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  1. skittlesfirehawk

    skittlesfirehawk New Member

    i have a question today i took my temp and the baby icon and m was flashing at the same time can anyone tell me what that means

    i use the lady comp not baby comp

  2. suthernkiwi

    suthernkiwi Member

    Just wanted to swing by. . . still using the Lady Comp (5+ years now) with zero pregnancies! Yay!

    The battery started going out after year 4 so I just use it plugged in now (not good for the battery but mine's already deadish). I spoke with Rax Medical and I can get it replaced for ~$55, which I plan to do at some point. Also, my cat chewed on the charging cord in the last year or so and it's covered in black electrical tape, so I should probably replace that. (The replacement cord costs $46! I think someone mentioned replacing it with a generic charger, I might look into that.)

    All in all I'm very satisfied with my Lady Comp. [​IMG]

  3. Anna Beckham

    Anna Beckham New Member


    I am new to lady comp and have a question. I am unclear about the rules regarding drinking alcohol and taking a temperature reading the next morning. I am not a heavy drinker, but i do regularly have 1 or 2 drinks at night (between 6pm and 10pm). Will this affect my temperature reading? If it could, how can i chart my reading to see whether it is affecting them?


  4. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Hi Anna,

    Welcome! I've been using Lady Comp for almost a year (this Sep.). I also have a glass of wine from time to time with dinner and haven't noticed any confusing shifts in my temperature. It seems like maybe my temps are slightly higher with the wine, but not enough to confuse me into thinking ovulation is over when it isn't. I think the "beware of temps after drinking" rule applies more to cases where someone will have had enough alcohol to wake up with a hangover, but everyone reacts differently so you are wise to look into it.

    As far as testing how it affects your temperature, my idea would be to have wine while you are on your period and your temperature will naturally be low. For some women their temperature goes down just before their period starts, for others it goes down a day or two in, or if you're like me, it varies from cycle to cycle on exactly when it goes back down, but you can be sure that you're temperature won't go up naturally (without some outside influence) once its gone down during menstruation. At least that is my understanding.

    Good luck with the experiment and please let us know how it goes!

  5. Sharnia

    Sharnia New Member

    Hi there,

    I am hoping to buy a Lady Comp or Pearly soon and I have a couple of questions. I would search the forum first to ensure these are not duplicates but the threads on LC are so long!


    Is one model more reliable than the other? Of course Pearly is cheaper so I would prefer to buy that, but on the other hand, Lady Comp seems to have better memory and more features which must, surely, increase the reliability?
    However I feel from a business point of view this is how they would want you to feel... so that more people buy the more expensive option!
    I'll add here that I don't plan to have children for a while so it is likely I would be using this device...until it breaks. Maybe 10 years!


    I am currently still living at home, so it is likely I would be having sex at night. (Parents would however know that I was buying the Lady Comp etc, and I am of legal age, but it's more so they don't hear or anything :p )

    What would happen in this scenario;

    I am taking my temperature at a regular time each morning, say 8am. I take it in the morning and receive a green light. 17 hours later at 1am I have sex. After sleeping straight through to 8am, I take my temp again but this time am given a red light.
    Was I safe?

    Thank you in advance
    :) :)

  6. LoveMyMarine

    LoveMyMarine New Member


    It's been a very long time since I have been on this forum...I bought the Lady Comp back in '09 I believe...I bought it off of Ebay used...& always had problems with the charge...& I'm not sure that it took the correct temp. since I kinda skipped replacing the thermometer...I know gross, don't know why I decided to do that at the time lol Well I tried using but felt like I wouldn't succeed due to the strict schedule of having to read your temp every day around the same times, and having to get your full hrs, and all the other must that came with having a perfect temp...I was scared that I might get pregnant if I didn't due all the must haves, and got a wrong green light if there is such a thing... Well after 4yrs of condoms, I have given my Lady Comp another chance, well not yet...I want to, but my lady comp is still not in perfect order, and is pretty old...So I was wondering if anyone has gotten their lady comp services before...& if it operates as a new one would, or if its just better to buy a new one...Mine is an '06 model I believe...When I called the Lady Comp Company they said it would run me around $150 if I remember correctly to get it serviced with the new software battery and thermometer...To be quite honest not sure it that includes the battery & thermometer.....I just want to be able to have something reliable...& I'm stuck between the decision of buying a new unit or just servicing my old one...Any recommendations?

