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  1. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Just starting a new topic, the other one is getting rather long. I have locked the old one and will keep it here for a few days and then it'll be moved into Archives.

  2. ajdex

    ajdex New Member

    Hey I think I did it! Got a pos test! Now I'm wondering... is it normal to have ocassional pain and cramping in the lower abdomin on the sides in early pregnancy?

  3. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Congrats! And yes it's perfectly normal to have cramping in early pregnancy.

  4. mcrmama

    mcrmama New Member

    I had my first postpartum AF this week and all went well. I did catch my first ovulation. LC did not ever give me the green lights so I think my shift was just not strong enough yet. I also had an issue where my date was wrong and I lost a day on the machine (I should have waited before fixing the date) so I think I confused it, lol. Oh well, I could see my temp shift in my chart and AF arrived so that was neat. I am now into the red light period of this cycle. We'll see how it goes this month. It is really fascinating watching how our bodies work.


  5. mcrmama

    mcrmama New Member

    Yes Ajdex, it is common to feel cramping in early pregnancy. I know I worried a lot when I was in early pregnancy with my 3rd, and all was normal.

  6. ajdex

    ajdex New Member

    thanks! Hon and I are really excited!

  7. Anna67

    Anna67 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have been using my LC for several months without a problem. This morning, when I tried to take my temperature, the LC started beeping like crazy (not the normal beeping), and two signs I've never seen before lit up: the the sign for conception (#7 in the manual), and the sign for the boy sex prognosis. It wouldn't let me take my temperature.

    I'm really worried. Is the LC malfunctioning or could I be pregnant? Yesterday was my first yellow light since my period, so I'm pretty sure I haven't even ovulated yet, but I'm still worried.

    Thanks in advance for any help!!


  8. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    That's really weird. My Baby Comp didn't do anything like that when I conceived and I could still take my temps like normal. And I'm a luttle confused. Your LADY COMP showed a boy prediction lighting up? LC doesn't have a gender prediction function in the software on it although both technically use the same basic cover so the places for the lights are still there.

    I'm guessing if it's making weird beeps, lighting up things it shouldn't be, and not letting you take your temp, something has gone wrong with it.

  9. Anna67

    Anna67 New Member

    Yes, I have the Lady Comp, and it showed the boy prediction lighting up! I contacted the website I bought it from, and they said that it sounded really strange, and that if it did it again I would have to send my Lady Comp in. But this morning it was fine, so hopefully everything is okay with it. Unfortunately, because of the malfunctioning, I just don't trust it quite as much!

  10. tac

    tac New Member

    I have a quick question about putting M in my ladycomp. I've been using it for about a year and a half and have always had 5-7 day periods. This period was only 2 days but the manual says I have to put in 3 days. I'm not bleeding so I don't know whether to just put in the M today or not. What will happen if I don't put in the M and I just leave it at 2 days?

  11. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    First question, are you sure it was AF and that you ovulated? If so, I'd just put in M anyway for #3 and just be cautious this cycle just in case.

  12. tac

    tac New Member

    I'll be sure to be careful. It looks like ovulation, but it was really late last month, on day 33 with a 48 day cycle. I am wondering if it was AF or not but I guess I'll see next month [​IMG]

  13. ajdex

    ajdex New Member

    I know this is not the right topic here but I couldn't find anything so maybe you can help me.
    Someone told my hubby that pesticides are very bad for pg women. Well, today he's out spraying pesticide...
    does that mean if it gets on his clothes my little one can be harmed when doing laundry and stuff? Or would i have to have direct contact with the poisons?

  14. meowCat

    meowCat New Member

    Hi ladies,
    I hope this is the right place for my question.
    I am contemplating getting a ladycomp soon, but I am wondering how do you find travelling with it? Is there some kind of travel pouch for it or does it come with a protective case for travel?
    Many thanks

  15. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I bought a lightly padded baby bottle bag to keep mine in (the two bottle bag by Skip Hop that looks like a mini backpack). It also has pockets on the imside to keep the instruction book and enough space to keep the charger at the bottom of it. I've been asked to turn it on at airport security occasionally but usually they just let me go through with no questions. I always keep it in my carry-on if I fly.

  16. meowCat

    meowCat New Member

    Thanks Bunny, that was really helpful. I will look into the bag.
    Also, thnanks for your travel information regarding airports. I fly quite a bit between Germany and Ireland and I would be a bit embarrassed, I have to say, if I was getting "into trouble" at the airport over the LC. They once pulled me over for carrying a hair straightener (it's a "flat iron" for the Americans) on and did some explosive check on it [​IMG] ...I haven't brought it with me since!

    I have discussed the LC for the first time today with my fiance and he seems to like the idea better than just pure FAM (I hope that doesn't mean he thinks I'm stupid ??!) and better than the PS, because the LC has some independent research behind it and is a European product. I'm getting excited about ordering one now soon.

  17. PaulaKoala

    PaulaKoala New Member

    @MeowCat: LadyComp is pricey but if you can afford it, well worth the price. It just makes temping and FAM much simpler. If you pair it with other FAM methods it's even more effective. Good luck!

  18. meowCat

    meowCat New Member

    Thanks PaulaKoala. I have ordered mine yesterday and I am so excited now!!! I cannot wait! I wish they could beam it to me or something ;-)

    ....and I am nervous. I am nervous trusting a machine! I am also in a way getting tired of always using kondoms. I think my fiance is too. And going back to hormones or even an IUD is just totally out of question for me. Never again! Long live FAM!

    I will definitely keep watching my cervical fluid as well, although even after 12 cycles doing just pure FAM, I am still confused by my CM! [​IMG]
    I find it easy to see the change at the beginning of the cycle, which is good, I suppose, but determining when the next switch from best quality to lower happens, is really hard because I never have this seethrough eggwhite quality. If you have any ideas on that front, let me know.

    Also, I thought I read somewhere that the company that produces the LC will print your charts for free. Has anyone taken them up on the offer? Are you pleased with the result?
    Additionally, I read that they can do a basic health analyis on the basis of your chart. Has anyone gone for that?
    How do you find the customer service in general?

    On a side note...I love your avatar Paula!!! So cute!

  19. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I just keep my charts on Fertility Friend and I din't have to be without my machine. For the EWCM look for stretchiness and feeling very slippery. That is most fertile and due to peaking estrogen. After O it loses the stretchiness and will feel more dry in your fingers after a few seconds of rubbing and stretching it. In my case it clouds back up to a yellow tinged white.

  20. meowCat

    meowCat New Member

    I definitely never have see through, like egg white CM. And I never have completely dry days either. I am not sure if what I have qualifies for BIP according to TCOYF, because the wording in there confuses me on that part.

    In any way, I wanted to ask, why do people make such an additional effort (CM, Charting, FF) anyway? Do you think the LC is not safe enough without?


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