Keeping the Faith: TTC 12+mo. **Part 5**

Discussion in 'Overcoming Infertility' started by *mel*, May 25, 2010.

  1. nessa26

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    Michelle, I have a friend who is on Celexa, and she said her doctor said that is a TTC and pregnant friendly antidepressant. When I went to my doctor a few weeks ago, when I was seriously considering going on antidepressants, she told me I would have to hold off TTC until Im off antidepressants (if I were to start). But she was a CNP, not an OB. I would certaintly talk to an OB about this issue, since Im sure they deal with anxiety and depression disorders with pregnant patients frequently (its very common). Good luck to you!!

  2. Myste

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    There are no "safe" antidepressants - there just hasn't been enough testing done. All of them are a risk vs benefit call, though some we know can cause problems. Any defects or issues are most likely to occur during the first trimester and to an extent the second.

    I went on Lexapro at 34 weeks pregnant, and chose that one because it's a low dose compared to others (started at 5mg)and I'd taken it before so knew how I'd react to it. Your best bet is to talk with your OB and your counselor about your plans for TTC and work on finding a solution that works for you and what you want. Maybe you can manage with just talk therapy or CBT for now.

  3. Confused-Hasya

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    Ah Myste! That was you! Sorry, I wasn't sure who it was.

  4. MichelleG

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    Thanks ladies! I have been battling with anxiety panic and mood issues since as long as I can remember. My first one I remember was when I was 5 years old i'm pretty sure. I have noticed this year it is a lot worse than it normally is, i'm not sure if it is due to the stress of my hubbys possible baby mama, or what. But I really do want to help myself. I just started talking with my counsellor again and plan on seeing her as often as I can. Her main goal is to get my train of thoughts under control. For now I will stay off of them because I do not want it to interfere with TTC but if my obgyn or family doctor says it is ok I will start them. I want to be pregnant more than anything right now and I do not want to risk my child having birth defects because of like you Myste i'd probably go on something later on in pregnancy. Pristiq is a new (very expensive) brand and I heard side effects and problems are very rare with these. But yes I will talk to the OBYGN I see her in one week!! I'm excited beyond words to start my journey. Thanks for the help ladies, I was worried I'm the only one going through this right now with TTC, feeling a bit better now!

  5. kitty-cat

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    Hi ladies- Beth sounds like you have a plan IUI again, will you request an US this time to confirm O?

    Michelle exciting news about starting your journey....other than meds what is the plan?

    AFM- AF showed :-( Figures it would but wondering why my last couple cycles have been longer. No plans for me.......

    I wish getting prego was like catching an illness lol! There are 3 ladies I work with that just become preg....I want to catch the bug! My boss made the comment that his lab was very fertile...ummm yeah some of them are :-(

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    You are an inspiration to all the ladies who have been trying for so long. Even after hearing about your pregnancy a few days ago and then finally reading the announcement right now on here, I have shivers and I am sooo happy for you. You are truly deserving of this (and all the other ladies on here).

    Good luck to all the other ladies on here and just keep having faith [​IMG]
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  7. BethG

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    Hello kitty-cat, nice to see a new member here.....but not if you've been TTCing for a long time! So what's your story? Give us something/someone new to obsess over, lol.

    Game plan this cycle is the same. Femara on CD3. I had acupuncture on CD7 and CD10 and will finish up with a session after work today, CD12. IUI is scheduled for the AM tomorrow, CD13. I've had two good-looking but not yet positive OPKs on Monday and Tuesday. We'll see what today's looks like. Hubby and I BD'd last night just in case. No injectible drugs (they don't do that), no trigger shot (they don't do that), and no ultra-sounds (you guessed it, they don't do that). Hoping for the best.

  8. Confused-Hasya

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    Kittycat, welcome to the forum, although I wish we had met under better circumstances for you. Good luck with ttc.

  9. nessa26

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    I thought Kittycat was "why"

    Am I wrong? Cus I thought she was changing her name.

