Keeping the Faith: TTC 12+mo. **Part 6**

Discussion in 'Overcoming Infertility' started by gutterflower, May 20, 2011.

  1. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Hi ladies, thought we could start a new topic and I hope it brings you all you've ever dreamed of!

  2. kitty-cat

    kitty-cat New Member

    quiet here...? Beth how are you and Michelle???
    Nothing going on with me, BD'd during O but always do.....
    DH and I were riding in the car one day and passed a store with a stroller/carseat/carrier sitting outside, he pointed to it and I was like OH that's what we need!! He offered 3 times to turn around and go back to look at it....
    A friend of mine had her baby and I saw them Fri, so cute but so depressing, hearing the babies crying on the mat. ward gave me tears....found out another friend of mine delivered the other day too......
    Just read about BG and Love.......CONGRATS!!!! I check the bump pix but did not see where you guys delivered!! BG he is a doll!!! Love would love to see pix!!

  3. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    I'm doing good on this end! Just got home from my lovely holiday and had a blast! Me and hubby have had a lot of relaxation lately so lets hope this aids in when I have my next appointment on June 15th. I still have yet to start provera to induce my period so I will probably be starting those while I'm no long in holiday mode. I also will be starting Pristiq, my obgyn said it was ok to start them and TTC on them as well, she said it is probably for the best as pregnancy and TTC can cause more anxiety and what not for the average person. So I'm slowly beginning my journey!

    Everyone else, how are you ALL doing?!?! I need stories I didn't see many lol.

  4. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    Soo how's everyone doing out there?? lol Havent seen or heard any posts for a while.

    Update for me- Got hubbies S/A results the other day, the results are as follows:
    Volume = 6.1ml
    Concentration= 30.4
    Total sperm count = 185.4 million

    @30 minutes
    Progressive= 23%
    Non Progressive= 9%
    Immotile= 68%
    Progession Rating- 2 (0-4 its out of)
    Total motile count= 42.7%

    I'm not entirely sure on the numbers, BUT I do know the immotile sperm isn't a very good number, it's supposed to be 50% or under apparently lol.

    I also got a referal to the IVF and endo doctor in the city, I totally did not know my obgyn/specialist referred me to them! I got a letter in the mail stating that the waiting list is approximatly 8 me and hubby are all nervous now as we don't even have a clue where to start with saving?! Any help please..or stories. Did any of you have large sums of money saved, or a decent or small amount. We average that in 8 months we will have just a few hundred short of 6,000 dollars saved, but to me that doesnt feel like a good amount or enough of an amount [​IMG] Any helps or ideas on how you paid for your higher up fertility options would be of great help I'm new at this part of the process. I'm scared that amount we will have saved will be gone in two cycles of zero success and bam, I'm screwed. I thank god right now that we get to rent my moms basement suite for cheap but in a years time that is done, so nows our only hope to save

  5. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Michelle, not sure if this will help but I found a thread from a while back about idea's for paying for procedures.

    We were lucky that we got an NHS funded IVF cycle so didn't have to pay for our treatment. In the future, if/when we decide we want another child I will probably donate eggs (as long as I am under 35, thats the cut off limit) in order to get my IVF cheaper.

    TRy not to worry too much, just because the waiting list is 8 months doesn't mean you have to start treatment then. Try to get more info on costs first. I would try to save as much as you can (I think $6000 in 8 months is AMAZING!!!).

  6. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    I will definitely check that out Mel, Thank you!

    How did you get your IVF funded? I don't really know what NHS is lol sorry. I really wish I could find some sort of help with funding, even if its just the smallest amount. I made the choice to myself already that if clomid with trigger and iui does not work I will do one round of follicle stimulating shots (if thats what she chooses) and if a no go I'm going to spend all my money on the more promising one (IVF). Hoping too that we can take out a loan too if need be, we just don't have very great credit or much built up as we don't have credit cards or any of that jazz. So I'm doing all the researching now..I know 6 grand sounds like a lot in 8 months but a round of stimulating shots can take up to 3 of that lol..scares me as we both just want to get out into our own home already but this will be worth it in the end if it works forsure. I'm just very scared that it will not work and all this time and money invested will be a big blow. Stupid I mention it like that, I am just overall concerned..cause for all I know it'll work first try lol.

  7. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Awww Michelle, it's not stupid at all, it's a very valid worry. Unfortunately fertility treatment is VERY expensive and has no gaurentees. The NHS is the National Health Service we have here in the UK. We are very luckty to get some fertilityy treatment paid for.

  8. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Michelle, I think you mentioned before being overweight? Maybe you can use the $$$ as a motivation to get closer to a healthy weight, I would think that would improve odds of any fertility treatment you try working.

