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  1. Mrs.D

    Mrs.D New Member

    Thank you so much Larissa! Your info makes complete sense, I just wanted to be sure I am starting out on the right foot. It turns out that I wasn't home today when the mail got delivered (and it needed a signature confirmation), so now it won't be coming until Monday. Guess it all works out for the best, seeing as though I won't need it immediately. :rolleyes:

  2. Itsmegdean

    Itsmegdean New Member

    I'm in the same position as Mrs. D! I am on my placebo pills this week of my VERY LAST PACK of BCP. Which is thrilling. Anyways. Does this mean I shouldn't start charting temps for like a month? I got my LadyComp today and I am very excited to start using it. I was thinking maybe I should just start using this Sunday and not mark that I had my period and wait for a real one to mark that but I wasn't sure what to do. I know I read something somewhere that told me to just start using it, and it would catch up but I know you ladies have far more experience and would know what was better for me. Thanks so much!

  3. Mrs.D

    Mrs.D New Member

    I know exactly how you feel! I want to start using my LC right away, but I just read the following in one of the booklets that came with my LC: "Before starting with Lady-Comp you should wait for your first natural period." Since this is coming straight from the manufacturer, I'm guessing it would be best to follow their advice. We'll just have to be patient!

    (If you bought a new LC and want to find this info for yourself, it is in the booklet that says "Prevent Pregnancy Naturally. Plan your family with insight. The intelligent fertility computer." Page 11; Lady-Comp - After the Pill.)

  4. crazeegurl4life

    crazeegurl4life New Member

    Hi ladies, I just wanted to ask your opinion on something. I am over half way through my second cycle with LC and I am finding the journey very interesting. However, I am not sure whether the prediction for ovulation (blinking red) this cycle made sense to me according to my temps.

    I've been plotting my temps in FF for a visual of my temps, which has been very useful (I included a screenshot of my chart for my present cycle below) As you can c, FF has predicted my ovulation day as day 12, which makes sense to me from the temps (and I also had the EWD at this time too), but LC predicted my ovulation at day 15 (no EWD but very thick, creamy), which doesnt make sense to me. Please correct me if im wrong. As a result, from day 17 I am now getting greens. Also, looking at the prediction for the next 6days on LC (before i was getting the greens) it was predicting my ovulation on day 22!

    Should I not pay too much attention to the 6dayprediction thing? Is LC correct in its prediction for ovulation looking at the chart?

    Hope that you can help

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  5. Itsmegdean

    Itsmegdean New Member

    Hi Ladies! So I have been waiting for the past month (anxiously) to start using my Lady Comp. I went off the pill last month and my first actual period came today (right on schedule might I add) so I am planning on reporting my M day today and starting Lady Comp tomorrow! This is right correct?! :) Thanks so much!

  6. Larissa

    Larissa Member


    Itsmegdean: Yes you're correct! You should start using the LadyComp now. You can enter 'M' for everyday that you are on your period. I still take my temps those days just to stay in the habit, but some women don't.

    Crazeegurl4life: I don't pay attention to the 6 day predictions. They change too much for me to use them as a reliable indicator of what's to come. As for your chart, it does look to me that you ovulated on day 12 of that cycle. I know that the LC is rather conservative in its conclusions. I wonder if that earlier spike you had confused it a little (day 7 and 8) so that it waited until it detected a couple extra high temps before giving green lights? That would be my guess...

  7. mhofener

    mhofener New Member

    Anyone have (or know anyone that has) a lady comp for sale?

  8. crazeegurl4life

    crazeegurl4life New Member

    Thanx Larissa for your reply. I think it is being conservative too as its done the same thing this cycle (chart below). FF prediction at day 16 and LC flashing red at day 19. This time I didnt have any spikes in the 1st part of my cycle. The temps were quite lower than normal for me.

    Also I did have unprotected sex with my partner for the 1st time during last cycle's greens and so far so good : ) *excited dance* lol. And yes I dont think I'll be paying attention to the 6dayprediction thing. The day it predicted ovulation was the day I had US (which was actually a green) and no baby so that says it all FOR ME! lol

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  9. Mrs.D

    Mrs.D New Member

    Hi Ladies! I'm on my first cycle off of HBC and been using my LC for the last 23 days. I'm now in the third phase of my cycle and have noticed that the last couple days when I've taken my temp, LC will give me the temp confirmation beeps, but then it will beep 3 times immediately after. Can anyone tell me what the 3 beeps means?

  10. Chimaera88

    Chimaera88 New Member

    Hello all, I'm new here and this is my first post. I've been using my ladycomp since November after the birth of our second baby in June. I've been stressed and my cycles have been long and messed up, but I started this cycle feeling relaxed and like this could be a "normal" cycle for once. Well, my lady comp has been giving me green lights since Friday, but I'm looking at the chart of my temps(just tracking visually) and wondering if I should trust it(haven't yet). I don't know what it's thinking of... Part of me says that it was dumb to spend a bunch of money on a device that's supposed to be super-accurate if I'm going to be suspicious of it when it starts thinking it has a handle on me, but the other part of me says there is no way I'm ready to get pregnant again after two babies a year apart...