  10. Alluring-Ash

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    Yeah you are right, Nessa.

    Why/Kitty- If you would like I can Edit your "Why" account to the new name so you can keep your post count and such and we can just delete the new one? Let me know.

    Beth- Still checking in on you and always hoping for the best!

  11. MichelleG

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    Beth that sounds like a great plan, keep us posted on how iui goes tomorrow, hope it isn't as uncomfortable as your first one!

    As for me I had my obgyn appointment today. I went in there after sucha long time, she did the routine pap smear etc and all looked good. Then we got further into talking about the pcos, she weighed me and i'm 246lbs :'( She said I should probably lose some weight while I try for this (which I have been for a while, i just dont lose much at all).Then basically told me that if she is going to even try me on clomid again it has to be with iui and trigger shots. Which she said I can try but she doesnt see it working. She said she might have to be referring me to one of the 2 iui ivf and shot cycle specialists we have here..which could take a LONG time. Also, hubby got TTC fever and seems like he just isn't all into it. He says it feels too soon all of a sudden and doesn't know why. I'm veryupset today, I thought I would leave with a smile on my face and prescriptions at hand, but nope...just a few tears. I'm unsure on what I want to do now. Go forward with it, or let hubby calm a bit first. He said in a year, but how this woman made it sound was my ovaries don't seem to have much life to them left? So on June 15th once my periiod is over (which is being induced again) I have an ultrasound on the ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes as well as a wack load of blood work I have to get done. I think it's safe to assume this whole thing is going to be a bust for a while..well until i'm further along into met and I lose some decent amount of weight. Anyway that's all for me. Hope to hear more from you ladies on your TTC =)


  12. *mel*

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    Ahhhhh! That explains things! lol! I wondered how come Kitty was talking as if she "knew" everyone and was a regular poster! lol!
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  13. *mel*

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    Good luck Bethy!!!!!!

  14. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Thanks everyone, your support means a lot.

    I'm happy to report my IUI this morning was a much much much better experience than last month! I had a good acu session on Wednesday, and when removing a needle from my ear, I bled a little, which sometimes happens. But my acu dr. said Oooooh, that's an ovarian point and you never bleed from that one! She liked it, lol.

    I had some vicodin leftover from my sinus surgery, so I took one at 8am (I had to be there at 8:30am). Hubby gave me his sample at 8:16am and I was on my way. Almost forgot to kiss him goodbye, lol. The vic got me feeling quite mellow which probably helped me a lot too.

    Instead of the doctor I had last time, a nurse practioner named Cindy performed the IUI. I was hoping maybe she'd be better since since she does pap tests all the time. Yep, she was. She got the cath through the cervix in one try without using a clamp to open it. She released the sperm very very slowly. She says if you do it too fast it can cause cramping. She suspects that the dr. did it too fast last time (or at least too fast for me/my uterus/my fallopian tubes) and that was the same problem with the HSG as well. So I had no pain, no cramping, just mild discomfort.....just like everyone else describes. I feel a bit tender right now but ok. I have that nasty sponge up there though and have to keep it in for 4 hours. Cindy also takes the remainder of the semen and puts it in the vagina, near the cervix. Just an added little extra.

    I'm telling myself that the spasming fallopian tube last month was the reason IUI didn't work, and that I'll get my BFP this time.

    Oh, hopefully since the NP had a gentler technique this won't be a problem, but last time after IUI I felt like I was getting a yeast infection. Sore, irritated, even burned after intercourse, but had no discharge. I used some RepHresh gel which is supposed to rebalance vagainal pH. I had to use it twice, but it fixed the problem. Think I'll be getting some more of that tomorrow....just in case.

  15. BethG

    BethG New Member

    It didn't occur to me that kittycat could be why, lol. Had a lot on my mind lately!

    Michelle, I believe you and your ovaries have a lot of time left, it's just a matter of getting them working properly. I don't know much about PCOS but it's not a case of you'll never get pregnant. Melly, do you memember the one gal who had PCOS and got pregnant? D-something, like initials? Her little girl is Jasmin I believe. Anyway, I think she has a thread of PCOS and what she did to improve her chances.

