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Discussion in 'IUDs' started by pauli, May 14, 2006.

  1. pauli

    pauli New Member

    okay, another question to get this topic one started:

    i had my iud put in 12 days ago and got kind of crampy today after about 2 days of very little spotting. i have this very very light cream brown (almost yellowish) discharge, which is very slippery, but does not smell. any idea what this could be? should i just wait and see? could this be a sign of pid or is it just accumulated mucus?

    please let me know if any of you have had this or know.

  2. pauli

    pauli New Member

    green tea, thank you for putting the other thread up with the top ones. however, i didn't exactly realize that that meant it would have to be closed. i was desperately looking for a message box, but nothing could be found! can we not have it up there and still be able to post?

  3. flower fairy

    flower fairy New Member

    Hi Pauli,
    I've had an increase of discharge in various coulours since I had my IUD inserted a couple of months ago. I've checked with a doctor and she said that as long as it's not accompanied by other symptoms (fever, very bad pains) then it's nothing to worry about. Also the nurse at family planning said you'd know about it if you had PID (the way she said it, which I can't convey in text, implied that it's painful so you wouldn't be uncertain) so it sounds ot me like it's just your body getting used to the IUD. As long as there's no chance of you having an STD, and as the discharge doesn't smell, you should be fine! xx

  4. pauli

    pauli New Member

    well, i really can't have an std (i got checked and am in a monogamous relationship), but what i read on one website is that pid can go unnoticed very easily and is not detected in 2/3 of the cases before it turns bad! i'm still probably going to go to the clinic tomorrow or tuesday anyway just to get everything checked out, since i'm going to be away for a week and want to be sure about things before i leave...

    on the other hand, i read a clinical survey of nova-t, which is what i have and out of 400 women included in the study none had pid, which makes me think that i'm probably a bit paranoid about these things...

    what kind of an iud do you have? (sorry if you've mentioned this before!)

  5. msa

    msa New Member

    Hi - I had a paragard put in 6 weeks ago and just finised my first real period (it was put in during a period, I don't count that one) My midwife put it in & it wasn't a big deal at all. But - here is my question - After this period, I can suddenly "feel" the strings & they seem lower in my vagina. I am worried that I am expelling it. Does anyone know what happens when you expel it? Can it just be that the strings are lower so it is sitting lower in your uterus and doesn't work anymore? Or, if you are expelling it, does it actually come out & you know for sure that something has changed? I felt inside (sorry about being graphic) and couldn't feel the tip coming out of the cervix or anything -- just felt like it did last month. I did use a tampon for this period - could I have pulled it out and not have felt it at the time? Any advice would be greatly apprecatiated!
    Thanks -

  6. penguins

    penguins New Member

    your cervix can be lower or higher depending on the point in your cycle and mine seems longer and closest right after my period so i think its normal.

  7. raykay

    raykay New Member


    I have notived I have more discharge in general with my IUD. Now part of this may be a result of me no longer being on the pill I suppose as well, but there is definitely more. Usually it is clear/white, but there are some occassions where it is slightly tinged with brown (which probably indicates old blood). I am so far linking this possibly to intercourse, as it seems to occur the day or so afterwards but is pretty short term. The intercourse is never painful, but I wonder if it just has the IUD move around a bit and cause it to happen. It is always odourless. I imagine it could also happen if you were still spotting a bit as well.

    If you are concerned about it, I would just mention it to your doctor - are you going in for a follow up or anything?

  8. pauli

    pauli New Member

    i'm going to the clinic tomorrow to have it checked out, as i'm leaving for a week and want to be sure about things while i'm away. i'll have a proper follow-up thing in 2-4 weeks.

    yeah, it's probably nothing to worry about, but i just want to be sure. another kind of strange thing is that i don't really have it thoughout the day. it's been two days now that this has happened (sorry to be graphic), but when i'm on the toilet and tense up then just a bunch of it comes out! it comes out all at once and it's just once a day that this happened. it doesn't smell and is very slippery, so it's probably just accumulated mucus, but i'm going to go for a check-up anyway.

    i guess that the reason it's brownish, like you said raykay, is that i'm just over the spotting and it's probably just old blood that's still getting 'flushed out'.

    thank you so much for your responses. now i'm more relaxed about this thing, but at first i thought that this must be an infection...

  9. pauli

    pauli New Member

    also, raykay, i kind of heard that discharge/bleeding can happen after intercourse, because your uterus contracts and so the iud sheds more discharge, whatever it is...

