IUD Q&A continues!

Discussion in 'IUDs' started by pauli, May 14, 2006.

  1. sable2

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    Hi ladies. I had my paraquard put mid. Nov. o6. The first month was terrible anything would set off major cramps or stabing pain on the right side of my abdoman. I had the didcarge to pretty much constantly, that is starting to settle down some finaly now as well as my periods. which where alot heavier than normal. I still have that stabbing pain every now and then anyone else have that. And i cramp bad before period but i guess that is normal. I am just alittle conserned now because I have been right on time with my periods to the day, now I am 4 days late anybody have delayed periods with a copper iud. Like I said I have not been late with it. And ladies what you have if completely normal it takes several months for your body to adjust to have something foreign in it, all the extra discharge is tring to coat the iud as a way of your body tring to fight the object, but it gets better.

  2. desertgirl

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    I'm getting a Paraguard IUD inserted today. The horror stories about insertion have made me nervous..not to mention, I googled IUD and pregnancy, and came across a site where a bunch of women have gotten pregnant with both the Mirena and Paraguard IUDs. I have a ton of questions for my doctors, but since every doctor I've had has blown off my questions and concerns regarding bcps, I'm not sure how many honest answers I'll get. I had to search high and low just to find someone who would insert it since I've had no children.

    Well. I'll be back with an update.

  3. desertgirl

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    Okay, I just got back from the getting the IUD in. Well, after reading all the horror stories and even after how much the midwife said it would hurt, I was sweating bullets and so nervous my legs were shaking.

    She (the midwife) used Lidocaine applied on a big Q-tip to numb my cervix, pinched my cervix with this very evil looking torture device type tool, and asked if it hurt. I barely felt it, and the pinching caused a bit of uncomfortable cramps. She made sure my uterus was big enough with a sound, another long probe thing. Then she inserted the Paraguard and it was all over. It barely hurt, I have hardly any cramps right now.

    So, it was a breeze. I'm practically floating with relief because I expected so much pain. Man, I can't believe how easy it was!!!

    Oh, I forgot to mention--I have NOT had children, and it still didn't hurt. I was NOT on my period either when it was inserted. My insurance, surprisingly, covered the IUD as well. Am I lucky or what?? I'm even going out to happy hour in a bit to celebrate! Happy Friday!!

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    Hey ladies, don't know if this is the right place to post or not, but I have a question about IUD. I have had one now for about a year and a half, got it in last nov. I had ok periods, much heavier than my norm but about 2 months ago I started getting insanely heavy periods where I was soaking like 7 overnight pads in one day. I soaked one heavy pad in an hour.. if anyone knows is this cause to be alarmed? I know I should go see my doctor but I was wondering if anyone else out there had this experience and if it would just go away. Thanx

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    I don't have a question, just a comment. I've had a Paragard for about 5 weeks now and neither myself nor my husband trust it. My mood has greatly improved since stopping the pill but sex just hasn't been fun because we are still using condoms. I'm wondering if I should have just tried a different pill (was using Tri Levlen for 5 1/2 years). I go next week for my follow-up and I feel like an idiot telling my doctor how I feel. I think I want it taken out. Coming off the pill is making my cycle screwy (on day 38 of my cycle and no sign of a period!) and this is not helping matters.

  6. mandylou

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    just as i was "getting used" to this copper IUD (inserted Jan 07), yesterday i started with some brown/old bleeding/spotting. Today it became more fresh, but not heavy. It is day 17/18 of my cycle. Not had this before mid month since insertion. Is this normal? I'm panicking!

  7. Trillian

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    First period post IUD started last night. Ohmigod the cramps are bad and I'm bleeding tons....I'd been on BCP so long that I'm not used to this. It's still better than the migraines I got on the pill - but I hope that after a few months things will normalize.

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    Hi Mandylou,

    Just to let you know that I also had some Breakthrough Bleeding that was fairly light on my last cycle. I have had my copper IUD since October. Out of paranoia I went to the doctors and they ran some tests to make sure it wasn't an infection. If you are worried i would go to your doctors and have them run tests to ensure you havent got an infection.

    I had it a wee bit again this month but only for a day.

    It will settle down i'm sure.

  9. mandylou

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    I rote the other day saying i was having what i thought was a breakthrough bleed (i have copper iud in place since January 07). It now seems to have become a full blown period!. All started 17 days after start of last period, which came bang on time, 28 days. Been bleeding since Manday graduaslly getting heavier and heavier. Its now Friday. Is this normal? Dont like this "un-predictableness". Help!

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    Hey everyone, I was just thinking again about the type of bc I want to get on after the baby. I tried, about two years ago, to get Mirena but apparently I have a sharp curve in my cervix that makes it hard to insert. I went in two different times to get it in and no luck. It was entirely too painful for me to deal with. So, I was wondering what other alternatives I have. For the five years between my first child and this pregnancy, I was on the NuvaRing. I loved how easy it was, but it is definitely expensive (almost $50/mo bc there is no generic). I don't think I'm ready to make the decision to tie my tubes yet. So I want longterm and inexpensive! Any suggestions? Or maybe one of you has a curved cervix like me and maybe has a tip for insertion? I still have about 3 months, plus another 6 weeks before this is an issue...

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    Hi all! I am very glad I found this site. I have read a lot, but I have a few questions.

    I am a 21 year old who has never had children and I had the copper iud inserted on Thursday afternoon.

    I am extremely worried about getting pid although I am married, monogamous, and have never had infections before.

    The insertion was painful (made me cry out) and I have never done that before. Then I had severe cramping for the rest of the day. My doctor said it was pretty much a perfect insertion though.