    Getting your blood sugars and weight is probably going to be essential. Take the meds. Do what you can diet-wise and exercise-wise. I've never done well on diets but lately I've been making a conscious effort to make better food choices and to take walks. Little changes but they really are helping.

    D4A! I think that was her name......let me see if I can find that thread now......

    I know money is tight, but acupuncture really does help me ovulate and balance hormones. It's not cheap though and it does take a few cycles to really see the full-effects.

  16. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Here's one thread I found, although I think there was might search for PCOS and see what you find. I'll look again when I have a bit more time.

    There's a forum called you might find helpful. I've run across posts from that forum several times while googling different TTC things. I don't have PCOS but am "ovulation challenged," like many PCOS women.

  17. Alluring-Ash

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    Beth- I am glad that the IUI went much easier this time around! I have everything crossed for you this month! How exciting that the Acu doc got excited over the bleeding.

    Michelle- I have classic PCOS, it is not the end of the world and do NOT let them push you into IVF or anything you are not ready for! I had a similar RE who told me that the only option I had was IVF. I did not have a 15,000 maybe maybe not budget in my treatments. Instead I found a Dr who was much better in knowledge of first treating my symptoms ( because not ALL PCOS is the same! ) Make sure you are taking your metformin! It will help more than you think!!! For some women they find that the metformin alone will control those crazy hormones and allow ovulation and pregnancy! I was not as lucky but the metformin did help with certain parts of my PCOS! Also I had elevated prolactin levels and had to go on medication to get those levels down ( the same hormone our bodies produce while breastfeeding which inhibits ovulation for most) I was clomid resistant so Femara was the route we ended up taking. Soooo many things to think about when treating PCOS you just have to find a good Dr willing to look at the big picture and not a quick fix. ( I had to stay on my Metformin for 4 Months before I was allowed to start any type of treatment ) The waiting sucks but if you want a healthy pregnancy it is a big deal.

    As for diet/weigh loss- Have you tried south beach/ low-carb? Like Beth mentioned Soulcysters have some great information and low-carb is a pretty easy diet for insulin resistance which show results pretty quick.

    Also a book that I was reading is called PCOS the hidden epidemic I bought mine for $7- $14 after shipping. Great book!

    Sorry things are hard, just know that you DO have options.

  18. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    Thanks Beth and Ash!! I will look up those links shortly i'm just on my way to get more of my met and my provera!

    Beth I'm glad your iui was smooth and much better than last time [​IMG] Hope this is it for you ((hugs))

    Ash- What do you mean by classic pcos lol. Sorry I'm not sure. See with me i'm definitey overweight bigtime, hairgrowth everywere, dark skin patches, no periods ever withouthelp, etc. I'm so scared nothing will work. But we came to the conclusion that we're going to do clomid for 3-6 months then if that is a bust we will take a long hard break. hubby seems iffy about a childall of a sudden but wants us to try this option first. I'm praying all my tests go smoothly in june as well. They're putting some camera in my uterus?

  19. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Good luck Beth [​IMG]

  20. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Michelle, guys seem to waiver on this a lot too. They just don't seem to show their emotions or talk about it. At least my husband doesn't....and he's complained plenty in the past about performing on cue. But Tuesday I told him we needed to BD for timing sake and to help generate fresh new swimmers for today. Despite working a LONG day and then trying to work around the house too, he did it without complaint. And today, he had to leave for work over an hour late after doing the deed into a damn specimen cup. And he didn't complain then either. That means so much to me and shows that he really does want this to happen, maybe even more than I do. I think it *finally* hit him after I broke down crying about how terrible the other IUI was and how he had no idea of what I go through. He's finally accepted that this probably isn't going to just happen for us. He's been a lot nicer since then. Your hubby will be ok. He's just scared now that you two are actually making some progress in this journey. He'll come around, I promise!

    Oh, and thanks Gutter!


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