    I also wanted to know how the Lady Comp has been with those ladies who do not have a regular cycle...Mine tends to get all wacky at least once a yr...Where I won't get it for a month or two then it will be irregular for a while...

  7. momof2under2

    momof2under2 New Member

    I also didn't write here for a long time.
    I started using lady comp about a year ago, and it works!
    Also bought it second hand at ebay but i never really had any problems with it. The only thing that is not perfect is that my battery holds only for a month.
    Even with my irregular cycles i believe it 100%. It adjusts itself on a monthly basis.
    Hope this helps.

  8. suthernkiwi

    suthernkiwi Member

    Hi Sharnia,

    There is absolutely no difference in the software of the LadyComp and the Pearly, so they have the same efficiency. Because the LC is bigger it's able to hold more memory and has a lit display and colored lights. The Pearly is smaller, it won't show your temps as far back as the LC, and it uses a small arrow to point to the different colors printed on the Pearly above the display.

    I dropped my LC a few months ago and it died (it was 5+ yrs old). I've dropped it many times and I guess that last time broke something inside, I could hear something rattle when I shook it. I contemplated having it serviced, but with shipping, a new battery, a new charger, and a new temp probe (not necessary but it was 5 years old, ya know?) that would cost $200+, not to mention the cost of fixing whatever was broken, so I decided to just buy a new Pearly ($300).

    At first I was a little sad about the Pearly. The LC is big, solid, and feels well made. It lights up, it has a solid alarm sound, it feels good and is easy to navigate and see everything. The Pearly is so small in comparison and at first it felt chintzy. It's so lightweight, the display isn't lit, and even the little alarm sounded weak. However, I love all these things about the Pearly now. It's so lightweight that dropping it from nightstand to the carpeted floor does no damage to it at all. The alarm is softer, and there's no bright light in my face when I'm taking my temp. The temp probe on the LC is a little more comfortable in my mouth, but not ever having to worry about charging the Pearly makes up for it.

    The battery on the Pearly should last 3 years, and shipping it back to Rax Medical will be cheaper than shipping the LC back. All in all I'm very pleased with the Pearly and I'm sorry I didn't just buy the Pearly back in 2008. I was traveling so much more then, it would've saved me space and weight in my carry on.

    As a side note, I keep a FertilityFriend account; I input my temps there every few weeks so I don't feel like I'm losing any info by breaking my LC. Same thing if my Pearly is lost or stolen, my temps are still there. I used to chart my lights (whether I got a red, yellow, or green light) on FF, too, but after a few years I could easily see that the LC was keeping me very safe, so I stopped doing that.

    HTH! :)

  9. CHZ

    CHZ New Member

    Hey, So I started my own thread on this topic, but realized that I am going crazy and I am more likely to get a response over here. My fertility friend and lady comp do not agree when I ovulated, and I don't see any clear pattern. Perhaps it was anovulatory? But according to my lady comp I am 15 DPO, so I thought I would see flashing lights this morning, but just a plain green light. I am on cycle day 49 which is long for me. FF predicted ovulation date would have been normal for me (25 days ago) and the lady comp date would have been late for me. My luteal phase hasn't been the same two months in a row since I came off BCP, so I have no idea if I am really "late" or not. I have been following the lady comp, condoms on red days, so it seems unlikely I would be pregnant. I also haven't been drinking, sick, sleeping at different hours, or anything that should throw my temperature off too much. I wasn't worried that I might be pregnant until my luteal phase went past 12 days (longest so far). Is the lady-comp (not baby comp) reliable about detecting pregnancy? And at what point should I just go buy the traditional pee on a stick test and assume the lady comp is wrong?

