Interview Request for Centchroman / Saheli Users

Discussion in 'Centchroman' started by EKF, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. EKF

    EKF New Member

    I am a journalist writing an article on the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill for a national publication. I would love to be able to include a discussion of alternatives to the pill and am hoping to interview women who have used Centchroman / Saheli.

    I would be happy to give you any more information and can be reached at:

    ellenkatef at gmail dot com

    Thank you so much for your time!
    Ellen Friedrichs

  2. GreenTea

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    I've stickied this topic. Please let me know when you are no longer looking for interview subjects, and I can lock or unsticky it.

    When the article is published, it would be great if you would post a link. It's nice to see the word getting out!

  3. EKF

    EKF New Member

    Thanks so much! I will definitely link to the article here when it is published and I will let you know when I am not looking for interview subjects any more. All the best, Ellen

  4. GreenTea

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    I've heard from Ellen: she wrote an article mostly about the Pill for Nature Medicine. You have to have a paid subscription to be able to read the full article, but the blurb is here:

    This article only briefly mentions centchroman, including some information I didn't know:

    She's also planning to write an article about centchroman for another magazine. I don't know more at this point.
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  5. SAMiAM1611

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    Oh how interesting! When I first became interested in ormeloxifene (like before I had done any research beyond Wikipedia), I asked the FDA why it wasn't here, or if they had any trials in the works or applications or whatever and they said no. I'm guessing HLL hasn't taken it quite that far.
    If I didn't have Mirena I would totally wanna be in a trial for it!
    I had suggested to Medicines 360, a "non-profit pharmaceutical company that addresses unmet needs of women and children by developing innovative, affordable and sustainable medical solutions" that they should look into it but they just said "It is very kind of you to offer additional suggestions regarding a potential product for research and development in the non-hormonal contraceptive arena" haha.
    Should the Wikipedia article be updated about its availability in other countries?

  6. MyrtleWarbler

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    Oh, I'm just seeing this! How interesting that they want to get into the U.S. market! Wonder if it will really happen...

    I agree, Wikipedia should be updated, at least about Peru.


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