  10. msa

    msa New Member

    Thanks - You would think that they would tell you this type of stuff (that your cervix moves during your cycle and that the strings can be longer or shorter depending on when it is during the month) I feel like I am checking this thing numerous times during the day - but I guess that fades the longer you have it. As to the person asking about discharge - I have had "various colors of discharge" as well since I had it put it in. I think it is normal.
    Thanks for your help!

  11. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    Topics don't have to be closed to be featured, but they do get closed when they get so long it starts being unmanageable. In my experience, by the time it gets to fifty pages (actually, by the time it gets to thirty pages) people start complaining that they can't get through all the posts. I'd been thinking the IUD Q and A thread was there for some time, but, since I don't follow that thread as closely as some others, I was waiting for a moderator who does to take care of it.

    I'll place a link in the first topic to this one, so people who read it can find the current IUD Q and A thread if it isn't on the first page. Anyone who seriously thinks it ought to be re-opened is welcome to message me. If a significant number of people who follow this thread are in favor, I'd be glad to do it.
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  12. pauli

    pauli New Member

    i agree with what you say, green tea, it was just a surprise not to be able to post in my no 1 thread!

  13. pauli

    pauli New Member

    well, i went to the clinic just now and they took a test, which will show whether or not it's an infection. it'll take them 3 weeks to get the results (it's the nhs, so i can't complain) and they'll send them only if they find something. the doctor said she was almost sure it wasn't one, but she did it just to be sure. she said that usually an infection would be accompanied by fever or the discharge would be smelly and i would have other sympthoms. she said it was pretty normal to have extra discharge when the iud is still settling in, and told me it was going to be okay. so, i'm going off for a week and feel a bit better about it all.

    good luck to everyone here and thank you again for you responses to this question.

  14. youngmommy84

    youngmommy84 New Member


    u will know for sure if u have a pelvic infection. i had the nova-t and got an infection right away. 5 days after putting it in i was gettin bad cramps and it got so painful and out of control (antibiotics werent workin)that it was removed and i was put in hospital with iv for a week. it felt like razor blades cuttin me inside! horrible....im still gettin little pains from it off and on and its been 4 months.

  15. demon-dolly

    demon-dolly New Member

    youngmommy84 - that's a shame that you had a pid do to the nova-t. I had mine inserted in Dec and am loving it. I did have cramps and bleeding for quite awhile, but it did eventually subside. My periods too seem to go on forever with cramps, but worth being off the hormones.

  16. Pasada

    Pasada New Member

    Well dudettes, I have a problem. I have short fingers to begin with, but I *can't* find my cerix. I can't even reach the end of my vaginal canal. How am I to check my IUD? I'm not in the mood to shove a speculum up me everytime to check :p

  17. DatajackAi

    DatajackAi New Member

    So after wretched experiences with both Depo and the Pill, I've been hormone-free and loving it for about two years. (Even though it took about a year and half for my hormonal cycle to completely feel "normal" again... yikes.) Anyway, now I feel ready to embark on another body-altering contraceptive journey in the interests of ditching condoms, so I think I'm going to get a copper IUD.

    Can anyone recommend the best model for someone in North America? I really really want the mini GyneFix, but I don't plan on going overseas for a while. I'm 20 and have never had children so it seems like the Paragard would be too bulky and uncomfortable. I'm in Minnesota right now so a drive to Canada isn't out of the question... are the only two models available there the Flexi-T and the Nova-T? Which is smaller/better?

    These threads have been so infomative... I'll keep skimming them and hope that maybe I'll be one of the lucky few who have absolute minimal complications with their copper IUDs.

  18. raykay

    raykay New Member

    The Flexi-T is the smaller one Data - it is one I have and I so far absolutely LOVE the damn thing!

    Minimal complications - I would not even call any of them complications actually. Longer & heavier period, but that is absolutely it so far, insertion was crampy and not pleasant, but I was fine within the hour and able to work out too.

  19. raykay

    raykay New Member


    Your cervix is lower right before and after your period, so may be easier to find. You should really squat down as well (I mean really) as it will push your cervix down a bit as well, this is only way I can reach the strings as well most of the time. I have to really reach and push back to vaginal canal to find it.

    You may have to reach up and back a bit as well, cervix does not point itself straight down after all so can kind of "hide" the string. Sometimes I can feel the whole string, other times just where it comes out of the cervix before it disappears around cervix.

  20. lillibet

    lillibet New Member

    I am wondering if anyone knows anything about copper IUD (Paragard) use and the appearance of hyperpigmentation on the face? I developed some dark spots within weeks of IUD insertion. I have never been pregnant, so that can't be it.
    Also, what about clear mucous discharge? I never had this much before the IUD.


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