Infants to 1 Year - Part 6

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    Hahahah, BG! Hilarious! That would freak me out if one of my boys started laughing!

    We got a big bed primarily so there would be room for kids in it...although at the time we didn't realize they would always be in it! When I am in bed w/ both kids, I sleep propped on a wedge w/ Joseph on my chest (sometimes in the Moby). This was my ped's recommendation. Tiny babies sleep on my side only (hence the side-carred crib) and I only use pillows right now since Joseph is on my chest all night and I need them to prop myself up. Otherwise, 1 pillow and a lightweight blanket only on my side. This is what I mean by co-sleeping education. If you make the decision to do it, there are very specific rules for how to do it safely.

    Yeah, co-sleeping and finding time for sex requires a lot of creativity! What I tell most people who ask is there is no reason why sex has to be limited to the bedroom! James has been in our room his whole life, so we just got good at finding other places. Guest room works great but at this point I don't think any room in our house is sacred!

    Although for us, together time (outside of sex) has become a family thing. We enjoy quiet time all together (usually the quiet part comes once the kiddos are asleep) cuddling on the couch watching TV or whatever. I'm lucky that both DH and I have always been on the same page when it comes to that-we have always opted to stay home w/ the kids rather than leave them to go out. Don't get me wrong, we get out occasionally, but it would be tough if one of us wanted to be home w/ them while the other wanted more consistant time away.

    It all goes back to my primary parenting philosophy: Do what makes sense for your family! Every person needs different things to be an effective and caring parent, so just find what works, right?!

    So, I think Joseph is close to 12lbs already! I did an unofficial weight using a floor scale yesterday and it was 12lbs already!! Prob a little less than that actually, but honestly...tomorrow is only 6 weeks! Thats like 4 1/2lbs in 6 weeks even being sick!!! Chunky monkey... [​IMG]

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    Bumping this thread up for all of the new babies. I want updates! [​IMG]


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