Keeping the Faith: TTC 12+mo. **Part 3**

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  1. Penguin-Goon

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    Heres your new thread for all the upcoming BFPs [​IMG]

  2. Love0322

    Love0322 New Member

    Thanks PG! Here's to BFP's on the new thread!

  3. MichelleG

    MichelleG New Member

    Here's to the BFP's!!! Crossing my fingers for everyone lol.
    Sorry i've been mia... sorry to hear about the no O... ((hugs))

    Beth- I think that this cycle has an amazing feeling, all of the info you share has been giving me really good positive sticky vibes!!

    I havent read to far back...but wheres why?? hows candy and all you other ladies?? I'm doing ok, Experiencing weird cramps, but finished my provera yesterday, and have been keeping faithful to the metformin...which i HATE ...diahhrea is never great when you work all the time. Hoping this is our month, and that AF starts soon...because like ive going to take the metformin route after this for a year at least...see if pregnancy occurs from that if it doesnt this round...if I get my period and O as my stupid plan hah...I should know by Xmas if I'm expecting!! GO ME! lol..sorry, very nervous right now. Let me know what the rest of you ladies are up to...sorry I randomly dissapear..

  4. Love0322

    Love0322 New Member

    Thank you Jodi, BG and everyone else that mentioned they had similar feelings about pregnant women! It made me feel so much better to know that there are others that share the same feelings as me. I've been so down on myself for being so jealous of these pregnant women. (I don't think I mentioned but I also work with 4 prego ladies!) So, it is everywhere I turn.

    I've been driving to work and just saying to myself...I will not be jealous today. I know its stupid but I need to try something!

    Beth- I agree with what others have said, your cycle may be off due to the new supplements. I bet that O could easily be delayed because of them.

    Jen- Sorry for the annovulatory cycle. I hope its not! I know my cycle is really effected by stress. If this could only be easy.

    Court how are you doing with your 2 ww?

    Michelle- a bfp for xmas would be awesome!

    Mel- how are you doing? How many days do you have to take meds before the ivf?

    Bunnygirl, Why...anyone I missed how are you all?

  5. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Doing good. Just feeling annoyed that my Baby Comp didn't confirm my ovulation as of this morning's temperature. I think it's because for some strange reason it didn't save Sunday's temperature in there so it wants to make sure and have extra ones. Grrrr!!!! In any case, I think this is more of a break cycle for me anyway. I'm hoping for either a Christmas conception or a Christmas BFP. I know it's silly, but there is a department store near me that has this huge mailbox for letters to Santa every year and they donate $1 to charity for each letter received. I'm already working on my letter for this year asking for a super sticky BFP with a healthy baby. =)

  6. why

    why New Member

    Hi everyone sorry I have been so busy working that I do not have much time to post here anymore. Work has really been kicking my butt I am doing my own work plus training another gal her job and expected to do it all perfectly right. So I have daily headaches and just feel icky.

    Mel you have started your meds for the IVF this cycle?? What is the expected date for the procedure?

    Court you had another IUI? when is your testing day????

    Love how are you and where are you in your plan for BFP?

    Beth how are you hun??? I briefly looked at part 2 and saw your story about the undies on backwards lol! I have to tell my story I thought I was being all cute one day and putting on my Brazilian cut lace panties being sure to bend over while I put them on in front of DH..later I went potty and I realized they were inside out lol! yeah I was embarrassed I don’t know if he knew but I did lol!

    Michelle how are you hun??? what is your current plan??

    Candy you are a doll I saw your pic in the baby bump and you are as cute as can be!!!!

    AFM nothing going on, I a in my 2WW we did not do anything special except BD. I felt O not only the EWCM but funny cramping in the abd. I talked to DH about IVF, told him once I pay off my car I wanna go see my banker about getting a loan for this. He was like well we need to pay this off and that off and get this and that...I was like I don’t have a lot of time. The car will be paid off when I am 30, I want to get his car paid off as well since it is a small bill so looking like the end of next year...
    I don't have time to pay off everything under the sun and plus some!!! So he was like well whatever you wanna do.
    Then the other day I was looking into different clinics and there is one in Alabama (maybe 1hr 20min from me) and they offer basically a refund if you do not have a live birth. I think it was a little over 10,000 and you get 2 cycles and if no baby then you get 8,000 back....I told him about it and he rolled his eyes and changed subject. I hate to be like this but I am going to do this with or without him. I have not told him this but the clinics offer donor sperm so if I have to then I will have to go that route. I SOOOO dont want to but IDK....

    A little on what you all were saying about being jealous of other prego women...I do feel like that as well. My little cousin (27y/o) just had baby #2 and can not afford either baby. then my coworker doctor friend just delivered she sent me a pix this am. I was jealous but with her she had some problems herself. This is baby #2 but she was told she could not have kids...her test. was high and progest. was low...she came to my RE and got a second opinion and she got prego naturally both times. I guess for people I dont know what keeps me from being too jealous is thinking that perhaps she went thought the same thing as me...
    although (my last story) there is a patient of mine, she is prego, HIV positive, has cancer, and kidney failure, no husband... I am like God?? why is this???