  10. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Hi CHZ,

    First of all LC is far more reliable than FF. FF is a useful tool to see your chart, but its ovulation estimates are rough. They often don't match with my LC either. I've heard other ladies say it too, trust your LC over FF.

    Second, it is my understanding that a luteal phase should last 11-15 days. I've had them last 15 days many times. After day 16 LC will give a baby light (or so I've read in the manual) and then you may want to look into the test to be on the safe side.

    After I quit hbc, I had trouble seeing a pattern with my temps too, and my luteal phase was always very short, 9 days or so. Then I'd have spotting for a week and then my real period would only come for a couple days, followed by more spotting. As the hormones left my system, my luteal phase grew longer (up to 15 days, but never over) and I could see a better pattern using FF. I never had the very long cycles like that, but many women on another thread have mentioned that after quitting hbc. Whether they skipped ovulation or it happened late, I don't know, but it sounds like that is relatively common coming off the hormones.

    Good luck with the LC and I hope that helped!

  11. diyprincess925

    diyprincess925 New Member

    Hi everyone! My name is Erika. I had my Lady comp delivered today and it's charging atm. I'm so excited to use it. Previously, I have read some of the posts on this forum about LC and it convinced me to buy it.

  12. CHZ

    CHZ New Member

    Thanks Larissa,
    My Luteal phase was 4 days the first cycle off of HBC, but since then my luteal phase has been 11-12 days long. I am on cycle day 53 now, and 19 days past when LC thought I ovulated. Still no possible pregnancy lights, even though my temp is steady increasing. So rather I didn't ovulate yet (although I am getting green lights), or I am pregnant (should be getting flashing pregnancy lights). I want to trust my lady comp but I guess I am just feeling uncertain since it is obviously wrong about something.

  13. diyprincess925

    diyprincess925 New Member

    I took my first temperature on LC. I think that it said that it was day 00. How do I change it to day 1? Or can I not change it because day 1 is supposed to be the day of my first menstruation?

  14. crazeegurl4life

    crazeegurl4life New Member

    Hi ladies, I've been a lurker on these forums since 'accidently' coming across this site during my research on the lady comp. I have learnt sooooooo much on here and thank all of u ladies for your input. The user manual doesn't even touch on half the things I've learnt on here!! : )

    I am on day 07 of my 1st cycle using LC, so not relying on any greens at the moment, but I was surprised to start seeing them already (the greens post M). However, I am querying whether they were 'false greens' because I had 2 significant temp shifts as I did have a common cold.

    Day 01 (M) 36.59
    Day 02 (M) 36.55
    Day 03 (M) 36.35
    Day 04 (M) 36.64

    Day 05 (cold kicked in) 36.83
    Day 06 (cold still there) 36.92
    Day 07 (cold going away) 36.36

    (all above days were green)

    Do you think they are false greens cos of my cold?
    Being so early in my cycle is it even possible to get false greens?
    I am not relying on them but I am interested on whether or not those temp spikes contributed to the green lights, even tho it is still early days in my cycle.

    Hope some1 can help. I am very new to all of this, despite all I learnt lol

  15. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Hi Crazeegurl4life,

    You know these forums also taught me everything I needed to know to start using LC! I still visit every few days or so because I always learn something new.

    About your temps: you are wise not to rely on the green lights just yet. My personal experience has been such that when I have a cold my temperature always jumps up, even if I don't have a fever. I think it is because I toss and turn throughout the night and wake up frequently, so my body never quite calms down enough for me to get a real waking temperature.

    However I don't know whether the green lights are from the cold in this case. I have noticed that after my menstruation ends LC will often give me a couple more days of green lights before I get the yellow and then the red. I am also interested to hear if anyone else on here has noticed this? Is this just based on the fact that it is not likely that a woman will ovulate two or three days after her period ends?

    Crazeegurl, I'd be interested to hear if you end up with red lights over the next few days or if they stay green so please keep us posted!

  16. crazeegurl4life

    crazeegurl4life New Member

    Hi Larissa,

    Thankyou so much for your reply. I also visit regularly. It really is a wealth of knowledge : )

    Yes that may be the case, because I didn't physically feel hot, but I did sneeze a few times during the night and had some trouble breathing cos of a blocked nose etc. the first night of my cold.

