Keeping the Faith: TTC 12+mo. **Part 1**

Discussion in 'Archived Discussions' started by leeaman7777, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. leeaman7777

    leeaman7777 Active Member

    Ok ladies here we go, a brand new start with a brand new name. We have our very own BethG to thank for coming up with the new name.. I am praying for nothing but BFP's for all of us from this point onwards.....

  2. leeaman7777

    leeaman7777 Active Member

    Opps Candy we crossed posts in the old thread, so I am going to quote here what you said so it is easier for people to reply... If you want to copy and paste it into here on your own just go ahead and I will delete my quote....

  3. candywannababy

    candywannababy New Member

    Yay me!! I'm the second to post!!

    Well I just wanted to copy and post my last post from the old thread

    Hey my lovelies. Bedrest is over. Obsessing has commenced......
    How is everyone doing? Thank you girls so much for all the well wishes. I have been reading up on all the messages you guys have left over the past 3 days and i am so touched. Well I went to the store today to get some pregnancy tests but I ended up not getting any. The pharmacy I go to has the tests in a cabinet that is locked and you have to get a clerk to open it for you Wel the clerk that was available was the same woman who has opened up that cabinet for me time and time and time again. I felt so ashamed that I didnt even ask her. I just turned around and left. That made me so sad.

    bj- 12 dpo today? any sign of af? I really really hope not honey. and I hope t hose house people get their act together too

    Melly mel- I am sorry af found you. ((Mel)) How are you doing otherwise? Getting ready for vacay? I know its in August but I sure as heck cant wait till mine! lol

    Bethie- hoping for y ou this cycle honey!! Looked at your chart and whichever date you o'ed there is still a very good chance

    Why- did you figure what what you will do abot the prog. yet? When I wanted to bd (the sunday before transfer) I just made sure I had not put in my night dose yet and then afterwards , a few hours later, I put them in. They are'nt too too bad just like chalky/creamy cm x's 100. I have figured that if you place them far up enough (i know yall are loving me for the visual right now)it really doesnt leak that much at all.
    Thanks for staying away!!!! lol. So THATS why I had such GREAT embies

    well ladies, I'm here. nothing more to do now than wait.....

  4. candywannababy

    candywannababy New Member

    hey leeman! Great minds think alike!! lol

  5. leeaman7777

    leeaman7777 Active Member

    Hey Candygirl,

    Oh geeze.. Great minds do think I just deleted the quote babes... lol Gonna read your post completely now..

  6. BethG

    BethG New Member

    heehee! I was thinking about re-posting candy's post too! Too funny.

    Anyway, candy, I HATE when stores have HPTs and contraception stuff behind a locked cabinet. I refuse to buy stuff then too. Luckily my usual big supermarket isn't like that.

    So you're looking for a BFN to see if the trigger is out of your system? Then how soon can we expect the real deal?

  7. leeaman7777

    leeaman7777 Active Member

    Candy I am glad to hear things went well for you and seem to be still..
    Maybe the thing with going for a test today is a sign to hold out a few more days to make sure that BFP is really dark for you babes, so there will be no second guessing when you see those 2 lines..

    Oh I am so over the moon happy for you hun, you are so strong and I am so very proud of you.... Keep you head up high babes, we are all here to obsess with you...

  8. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Candy I'm wishing nothing but the best for you!!! Looking forward to keeping up with your journey xx

  9. candywannababy

    candywannababy New Member

    Bethie- Officially trigger should be out of my system by today. People have reported bfp's as early as 4 to 5 days past transfer on a five day blast transfer. Sooooooo the crazy Candy wants to test tomorow or Friday.........

    Aw thanks so much Leeaman. I need you to continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers cause no mater how optimistic I try to be, the demon called doubt is really getting to me (Dolly this is your que now to come and slap me around a bit)

    Gutter!!! Thanks for stopping by so much to check on me babe. I appreciate all of you who have had successes and still come b ack to give us support.

  10. BJ99

    BJ99 New Member

    Hi Candy thanks for thinking about me. You should be warming up that oven for the next 9 months!

    But although I don't feel like AF is coming, that is not out of the norm for me. I usually don't have leg cramps or anything till it actually shows.

    As for any symptoms I did have, they are long gone with the exception of sore breasts but they aren't as bad as they were. I didn't even bother to temp today...

    I have a plan to drink my disappointmnt away this weekend for my bday. By that time my bday present (AF) will be here.

    The house crap is pissing me off. Closing didn't happen on Monday as the loan was still in underwriting after it came back last week with us having to prove a couple more things. So the realtor yesterday says that the loan approval is due back any time but with a couple of 'conditions'. WTF!?!?!??!? I mean it already came back with conditions last week...anyway...I'm a bit irritated and stressed at the moment.

    For everyone else...I wish you the best! Good Luck!

  11. BethG

    BethG New Member

    But I see yours was a 6-day and Thursday will only be 3 days or Friday 4 days. I think you need to wait until at least Sunday. I don't want to see you disappointed when it's too early. Sunday is Father's Day......
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  12. 76er

    76er New Member

    So this is the new place huh? Hey ladies!
    I was wondering what was up with Candy(and the rest of u all too [​IMG] )
    I think that would be beautiful 2 have a bfp on father's day. I wanted to mail my hubby a father's day card, guess there is always next year

  13. candywannababy

    candywannababy New Member

    No Bethie the way you would count it is today instead of it being 2 days its 3 days. YOu base it on a 5 day transfer because the embryo is that much more developed. You understand what Im saying?

    Hey 76er!!!!!

  14. BethG

    BethG New Member

    ummm, no I'm a bit lost, lol! But whatever, I just don't want you disappointed if you test too early, ok?

    hi 76er!

  15. mw7244

    mw7244 New Member

    I will be thinking of you and praying for you Candy. Good luck. I check in every now and then because I wish the best for all of you.

  16. JoanieD

    JoanieD New Member

    All of you lovely ladies are in my prayers. You will all make wonderful Mommies! I just wanted to mention this because I think of you often!

  17. Alluring-Ash

    Alluring-Ash Super Moderator Staff Member

    Candy- I am still stalking you [​IMG] hoping for nothing but the best..... I am so excited for this week to pass! xoxox

    beth how is your cycle... I will go look for your chart.

    HI Jen,Mel, Why and everyone else hope thats a " choo - choo " train I hear comming [​IMG]

    All my love xoxox


  18. why

    why New Member

    /peeping in/
    I am hoping everyone is is quite here....candy? are you OK hun???

  19. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Yep, quiet in here....let's have some updates and news!

    Why, what's up with you?
    Courtney, haven't heard from you in a while.
    Mel??? Come out of "hiding" please! Hope nothing is wrong. Been thinking of you.
    76er, do you have a new plan of action or anything going on?
    JEN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (yes, I know you're probably hating me right now! lol!)

    CANDY!!! So what's going on?? WE need to know!

    So do you all think Sunday is still a good testing day for me? Here is my chart. I still think I'm at least a day past what the chart says but decided not to override it. I was hoping that little dip on 8DPO could have been an implantation dip, but it isn't large enough. Some symptoms like sore nipples and some fatigue but I remember feeling some of that when I was on Clomid before too.

  20. candywannababy

    candywannababy New Member

    Hi guys. I'm here. Just dont wanna bring you all down. Not feeling positive at all these days


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