    Anyone have input?

    ETA - I have been trusting it for greens on previous cycles, this one just looks weird to me...

    My Ovulation Chart
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  11. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Mrs. D - Is the LC flashing 'm' when it beeps? Around day 21 of my cycle after the temp reading beep my LC will flash 'm' and I can hit + for yes or - for no. If I just ignore it the flashing stops and it beeps again. There is usually a pause between the temp reading beep and the end of the flashing 'm' beep though. Does this sound like what you're experiencing?

    Chimaera88 - I think you are right to be suspicious as the chart is confusing. May I ask how the previous months have been as far as seeing temp rises and getting green lights? Once your cycle is more normal I'm sure the LC will be very helpful so don't feel bad about spending the money. I know I felt the same when things were messed up for me after stopping hbc. But it is a long term investment that will still be around when our bodies go back to normal and I for one feel like this is the least invasive form of birth control and therefore worth being a bit more conservative and careful for.

  12. Chimaera88

    Chimaera88 New Member

    Well, the last couple months have been fairly clear about a temperature rise eventually and my LC has been very careful about waiting for it. Even was FF was saying ovulation had passed(and then changing its mind later) my LC was holding out and waiting for what I expect was the real thing before giving me greens. I think if you scroll down on this page you can see past charts?

    My Ovulation Chart

    As far as this month, I think that LC is calling cd 17 ovulation day, which makes sense to me, since I had a bit of spotting and cramping and fertile cm(though I don't usually note cm). Makes sense, that is, except for the bizzare temp and no pattern... o_O It's only been 10 days since then, so if my period shows up this next week, as lc is predicting, I'll be pretty pleased. I'd love to think it knows what its doing even with my funky temps.

  13. Mrs.D

    Mrs.D New Member

    Larissa - Thanks for your reply. My LC isn't flashing 'M', so I'm not sure what's up. It stopped doing it after about 4 days. If it happens next cycle I'll just call Valley Electronics (where I purchased it) and ask them. ;)

  14. LadyBrown08

    LadyBrown08 New Member

    I am quite new to Natural family planning and forums but I have read ALL messages on one of the earlier threads (I remember Larissa, meaowcat et al) regarding lady comp I have decided to join this forum as there appears to be experienced users :)

    I am hoping someone can help me. After using Mirena for 4 years, I had it removed on 20/06/14 and had withdrawal bleed on 23/06/14 which lasted a couple of days. Then DH and I had a condom mishap on 27/06/14 so I took Levonelle emergency contraception the following morning. As a consequence I bled for a few days on 04/07 & 05/07.

    I ordered LadyComp (best decision ever!) which I started using as soon as it arrived (after charging for 24hrs). Whilst I was on the Mirena I never had a real period so I did not have any menstruation data to enter, ever since LC flashes M every morning and I always press ‘-‘ since I am yet to have a real period.

    Please see my temps below so far.

    My question is can I trust the green lights (didn't tell DH about it cos I didn't trust it) shown by LC below even though I have not had a real period to date since having the Mirena coil removed. It appears as though LC has worked out my ‘cycle’ based on JUST my temps!

    I would appreciate responses. Many thanks in advance!

    22/07 - 36.48 (yellow light)
    23/07 - 36.44 (yellow light)
    24/07 - 36.36 (yellow light)
    25/07 - 36.36 (yellow light)
    26/07 - 36.06 (yellow light)
    27/07 - 36.16 (yellow light)
    28/07 - 36.24 (yellow light)
    29/07 - 36.35 (yellow light)
    30/07 - 36.40 (yellow light)
    01/08 - 36.50 - (yellow light)
    02/08 - 36.64 - (yellow light) CM present
    03/08 - 36.51 - (yellow light) (egg white CM)
    04/08 - 36.60 - green (no CM, very dry)
    05/08 - 36.72 - green (no CM, very dry)

  15. Athena12

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    I just wanted to put it out there that I am selling my Lady Comp. If anyone is interested, feel free to inbox me.
    It is 2 years old, mint condition - I am asking for $275.
    Thank you :)

  16. KKostya987789

    KKostya987789 New Member

    Mrs. D thnx for your post its very useful

  17. CTgrell

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  18. summer01

    summer01 New Member

    Is it normal to have ocassional pain and cramping in the lower abdomin on the sides in early pregnancy?

  19. EricaW

    EricaW New Member

    I have been using the lady comp for about four months now and I'm loving it so far. Trying to track my cycle with ovuview aswell. CM is kind of all over the place after hormonal birth control.

  20. Parul

    Parul New Member

    I got black discharge before my periods cycle, and I am worried because I take unwanted 72 a around 10 days ago after unprotected sex. sir is there any chances of pregnancy is there plz let me know.


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