Keeping the Faith: TTC 12+mo. **Part 2**

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  1. court

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    super funny beth! I can just imagine. you figuring it out but then saying....who cares. what the hell!
    good for you!

    hee hee love it.

  2. BunnyGirl19

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    That's hilarious! In years past I used to have underwear with little buckles (kind of like what you find on swimwear) on each side in the front/side area. If you had some of those you could have just unclipped each side and flipped them around without taking everything off. I wonder if they even still make panties like that? LOL

  3. JoanieD

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  4. Confused-Hasya

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    Haha, Bethie! There isn't any way I wouldn't have figured such a thing out as soon as I wear it. I have too big a butt to fit the front of my panties.

  5. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Love, dearest, I completely agree with BG. Your reaction is completely normal and sane. There is nothing whatsoever that is wrong with you.
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  6. *mel*

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    Well my first day of taking the meds is complete! I have to use the nasal spray 3 times a day and it isn't pleasent. I wish I had opted for the injections now but at the time I figured the spray would be easier. They told me that if I get a bitter taste in the back of my throat it means it is working. I started to panic this morning because I didn't tase anything, but then 5 mins later it started and got worse and worse untill I started heaving. The same happened at lunch time. This evening wasn't as bad so maybe I am getting used to it! lol! I am wondering what effect the meds will have on my temps, will be interesting to see because yes, I still can't stop temping! lol!

  7. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yay for the nasty taste! LOL. As long as it's a good sign anyway. [​IMG]

  8. BJ99

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    Ugh...I'm having another anovulatory cycle. So tired of it!

  9. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member

    Oh...any one up for a 'Part 3' or shall we wait till it's closer to the testing date for Court so she can start us off in style?

  10. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Gawd, we need some good news for a new thread and I sure hope Court and BunnyGirl have it for us!

    So I went to acu last night and I think acu dr. was a bit perplexed by my chart and that big drop yesterday, although she never says so. She told me that since we were past my usual a-bit-too-early ovulation date that she was not going to concentrate on the acu points for the uterus but was going to hit ALL the points for the ovaries. I think the supplements have been making some sort of difference. She's been commenting that she is not hitting "resistance" with the needles or if she does, it dissipates in an instant. I could even feel how easily the abdomen needles were going in. I felt cramping during and afterwards and still today. I was laying in bed this morning afraid to get up and take my temp because I didn't want to see another low one. I was actually thinking "hot" thoughts! Well, temp was up slightly but at only .23 degrees rise it's not enough to consider an ovulation rise. Hubby and I did BD AGAIN last night, and oh geez, he is so tired of it.

  11. Jodi528

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    BJ - I hear ya on the annovulatory cycle! It looks like I am having one as well....I am on day 40 or somewhere close to there and nothing yet. You at least have the meds to jump start a new cycle, don't you?

    Beth - Let's hope that tomorrow's temp will be an even bigger increase. It is positive that the accu doctor is noticing some changes. Maybe you just have to do an entire month of the supplements to get your body to work properly. Don't they normally recommend a 3 month supply to give your body time to respond?

    In news for me, I will be seeing a new doctor on the 23rd. It was time for my annual exam and prescription refill for Metformin so I figured it was a good time to try a different doctor that may be able to help me more with infertility issues.
    I was also reading how everyone else gets frustrated/angry about other pregnancies. I feel so much better knowing that I am not alone. I have two people in my family that are expecting. One is my nephew who had a baby last year with his girlfriend, they split up in March and he started seeing someone else that same month. She got pregnant in June! He doesn't work and she quit her job. The other one is a cousin who is 18 or 19 and still in high school. His girlfriend is 15 and she just found out she is pregnant. Her parents wanted her to have an abortion but my cousin said it was his baby too. But he has been telling other family members that he doesn't plan to stay with her. It is just so frustrating becuase I feel I could provide a good home for a child and yet I am having such a hard time getting pregnant!
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  12. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Jodi, yes you're right. 3-months on the supplements is recommended, but I only ordered a 60-day supply because it was damn pricey.

    Yay for new doctors though!

    My youngest cousin and his girlfriend are expecting as well. I was kinda upset when I heard about it. He's 17 years younger than me and I remember holding him as a newborn, and now he's going to be a daddy. Bleh.

  13. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think a new thread is just what we need around here....

    Good luck with your appointment Jodi [​IMG]

    Beth I think it could be the supplements making your cycle go a little haywire. I agree that todays temp doesn't really look like O but it sounds positive what your acu doctor said / did. I *really* hope it happens in the next few days, for poor MrG's sake too!

    BJ sorry to hear your cycle is messing you around again but it's worth bearing in mind that you have been under alot of stress lately. Stress seems to have a big effect on my cycle and maybe thats what is causing the problems with you too.

    AFM, day 2 of meds complete! It's funny, I read about all the side effects and was so worried about taking these meds, like I expected to start feeling them right away! lol! I still feel normal though and have become less worried about the side effects now, might feel different by the end of the week though! lol! Still tastes nasty though, if I ever do this again I will be opting for the injections without a doubt!

  14. BethG

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    Jodi, I missed part of your post. Taking progesterone (Provera) will end a never-ending cycle. But your body may end it naturally. Just because your hormones are out-of-whack doesn't mean they've shut down completely. So AF arriving natually is possible. My acu dr. has also helped bring on AF. So, three methods and I've done/used all three.


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