  9. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Gone for a few days, back again. IUI #2 failed, not pregnant, same old story.

  10. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    Heyy ladies, Haven't been on in a while nor have I seen any action in here lol. Soo can anyone tell me some news, a plan, anything?? Would love to hear from you all.

    I just mailed away my referal fillout sheet for the endo specialist so as soon as they get that I should have an appointment [​IMG] Very excited and nervous, but it may take some time as our postal services in Canada are limited as a strike is going to happen right away. Suckks, but oh well. I just finished taking my ten days of provera, and I'm slightly confused and was wondering if anyone knows about this. But when I take it I'm usually very irritable, crampy, bloated and my boobs get sore within the time frame of taking it and after..I did have to miss one day of it due to my GI Series test I had done, but I still took the amount I was required too. The only difference in the pills is I take two 5mg pills at the same time each day, it used to be only one pill. I'm just weirded out I have no signs or symptoms of AF at all...should I be worried??

  11. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Provera is progesterone. Progesterone rises after ovulation and then decreased. When the level is low enough, AF starts. In your case, the Provera artifically raised your progesterone level and now that you're off it, it'll start to drop. What day was your last pill? I'm unsure of the time frame needed for your AF to start, but I'm sure it's at least a few days after taking your last pill.

  12. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    My last pill was friday I do believe. I know it takes up to ten days after you're last pill to get your menstrual but the only thing i'm weirded out about is the fact that I have zero symptoms of AF at all..I've been on these pills for years and they've always worked and I was always very moody on them, crampy, sore bb's etc. I feel normal? lol I guess just waiting till the 20th to see

  13. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    Well ladies I have an update, and I think its great news! Or so I hope lol. I started spotting last night, but no full on bleed so CD 1 should be starting tomorrow I'm assuming! I went to my obgyn today and had my ultrasound for my uterine lining and ovary checkup. My lining was 7.2 (which is good apparently?) and to my dissbelief my right ovary is almost completely clear of cysts, or what they call as immature follicles. There was only TWO on my right side which measured 5.4mm and 4.7mm...and 4 on my left which none where above 3.0mm. I'm veryy excited, as I know I had WAY more then that before. =) She said my fsh is still at 4.6 and my LH went from 11.0 to plenty of improvements of only being on the met for a few months now! So I start Clomiphene CD 3-7 this cycle, she said she was going to let me try 2-3 rounds at 150mg to see if that works. If not then I have to wait until my endo appointment. I hope the fact that I have barely any cysts on my right side this will mean for some ovulation!!

  14. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Good news Michelle! Hoping for you!

  15. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Great news hun [​IMG] Good luck for this cycle!

  16. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    Thanks ladies [​IMG] I'm praying for the next 2-3 cycles more than I ever have before. I really want this to work. Just a little nervous about it being 150mg this time of course lol. I start the clomiphene this saturday, eeek! Happened fast!

  17. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    Well one dose down, 4 to go! wish me luck lol. I'm scared as heck!

  18. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    Hey ladies, it's been awfully quiet on here! Just a quick update..I had my first follicle scan done today and on my right ovary the found one that was 13.5mm, and one that was 7.2mm. On the left I had 7.1 but nothing beyond that either. So for CD 12 is it good that I have one dominant follicle that is that size (13.5)? I've never had follicles go above 10mm on clomid 100mg, so maybe this is the right dose for me? I dont wanna get my hopes up but I still have great feelings about this I did when i first started my pills.

  19. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    Another update, even though no one comes on here but i'll leave one incase somebody does! lol. Well since monday (it is now friday) I went back for another follicle scan on CD14 which was wednesday and had a 16.4mm and a 13.8mm follicle on the right ovary, none on the left though. I went home that evening and had a positive OPK all by myself but long story short she told me with knowing these numbers I should trigger if I wanted to to insure ovulation will occur and it won't turn into a cyst, so I went back thursday early morning (horrible sharp cramp woke me up) and had another scan, my 16mm follicle had stayed the same, and my 13.8mm follicle shrunk down to 11.9 or so they I had the shot done right after that, given by the nurse thank godd! So i came home and took another OPK later in the evening and to my surprise it was REALLY positive. So I start the BD from friday night through sunday. Wish me luck ladies, if you come on again ever! lol [​IMG] Only thing I worry about is my follie was only 16.4mm is that even good enough? She told me they like to see them between 15-25 to trigger

  20. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey michelle, I still check on here daily so please do keep on updating [​IMG]

    How exciting!!!! Hopefully some of the other ladies might chime in who had monitored cycles and will know more about size of follies. With me it was different as it was IVF so the eggies were removed before my ovaries released them. With my inferior knowledge it sounds like a good size?


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