Keeping the Faith: TTC 12+mo. **Part 5**

Discussion in 'Overcoming Infertility' started by *mel*, May 25, 2010.

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    Michelle- I mean classic as in "the works" not just a symptom or 2 but the whole deal ( sounds like you do too! )Hard to keep my weight at a good balance with out extreme dieting, male pattern hair growth, "string of pearls" on my ovaries, insulin resistance, elevated prolactin, screwy FSH/LH, and of course anovulation.

    Have you used clomid before? Sorry I don't remember. I would ask about Femara if the clomid does not work. It is just another pill induced ovulation ( taken JUST like clomid but works for some women who clomid does not work for. )

  2. MichelleG

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    Beth- Thank you. I really hope you are right. It was just like, one minute he really wanted to and the next it was a no. He said he wished we could wait till we're 30 and such stuff like that. I think his mind changes have been related to a lot of arguements we have been having. I've been a very miserable person lately andI just can't point as to why, I have a hard time being nice or compassionate to him, or with anything. I hope he grows to understand soon because I feel terrible. Brings me down and makes me worry if I should even be wasting my time if he doesn't want this. But I will take your word for it, I'm hoping and praying!

    Ash- Yes I definitely have the classic pcos too. My weight has gotten extremely out of control and my ovaries last I seen lookedlike nothing but a ball of cysts. My FSH was 4.6 and LH was 11.0 last time too. I definitely know what you mean now! The male hair growth is my most hated symptom though, along with the weight gain in only my stomach mostly [​IMG] I did take clomid last year sometime, I did two cycles from days 5-9 at 100mg and I didn't ovulate on both. They seen one growing on my last cycle, i think it was almost 11mm(?) and then the next time I went back it dissapearred. I will discuss femara with her when I see her next and see what she says. I really do not want to jump into expensive treatments like iui or injection cycles yet until I've tried the clomid or femara for a bit first with a trigger shot at most. I guess i'll see what she says! I really don't wanna just put off trying until I save enough for IVF or something like that, or even something like IUI.

  3. *mel*

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    Michelle I think it's pretty normal for men to get like that. It was my BF that wanted to try for kids way before I did. During the long time we were trying he would swing backwards and frowards between being excited and being scared. I think when it becomes a reality after trying for a while that it actually might happen, they freak out! lol! BF was really scared when we did IVF and actually the first few months of my pregnancy he was terrified! Sound strange when you think we had been activily trying for nearly 4 years! If you think the process of getting referred and such is going to take a while then I would definately go ahead with it anyway. At least then it gives your hubby some time to get used to the idea again.

  4. BethG

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    Funny story.....last night I met hubby at a bar/restaurant we like to go to. I asked him what he wanted, meaning what he wanted for dinner, but he blurted out "a boy!" LOL! See, it's on his mind, but he's not acting scared now. Later I was teasing him and asked him what he was thinking of when he was getting his sample ready. He said nothing really (really??) but then he did say he thought "Boy. Boy. Boy!" Guess he really wants a baby boy! At least he understands that I play no part in creating the gender, lol.

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    Yeah I am an old pro at TTC :-(
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    Beth wow I did not know you were doing IUI already. YEAHHHH keep us posted. It is so nice to see everyone's DH so supportive and wanting this like you guys do. I know sometimes I feel like it is what 'I' want but I know he wants it too but does not express it the same way as I do.

    Michelle when I went for my 'official fertility' workup and they did a testosterone test it was elevated. I do not have excessive body hair (but growing up I always saw me having more down there hair then my friends) and I am a bit overweight. So I was told to try to loose weight and that might help test go down.
    I did lose a little on southbeach, have not had another test but I have heard the same thing as you. I do not PCOS and not clearly sure how all that works either. Ash is very informed and will be your best guide.
    If you want southbeach info or some of the recepies I ate exc. let me know PM or FB me. I would be happy to help.

    Nothing going on with me. Had a bit of baby fever Fri we went out to eat and there was a very young baby the ladies were passing around.....I think I might be or getting ready to O. Sore tummy and I think I am CD 13...? Might test for the heck of it.
    "Hi" to everyone else!

  7. BethG

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    I'm disappointed that my chart has not changed. So as it stands, I had IUI the day AFTER I ovulated. Temps are low this month, below 98 degrees. I think perhaps it just shows that my ovulation is not good on 2.5mg of Femara.

  8. *mel*

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    Beth does anything change if you put that discarded temp back in? Just because your chart hasn't changed yet doesn't mean it wont. Mine could sometimes change a number of times during any given cycle! lol!

  9. BethG

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    Nope, I just tried it and nothing changed. I was thinking of not temping during the 2WW, but I guess I should continue it for a few more days.

  10. kitty-cat

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    Beth was your O confirmed?

  11. BethG

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    FF seems pretty iffy about my O-day being on CD12. I don't think it likes my temps either. If I put in a +OPK on CD12, it'll give me solid crosshairs on CD12. I didn't do an OPK after CD12 because I ran out, lol. It was pretty close to positive that day, but I really thought I'd O on CD13 or CD14. I had O-pains on Friday night, CD14.
    Bleh, who knows, huh?

  12. MichelleG

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    Thanks for the support ladies. I do plan on going forward with it, hubby calmed down about the idea and just said it seems like a lot of pressure. He said he never expected it to have to be that way and that God would just let it happen. Sad to hear him say that at times because I wish the same thing too, but with infertility no such thing can happen usually (sometimes, but not likely for me) lol. I didnt take my met for two days again stupid me..I was out camping with hubby and some friends and decided to justt enjoy myself right now. I took them tonight though. I kinda told my mom that we were going to start trying as I'm worried with age it will only gets worse, now she keeps making all these comments about how cute our kids would be etc. It's kinda nice knowing I have a bit of support to go ahead with it lol. On the plus side another holiday for me this long weekend, very excited [​IMG]

    Beth, I really hope something good will happen with this cycle. You and DH surely deserve this and I pray that it happens for you! I dont mean to be nosey but have you ever considered injection treatments with IUI? I'll be chart stalking you again, I'm home until friday! haha

  13. BethG

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    Michelle, I'd totally do injectible drugs.....but won't since no one in this city offers them and I'm not willing to find a doctor in a city 2hrs (one way) away. I've given up hope on this cycle, convinced now that my crappy temps and early ovulation is because the low dose 2.5mg of Femara is not enough. I need the higher dose and won't do IUI again unless I'm take at least 5mg. I've only taken a few of my natural progesterone pills so I'm going to stop those too and save them for the next cycle.

    PS: take your meds, Michelle!

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    Hey ladies, lets start fresh, maybe that's what we need...a new start [​IMG]


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