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Discussion in 'IUDs' started by pauli, May 14, 2006.

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!


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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    Has anyone with the M.IUD have problems with mood swings?

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    Hi everyone, I had the Nova T inserted on Monday on it wasn't as bad as an experience as I thought it would be. I've had some spotting but not much. The worst thing is that I really get a sense of it being there. My uterus feels almost swollen and I have a bloated feeling. And lets not mention the painful gas!! I've also been dieting an exercising for a fews months now and steadily loosing weight. I've done nothing different this week but have managed to put on 3lbs since Monday! I'm wondering if it's the bloated/swollen sensation causing it similar to just before a period I guess. I guess I'm going to give it until my next period to decide whether to keep it in or not. If I don't then hubby is off for the snip or it's no more play time.

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    By the way - my doctor told me that you really don't have to worry about checking for the strings because if it was to expel you would know about it. Don't know if this is right but it sounds good to me. Still haven't had the nerve to test out things with the husband - much to his sorrow!

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    Jazzy - it took a while for my IUD to setting in (I think it took a few months to fully settle in.. though some of that was just 'this time of the month things are tender' .. not an all the time thing). Some bloating isn't unexpected, I would think. I can't remember if I bloated with mine, but things were kinda tender in that region for a while.

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    I'm new to this, but it looks extremely helpful! I just got my copper IUD (Paragard) put in a few days ago, and so far I am very thrilled with it! I am only 19, and have never had children, so I was pretty nervous about how my body would react to getting it put in. However, I am in a long-term monogamous relationship, and neither have us have been sexually active with anyone in the past except for each other.
    The actual procedure was a lot worse than I was expecting; a lot of pain and a lot of crying and shaking. However, afterwards, I was feeling much better than I expected I would! They had me lay down for about 15 minutes and told me to not get up for any reason (so I would not faint), and by the time they came back in to check on me, I was calmed down and in fact I was able to walk the 4 or 5 blocks back to my dorm with no problem at all! I was just finishing up my period, so I bled/spotted a little bit for the next 2 days, but after that it stopped. I had cramps a few times, but nothing worse than average period cramps, which was a relief! The only thing is that now I am getting more discharge than usual...and it's very wet. I called the nurse line and they said that unless it is a weird color, smells fishy, or is irritating me then it probably isn't an infection. I am scared though that it is, mostly because I feel like it does have a little different smell to it than I do normally, but it doesn't seem to be very fishy or very strong. A lot of people on here have said though that it is normal to get excess discharge, which makes me feel better. I just hope that my IUD continues to work out well for me! I have been off birth control pills for a week and a half now, and I am waiting for my body to get back to normal [​IMG] I was very emotional and actually developed depression when I was on the pill, and I really believe that it caused it. I've only been on birth control for a little over a year, and I've been having sex for a little less than that.
    I'm just hoping that everything works out!

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    I was reading around on here for awhile prior to getting my Mirena IUD a few months ago. I had tried two other times after my first daughter (but quite a few years after), but the pain was unbearable. Just like you said, Marie, crying and shaking. The second time (just a little over a month later), it was the same amount of pain. I just decided not to do it again.

    Well, I had another baby, and have no intentions of having another one any time soon. Mirena again sounded like a dream come true. I got myself all ready by taking a Xanax to relax my body and mind, then took 4 Motrin like they told me too. This was about 2 months after my 2nd baby. It hurt LESS than a pap smear!! I really couldn't believe she had done it; after experiencing so much pain before.

    I didn't cramp at all afterwards, but I did spot a lot. Just kinda kept coming for days and days. I have been pretty regular for the most part since I got it inserted, but I cramp every once in awhile.

    My period has been extremely light, I only use the lightest tampons for about 4-5 days.

    So far, I'm EXTREMELY pleased with the IUD. I am not sure if I have had mood swings or depression associated with it though. I have been on antidepressants for quite some time now.

    I have noticed an increase with discharge though. I usually wear pantiliners 90% of the time even when I'm not on my period.

  8. CM10

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    I just want to warn everyone that this is going to be a long post, I can feel it!! [​IMG]

    Anyway - today, actually, 3.5 hours ago, I had the Paragard copper IUD put it and I thought I'd share my experience with you. I have been on bc pills for 16 years (I'm 33 - no kids, married 13 years) and developed 4 tumors in my liver due to excess estrogen build up from the bc pills from all of those years - who knew!! I chose Paragard because it has no hormones. All in all, the appointment today took about 15 minutes. First, my doctor explained what she was going to do - inserted a speculum (like your normal yearly exam) then attached a tool onto my cervix so she would be able to move my cervix around. She also told me that at various times, she would ask me to cough really hard so I wouldn't feel the pinch or cramping because apparently when you cough, your body's energy is focused on that and you barely feel the cramp. I can say that is absolutely true! So, when she attached the tool to my cervix, she had me cough twice. I felt a tiny little pinch/cramp and that was it. Then she numbed my cervix and injected medicine which she said would probably give me a cramp as she was doing it on each side. At first, I did have a slight twing, but then all I felt was pressure really - no cramping. She then measured my uterus and I did feel the insertion of the sounding device, which felt like just a really bad menstrual cramp and went away quickly. I really didn't feel anything she did after that. There was another slight cramp when she actually inserted the IUD, and that was it. Quick and pretty darn painless. I did take, per her instructions, a hefty dose of Motrin before the procedure and again just a few minutes ago. I felt really good after. Driving home, I had a few uncomfortable cramps, but didn't feel faint or dizzy or anything other symptoms that so many of you have had the unfortunate experience with. As of now, I feel absolutely normal - no more cramping, just a little "bloated" feeling every once in a while. My doctor said that I might have a little bit of bleeding from the insertion, but I haven't noticed anything yet. She also said that I should use pads rather than tampons until the bleeding stops and to also refrain from sex until the bleeding stops as well. She said this gives your cervix proper time to get back to normal and help make sure that the IUD doesn't come out. As the literature says, she said that I am protected the moment she put it in - which is comforting (and no more pills to remember! YAY!!). She did say that the strings will curl up from normal "use" [​IMG], and that should be nothing to worry about. All in all - I really was worried about nothing. I did ask her what symptoms I should watch for in case I am allergic to the IUD - she said smelly discharge, fever, etc. The usual things we read about. I was really concerned about copper causing hair loss as I read about so much, but she said the amount of copper the IUD releases is such a tiny amount, she said that it is a fraction of what your body produces in a day and any allergic reactions are rare.