    Ugh I will go need to start working got a lot to do for the day.
    Bunny (belated) welcome, you will find the ladies here are super supportive, non judgmental, just really good listeners. I look forward to reading your posts (but) I hope you will not have to post here long and can move to the pregnancy forum.

  7. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    i dont think its silly! i think its cute, and its for a good cause for your and the charity!!
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  8. court

    court New Member

    hi ladies.
    beth .. I am sorry about the cycle. maybe the new vits are throwing you out of wack to get you back to straight and narrow?? and "normal" whatever that is...anyway I am sure it is stressful. please hang in there. are not going to like me for saying this. but it is very hard having a babe so just make sure your DH is 100% too. I CANNOT imagine raising my daughter all by myself. I know there are tons of single moms out there doing just fine. but I promise you it is nice to have help. maybe you both need to go talk to someone and found out why he is having all these frustrations and change of mind. maybe he is just scared of it all. emotionally and financially. but can not express it. It is really a good feeling when you both are on the "same page"...but you have to work hard at it. it does not come easy to most when they are going through this. too much "emotions" are floating around. I hope you work it out!
    bunny...I love that idea...please oh please santa.
    love...I know the feeling. I work with 5 nurses in a small office. 3 of them were preg. this summer. all the office could talk about was that. we hired this new "older" nurse and she actually said to me in private knowing my struggles. " you are doing really well with all the other girls being preg, it must be hard for you, I am praying for you!" It was really Nice for someone else to acknowlegde the pain I felt. I know it is hard.
    I just think to myself ...I know my time will come. (with a little anger in there too!!)

    afm...well today I am offically "advanced maternal age" 35. yes I am 35 today. damn I thought I would be preg by now.
    I am almost 1 week past O. today I am feeling mildly crampy. I can't remember if the prometrium does that. anyone know?
    I told my hubby all I want for my birthday is IVF!

    hope everyone is well as they can be doing this journey.

  9. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Happy Birthday Courtney!!! Prometrium caused me to cramp, but as always, do not count yourself out yet!! There is always hope even with the side effects of these meds!!

  10. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Happy Birthday Court!!

  11. candywannababy

    candywannababy New Member

    Hey ladies. How is everyone doing?

    Michelle- I believe Ash was on the Met. I pray its what our body needs to do the trick babe.

    Love- As I said before no need to feel bad

    Bunnygirl- Its not silly at all. I wrote many namy letters to Go. (Some were not so nice, hee hee)

    Why- I am so sorry DH isnt being too understanding and cooperative right now. Maybe with time once he sees how determined you are it will kick in? I dont think its that he doesnt want this as bad as you but see for guys sometimes they think oh we have time or it'll happen. They dont always get the severity or urgency of the situation. Once my hubby *got it* he wanted to go through ivf even more than me it seemed. We knew we would do any and everything possible for a baby but it didnt click nto his head that we needed to act now until we went through the failed iui's and went through our little break down. Before he was always so nonchalant about it. Anyways, as far as the refund program, GO FOR IT! What would be even better if is they had what my clinic and many other clinics offer. Its like a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 deal. My package included 3 fresh cycles and 2 frozen ones. So in essence I would have had 5 tries to have a baby. If there is a failed cycle or a pregnancy that does not go passed 20 weeks you get to go on and try again. The cycle is paid for excpet for the meds. I paid one lump sum and at first it seemed like a lot but when I miscarried I thanked my lucky stars that my husband was wise enough to choose it. I naively thought we wouldnt need it and I was so young and everything would be perfect the first time around. WRONG! So if you have the opportunity to, I would say consider that option.

    Happy bday court!! I pray you get what you want! if not now, sometime in the near future. A belated bday gift is still a gift ;-)

    Hi Bethie and everyone else I have missed!

  12. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Why, I know how you feel. I've researched sperm donation and have seriously considered it as well. For me it's a backup plan and more of a last resort if SO completely bails on the idea of kids or I have reached a point in my life where I still haven't had kids and am running out of time. My SOis resistant to medical procedures and would rather adopt, which I can't seem to consider as an option. I would definitely prefer SO's children, but that might become a non-option. It's just tough all around. As it is, SO is anxious about TTC as the financial aspect is overwhelming to him as well as the other responsibilities. He really wants kids but the actuality of it kind of panics him. I do give him credit for admitting it. He also said he would probably always have these anxieties so he shouldn't let it interfere. I'm sure DH will come around for you. [​IMG]

  13. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Why I know how you feel with hubby, I feel your frustrations hunny. When we were first referred for IVF I felt like BF was going off the idea. It angered me so much as it was him that wanted kids way before I did. I honestly think that men don't "get it" they don't seem to understand the real need we feel for a baby and the guilt we feel when we "fail" at it every month. BF talked about postponing the IVF for a while, due to the economy and my unstable work situation and I was so pissed. I explained to him that everything is fine with him, the fertility problems are mine and this could be my only chance at having a baby and I wanted to do it while age was still on my side (turning 30 in a couple of months is freaking me out!) I also have to bear in mind that I have endo and although it was removed back in February, it WILL return, there is no cure. It took time but I do feel like we are both on the same page now. Not that he has much choice in the matter now that I have started the meds! lol! When talking to other people he still makes out that he is doing this for me, which gets to me a little but I think this is just his way. He talks to me about his future child all the time and that tells me that he wants this just as mush as I do [​IMG]