    The next day the cramping went down, and has pretty much everyday since, but today it is bothering me more than yesterday. I have just been taking advil. I have had discharge (kind of brownish and blood tinged), but it is also the end of my period.

    Anyway, I am prone to getting bladder infections after my period (maybe due to being on the pill), and yesterday I knew I had one, so I am started on my standard antibiotics. I am wondering if this is a complication? Could it lead to pid? Has anyone on here had pid?

    I am also concerned about expulsion and have tried to check the strings, but can't feel them. I know it's still there as I have been very obsessed with checking the toilet after I use the bathroom. I know they can be difficult to find, so I am not overly worried but may go back to my doc this week so she can check.

    I guess I just really want some reassurance that pid is pretty rare...right?

    I am also worried about sex the first time. It's like everything I used to do scares me now because I have this thing inside of me. Is it different the first time?

  12. demon-dolly

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    First off, love your name!

    OK, I had cramping for at least a week after my IUD. I have not had a PID from it, and have not had expulsion. I did bleed for about a week after it was inserted also.

    I have had my IUD for a year and a half. I can't remember the last time I checked the strings (bad bad bad, I know!).

    I don't know if any of this helps you or not, but I hope it does. Feel free to ask more questions!

  13. desertgirl

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    I just had my copper iud inserted a little more than a month ago. I too had a bit of cramping for about a week, on and off, especially after exercising. I had the brownish, mucusy discharge--and I was not on my period at the time of insertion, so it was just irritation caused by the iud. That too only lasted about a week.

    As for sex, you should be fine--try not to worry! I had sex the first night I had my iud, and my boyfriend couldn't feel the strings. I had slight cramping afterwards, something about the bloodflow or muscles activated by exercise or exercise-type activity caused that cramping for about 2 or 3 weeks. I don't have that anymore.

    And my strings--a couple of times I couldn't find them when I checked, but when I check later, there they are!! I guess they must really curl up at times.

    Yeah, I do think pid is pretty rare if you're in a monogamous relationship. But if you continue to feel worse, fever, etc., definitely see your doctor asap.

  14. desertgirl

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    hi fate--I was told I had a 'tilted' uterus, but it must have been tilted in the right direction because my iud insertion was a breeze.

    You were brave to try to have an iud inserted twice, unsuccessfully! I don't think I could have gone through it! Maybe, after the birth of your child, your uterus will be less curved--at least, insertion is supposed to be easier after you've had a baby? I don't really know much after these kinds of things. If you do go for the iud attempt again, try using the breathing exercises that I'm sure you'll be learning for childbirth. Deep breathing seemed to help me alot.

    There's always Centchroman too. Pretty cheap. If you're interested, there's a whole forum here dedicated to talking about it.

  15. fate1499

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    I was brave enough to chicken out after the nurse told me she was having a hard time (5 tries later). She was like, let me see if the doctor can get it in. In the end, I said forget it. They even wanted to charge me for it because they couldn't use it again. I was like um, not a chance! Anyway, no breathing exercises... haven't tried nor learned any. I'm hoping that 6 weeks postpartum should mean that I will think it's a breeze compared to labor! That's what I'm banking on.

    I'll have to read about Centchroman. I've never heard of it in my life. I'll do a search so you don't have to be redundant.

  16. mckinney

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    I'm getting the merina put in tommarrow. I told my doc I was a little nervous about it because I had read it could be painful. She said "trust me after your c-section this will be like nothing". I'm hopeing for a good experience because if I dont have any problems I intend on this being my permenant form of birth control. I know they have to be replaced every 5 yrs, but I'm almost 30 so I figure I will continue to do it untill I go through my "change".

  17. fate1499

    fate1499 New Member

    I want this to be my birth control until I'm 30. If I decide to have another kid, it'll happen before then because I don't plan on having anymore after I turn 30. Then I'll get my tubes tied... So I'm really hoping this time it works. Plus maybe my cervix will still be soft or open or something and it'll be easier to put in this time.

    Ok, just read what I could find about Centrochman. I've never been good about oral contraceptives. I can never remember to take them at the same time every day. I also don't like knowing that if you miss a day or take it late, you can get pregnant. That's why I loved the NuvaRing. It was once a month and it was impossible to forget. Just so expensive. And I know that I don't want another kid so soon.

  18. mckinney

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    Well I had my Merina inserted yesterday and IMO the only part that hurt was having my cervix clamped. It wasent so bad I couldnt handle it though. I spoted yesterday and today I've stopped. I was nervous because my doc told me to check the strings once a week and to come back in a month so she could check it then I only had to check it once a month. Well, I couldnt find the strings but thanks to looking back in this thread I found instructions on how to check and I found my strings. I've felt fine today, and am looking forward to 5 yrs of worry free birth control.

  19. desertgirl

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    Yeah, that cervix grab was pinchy for sure--did you see that torture device they use to do that? Seriously, the tools they use for IUD insertion, lined up on the tray, look like torture devices from the movies. "Now tell me, what is your REAL name and who do you work for!!"

    I have the copper, and I love it. Two periods so far with it--still only 2.5 days. I do have more bleeding-on day two I go through about 4 slim tampons instead of my one pre iud-and I do have a bit more cramping associated with my period. The cramping gets worse with exercise, which is strange since pre-IUD it would get better with exercise.

  20. mckinney

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    Re: IUD Q&A continues!

    I saw the scissors and refused to look at anymore lol. My doctor told me what she was doing the whole time. I just laid there and breathed slowly. When she said "ok now I'm going to clamp open your cervix" I was thinking "that really sounds painful" afterwards I was sitting there thinking "my cervix is clamped...there is a clamp in my vagina". Everything went smoothly and quickly though and so far so good!!


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