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  1. Aliya heber

    Aliya heber New Member

    Hi... I have a lady comp for sale! It's only about a year old and in great condition! I am not having any more kids so I don't need it anymore! It has served me well. I am asking $300. Let me know if you have any questions! Email me.

  2. Leonie78

    Leonie78 New Member

    Hi there! I have the newest model Lady Comp, basic. I would like to know how you turn off the three beeps after taking your temperature.

  3. Leonie78

    Leonie78 New Member

    I already found out. In the basic model the sound and volume is fixed. If you upgrade to the regular lady comp, you can regulate the sounds. Upgrading is expensive, it costs €120! Is anyone interested in upgrading too, maybe we could split the cost.

  4. summer01

    summer01 New Member

    I think this thread is more intended for ladycomp users. I agree with Paula, get Toni Weschler's book. It is excellent, not just for TTC or TTA, but also in order to truly understand the health aspects.

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  5. Stella m.m.

    Stella m.m. New Member

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the whole forum thing, but I've been looking all over for one that talks about lady comp. I have been using my lady comp since 2014. I had a baby 6months ago and just recently got my first pp period. LC detected ovulation and gave me the red light, however now all I get are yellow. Before I got pregnant I would get 3 red days after ovulation and then green. Is this just because LC has to relearn my cycles since I haven't used it in awhile and because I jad a baby?

  6. Aliya heber

    Aliya heber New Member

    So I had the same problem with lady comp after having my baby. The problem was that for lady comp to work you need to get more than 4 hrs of uninterrupted sleep at least for it to work. And with a new baby that is basically impossible. So it could not work because I wasn't getting enough sleep. Because of this problem I actually ended up getting pregnant again when my daughter was only 6 months old. So be careful. I would say lady comp is not a reliable birth control device for women who have small infants and get their cycle back before the child is sleeping well. I got mine after a month of giving birth so clearly my baby was not sleeping well yet.

  7. noname1

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    hi there, would like some help with my chart this month. I have been ill with flu so FF and lady comp arent matching up.
    now there is a temp dip that looks like a possible implantation dip!

    lady comp gave me ovulation on the 4th sept until 6 th and red lights from the 28 aug

    predicted period with FF is on the 16th

    Could i be pregnant?


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