ALWAYS be evaluated by your Dr.

    Thyroid medication is a hormonal medication can increase body temperature and may interfere with the readings.

    You should use a back up form of contraception for 1 cycle on LC when taking any medications that can change body metabolism like thyroid hormones.

    You should not be on LC while on hormones.
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    Love the pick!!

    Yes Viva Pumpkin!


    PUMPKIN Member

    LOL....that is awesome have totally made my day!!!

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    Good job D4A! The only think I can think to add/emphasize is that it can also be used during breastfeeding, and to be EXTRA cautious on red days! [​IMG]

  5. MelJ

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    I am so glad to hear that it can be used during breast feeding. I just received my Pearly this morning and have been reading the instructions thinking what do I do about entering when my period starts when I aren't having them again yet?!! Is it still accurate without that?

  6. D 4 A

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    It should be mel but you will get a lot of red days to be on the safe side

  7. Charlie1

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    Hi Mel great to see someone else using Ladycomp from Australia!!! Yay

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    Uhm I just noticed the part about antibiotics being fine with bbt.. they're not [​IMG] It states on the instructions that if you have to take antibiotics you should skip your readings until you're off the medicine. It surely applies in case of oral antibiotics.

    Sporadic medications, like painkillers, paracetamol, aspirin are fine, unless you're taking them several days in a row.

  9. D 4 A

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    How do antibiotics change BBT Im interested

    Thanks [​IMG]

  10. Jessica83

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    generally by raising it, like the pill does.
    A typical 5-day treatment maybe wouldn't directly cause too much fuss on the general pattern (unless you're exactly around ovulation and waiting for the thermal shift), but the thing is, if you're needing an antibiotic, then you're typically having some kind of infection, which could be the direct cause of a false reading.

    Not all infections change your temperature, in which case it's fine to keep temping, but beware of antibiotics in that case at least if you're waiting for the shift those days.

  11. D 4 A

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    illness of any kind will probably change your BBT, agreed. However Im having trouble understanding the physiology of how antibiotics would raise body basal temperature. Pills wouldnt raise bbt but totally disrupt them showing an anovulatory pattern being that the ovaries are shut down and thyroid and metabolism is changed (in addition to new hormones being introduced into the body). Antibiotics do not influence hormonal function as far as Im aware but may affect metabolism and thyroid function? Quite interesting.

  12. Jessica83

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    They do, actually. That's why they interfere with the pill.
    It has to do with the entero-epathic mechanism of estrogen production, in other words the chain that builds estrogen depends on the status of your intestinal flora, which we all know is easily disrupted by antibiotics.
    Unfortunately I don't now the further details, but I know this is the assumption that serves to describe how antibiotics reduce the contraceptive power of the pill.

    And after you've stopped the pill, if you start temping right after the withdrawal bleeding, most women see that their temperature pre-O are closer to the typical post-O range, due to the artificial hormones still lingering in the system.

  13. D 4 A

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    Very informative!

    Thank you for sharing.I was always under the impression that the antibiotics change the absorption/breakdown of the pill in the intestines and liver. Seems to work in many ways and on many complex levels in the body.

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    Hey! all!

    Well ive been lurking around here for a few days not. After reading all your experiences, and doing some more research, i have decided to get me a LC! [​IMG]

    Ive had horrible incidents with BCP...Three of them sent me to the hospital. THe last one, which was three days ago convinced me. NO MORE HORMONES problem is...I have yet to get the LC and I also know it does take some time to "learn" my cycles etc. did you guys deal with all that and avoid getting pregnant in the meantime? I mean...condoms kinda scare me, dont seem too reliable. My plan is bassically use condoms on the "safe" days for extra protection and avoid actual intercourse (so many other things to do and just as fun! ;)) on the unsafe days. did you guys dealt with the "receiving and learning" period?


  15. Jessica83

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    The learning period is something that gets confused a lot, I see.
    What it means, is that it will take an average 3 months before LC is able to narrow down your fertile window to the minimun.
    So in the first months you'll have more red days than you need, because it errs on the side of caution.

    That's why all the greens you get are perfectly safe and reliable from the start. You'll just have less of them [​IMG]
    The reason why they're safe from day 1 is that the device will always work upon the same software, now or in 10 years' time [​IMG]

    Hope I cleared that for you!

  16. manda_leigh

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    I just got off birth control about 5 days ago. And I have started to chart using the methods described in the book "Taking control of your Fertility". I was thinking of possibly combining this method with the Lady Computer. I understand from the previous posts that it will take the LC about 3 cycles to narrow down my fertile days - do you think it could potentially take more than 3 cycles in my case, keeping in mind that I just got off hormonal birth control (that I took for 2.5 years?)

  17. Jessica83

    Jessica83 New Member

    Hi Manda_Leigh!

    In your case, it would all depend on when you resume ovulating.
    If for example, your first cycle ended up being anovulatory, then it wouldn't be giving to the device any useful information.

    ALso, it depends on whether you start having regular periods right away in the first months after the pill or not, as narrowing down the fertile window to the minimum is easier with regular cycles. Added bonus if they're not long [​IMG]

  18. manda_leigh

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    Thanks Jessica83, I was thinking the same thing. I swear I feel like I'm ovulating right now - but I don't have a lady computer (yet). oh well...hopefully the next cycle will be like this one.

  19. twinkletoes

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    I am about to purchase the LC, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the best type of barrier method to use during the red/yellow days. I was thinking about getting a femcap, but I would be interested to know what others are using.


  20. Lanny

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    New to the forum! I now have a Lady Comp thanks to the supportive and informative group here. I have a question already. I am charging the Lady Comp for the first 24 hours, but there is no light, noise or other indication that it is being charged. I was also feeling for warmth from the electrical current and it is just room temperature unlike other electronical devices that are plugged in. Is this normal? I guess I was looking for some sign that it is working or being charged or something. I have 12 hours to go for the initial 24 hour charge. Thanks for your help.



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