    Hope this helps those of you still thinking about the procedure. I'll try to update as time moves along. My doctor said that I can expect heavier periods and cramping, etc., which I am not looking forward to because I have had virtually zero PMS and my periods were only 2.5 days on bc pills...but, we'll see how it goes!

  9. Tarsia

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    I too have the Paraguard.. for a little over two years now (where does the time go!). Anyway, after getting it, it seemed liked I was shedding more hair than usual. Nothing excessive, but enough so I noticed.

    After some reading online I started taking a zinc supplement (like 50mg a day I think) which counters the extra copper in your system. And a b-complex to help my system absorb the zinc. After a few weeks of this, my hairloss went back to what I expect in the mornings. Related? *shrugs*

    I never had PMS. For a few months I'd get ovulation cramping, and maybe a day of mild PMS. About 6 months after that, it's all back to normal pretty much. Seemed to take a while to settle in. Though I will get ovulation pain off and on.. usually for a day at most.

    My periods went from 7 days to 9 (2-3 of those being light spotting). Though recently it seems to be creeping back down to 7. Woot!
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  10. CM10

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    Thanks for the reminder about the zinc - I had read about that and had forgotten about it. I think it is a good precautionary measure, just in case. [​IMG]

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    I had the paragard (copper-T) put in a little over a year ago. It wasn't too painful when I got it put in b/c my gyno numbed my cervix first. My experience w/ has been bad and good. It's good b/c I don't have two thoughts about falling pregnant or remembering to take a pill (or the hormones associated w/ it). I can feel my strings during my period no problem. No hair loss or allergies to copper. I have no pain during sex as some women have experienced. HOWEVER, my periods are VERY heavy..I went from a period of 4 days or so to over 8 days! And the cramping is sometimes CRIPPLING. I find myself taking 4-6 advils every day during my period and even sometimes sporadically during the month when my uterus realizes it has a foreign object in there and wants to "kick" it out.

    I went to my gyno today and she tells me I'm a rare case b/c my body must be very sensitive w/ getting used to the IUD. I've "tuffed" it out for over a year, but now I'm considering having it removed for the Mirena or maybe go "natural" for a while.

    Are there any of you gals out there who had the Paragard and switched to the Mirena? I would like to know any thoughts that you have on this b/c I don't want to regret having removed my paragard for something not much better (I heard there's weight gain w/ Mirena?)


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    I tried getting the copper IUD in this morning ]: They told me to take a pill over night to soften my cervix and come back in a few weeks. That clamp hurt! I'm stil bleeding a little, but hopefully that pill will make things much easier! I was really wanting to get that IUD today though cause today was my only free day for awhile. Now I have to wait. ):

  13. Marie

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    Well it's been almost 4 weeks since I had my IUD put in, and I had it put in at the very end of my period. I just started getting my first period with it 2 days ago, and I've discovered that it really is a LOT heavier than it ever has been before! I am hoping that it doesn't last too much longer, because it is just a pain in the butt. For the last day I have been using a super tampon and a panty liner, and within about an hour, maybe an hour and a half I am needing to change it. The cramping is not bad at all, some occasional cramps, a little more than I had without it but not unbearable.

  14. fate1499

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    I haven't had a heavy period since I got the Mirena put in back in November. I've only had to use the regular tampons for like a day and I use lights for the rest of the week then taper off with pantiliners.

  15. Marie

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    I didn't get the Mirena though, I got Paragard. I only chose an IUD because I wanted something that was non-hormonal so it really didn't make sense for me to choose Mirena, it would have been easier for me to stay on the pill (which I hated, haha)

  16. Marie

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    AH! I went to check my strings today and I can feel most, if not ALL, of my IUD! That sucker pushed it's way out and it didn't even hurt! Now I've got to go in in a little bit to make sure it's not like puncturing anything I guess, cause they said it is urgent, but I hope they put it back in!

  17. fate1499

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    Oh that's so weird that you didn't feel it. I thought Paraguard had hormones in it too?? Or is there something about the copper that prevents you from getting pregnant?

  18. CM10

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    Paragard does not have any hormones in it. They are not sure how it works, but apparently the copper kills sperm and it also thins out the lining of your uterus so that if an egg and sperm were to meet, the egg couldn't latch on to the uterus and develop. Controversial to some - but for me, it was the only way to go because of the hormone-free aspect.
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  19. Tarsia

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    Yeah.. Paraguard has no horomones. But something about the copper being there keeps us from getting preggers.

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    I just got Mirena 6 days ago. So far, no adverse reactions or side affects, just some bad cramping the first day. There has been one unexpected result however...my partner will not have sex with me, as he is too "freaked out" by the "foreign object inside of me!
    We have talked about it ad nauseum. I'm not really interested in another method at the moment. I feel like if I can just hold out long enough, he will get desperate and forget about the thing, but I would rather not have to.
    Has anyone else had this problem? What am I going to do????


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