    The next few days gave me:

    Day 08 36.39 green
    Day 09 36.19 yellow
    Day 10 36.31 red
    Day 11 36.18 red

    I was surprised to get 4 greens (not counting M greens cos I wouldn't have sex on any of those days lol) being my first cycle. Yes it would be interesting to hear from others if they have noticed this too. I hope the cold didnt influence the greens. I guess i will see in the next cycle : )

    After these few days have passed i have another question. I also look at CM in conjunction with the LC and the yellow day I had creamy CM and the 2 red days I had the EWCM which was very thick and gloopy (sorry for the TMI lol). I thought this type of CM comes when you have ovulated (is this true?), which according to the LC I havent as yet. Or does that type of CM just come because u have entered your fertile period, which LC has correctly indicated?

    Hope you can help.

  17. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Hi Crazeegurl,

    You said that LC hadn't indicated ovulation - by that do you mean you didn't see the flashing red light? This flashing light is only a prediction of when ovulation will occur based on your previous cycles. Unfortunately temps can't indicate ovulation as it's happening, but once your temps go up then you can in retrospect see that ovulation just ended. For this reason I wouldn't worry that LC didn't have a flashing light, especially if you just started using it, as it wouldn't know your pattern yet. (Although I've read in a book that some women have a noticeable dip in temps the day of ovulation - I've charted my temperatures and this doesn't seem to happen for me. But in that case your temperature might tell you when you ovulated).

    As for CM, you're right this does indicate ovulation. I do believe the gloopy stuff indicates when you are most fertile. I have noticed consistently that my temperatures always go up shortly after I see this type of CM and I start getting green lights a few days later.

    Don't worry about the TMI. haha. I think we all can relate!

  18. crazeegurl4life

    crazeegurl4life New Member

    Hi Larissa,

    Thankyou for your reply. Yes I meant I didnt get the flashing red. As this is my first cycle with LC taking temps, I guess I won't see that yet. So far my temps havent shown a consistent rise to indicate ovulation has passed, but will definitely look out for it. It will be exciting to see if this happens : ) (I also chart my temps in fertility friend to have a visual).

    Wow ok its interesting to see how early on I have become most fertile. I am still getting the gloopy CM but not as much. My temps for Day 12 and Day 13 have been 36.20 and 36.52 respectively (both red), so maybe the rise in temp after this type CM may be the case for me as well. I shall wait and see : ). Im predicted all reds for the next 6days so will also be interesting to see if I get any greens afterwards.

    Lol thankyou. Im glad TMI will not be an issue in these cases. I am just learning sooo much about my body and get excited to see how things unfold, that I want to provide as much detail as I can lol..

  19. Mrs.D

    Mrs.D New Member

    Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer and I just ordered my LC a few days ago. It should be delivered today, I'm really excited, but I have a few questions. A little background on me is that I've been on BCP for 14 years and my last "active" pill is Saturday, then I'll have my M this coming week. I don't know if I should start temping Sunday or wait until after M. Also, if I should start temping Sunday, do I enter M when I start or does this one not count since I'm just coming off BCP? I looked at an online user manual for LC and neither of these questions were cleared up for me, so I'm hoping you guys can help. I'm looking forward to being off BCP, I just don't want to mess up any data on my LC!

  20. Larissa

    Larissa Member

    Hi Mrs. D,

    Welcome! The bleeding that happens at the end of the pill cycle is known as "withdrawal bleeding" and doesn't count as a real period. When I started using LC it was my understanding that you don't start using it until after your first real period. This gives your body some time to start its own cycle. This is the way I started using it. After I took out my last nuvaring I waited out the withdrawal bleeding then let my body go through a cycle (it took a little less than a month, but it can take some ladies longer when coming off hbc) and then I had a period and started entering M's in my LC and taking my temps each morning.

    Good luck with the LC! I also started using it after 9 years of hbc and I am so happy I did. :)


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