    Got my Crosshairs today so it definately looks like I did O, however I have no idea how much of an effect the meds are having on my temp. Now I just have to wait for a "period" which should start sometime during the next week or so. Back at the hospital on 30th November for a scan to make sure I have down regulated and if I have then I can start the stimulating meds, the injections!!!! YIKES! If I don't have a period then they have told me not to go for the scan and continue with the meds untill I do bleed, then call them for another scan date, so fingers crossed my body will respond like it is supposed to! So far I am not havin any side effects from the meds but I guess it's still early days!

  14. Love0322

    Love0322 New Member

    Wooooow! You ladies were busy today.

    Well let's see.

    BG- I love that you are writing to santa! Its a great idea!

    Why it was good to hear from you. I have to agree with Courtney, it will probably be much easier on you to have dh on board. I have to tell you after my ep my husband did not want children. We fought ALL the time. I couldn't stand to look at him. We did go to councelling. And that helped me. But, he left for about a week and stayed with his mom. She was the one that actually changed his mind about kids. He came home and was willing to try again. Since then things have been good. Although after my mc last month I was afraid he would get weirded out again. He didn't thankfully!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Court! When are you testing??

    Mel yeah for O'ing! Looking forward to hearing about your doctors appt Nov. 30.

    Beth how are you today?

    AFM- Af still has not shown. Dont think i'm late but not sure because this is the first cycle since mc. Just waiting! I thought I had some spotting today but it was so faint and not on TP at all. We'll see about tomorrow.

  15. Love0322

    Love0322 New Member

    Where is everyone? No posts today?

  16. BethG

    BethG New Member

    I'm just being lazy and not posting.....stuck in annovulatory hell (again, still) and trying to keep my mind on other things.

    Why, I like the sounds of your IVF plans. $10,000 sounds like a bargain really! Can they do the proceedure where they insert the sperm into the egg? Candy had that done, I believe, and look where she is! But you gotta have hubby on board. I think guys just have a hard time understanding it all.

    I would have a very hard time dealing with your one particular patient. I try not the be judgemental, but geez, WTF was she thinking getting pregnant? Oh yeah, she wasn't thinking, I'm guessing. Doesn't seem fair. I saw on tv yesterday that the world's smallest woman is pregnant. She's like 2ft tall or something. Now how in the hell is that fair to the rest of us? Her doctors are telling her she could literally burst! Oh geez, this is turning into a rant....

    BunnyGirl, I like the letter to Santa! I put in a prayer request to a website once....

    Court, how many days was IUI now? I can hardly wait until we start celebrating!! Oh, and happy (belated) birthday!

    mel, FF took your crosshairs away? I bet it's the meds. Don't worry.

    Love, I hope AF shows up for you soon, but give your body time.

    Michelle, so did AF show up yet for you? Looking forward to your monitored Clomid cycle.

    *waving to Jen!*

  17. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Oh no Beth, I don;t understand why the Femara isn't working, you can O without it so it's odd [​IMG] I understand you wanting to keep your mind on other things but we miss you when you don't post!

    And yeah, I think my lower temps are because the meds are doing their stuff, I hope so anyway! The purpose of them is to shut down my reproductive system so I reckon thats what is making my temps go back down. I have noticed a side effect though, my skin is terrible! I normally get a skin break out leading up to AF but I have it already!

  18. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Beth, is it the little woman, as in the one that is on TLC?? I don't watch the show, but was watching TLC the other day and saw a commercial for the show and she was going to a doctor to see if it would be safe for her to get pregnant, because of her size. I understand the unfairness. Like how about that Duggar woman who just keeps popping them out? Is she ever going to call it quits?? Based on her religious beliefs, I believe the answer is no.......

  19. BethG

    BethG New Member

    nessa, this is a different woman! This one already has 2 kids (I think -- just saw the commercial again). That one on TLC was kinda whiney, right? And her baby is a dwarf too? Yeah, this one is different. Oh, I think it was a Inside Edition commercial she's on.

    Michelle Duggar stole my eggs, I'm convinced of it. Really a slap in the face is that we're the same age and she's pregnant....again.

  20. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    OMG, the one on TLC already has a baby? I think there are a couple of shows based on little couples. Maybe Im getting them confused. The one on TLC I believe are newlyweds, and are now looking into starting a family.

    Yeah, I kinda want to barf everytime I see the commercials for the 18 kids and counting. It makes me think of myself and everyone else I know who has trouble conceiving. My religion also believes that conception should not be prevented, and it should be up to God how many children you have. But I think in her case, since shes so darn fertile, she should back off a little. Seriously where do the two of them find time to have sex with all those children?? I know Im not going to wind up with 18 kids even though Im going to "just let things happen".

    Sorry if I piss anyone off with my comments [​IMG]


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