Infants to 1 Year - Part 6

Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by gutterflower, Dec 10, 2011.

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    labby-I sooooo hear you. I just posted in the toddler thread about my crazy toddler. Seriously pissing me off! Fortunately Joseph is still is super-sleepy mode so James' antics aren't keeping him awake yet. Was DH understanding? I hope today was a better day for you guys.

    We are still on 24 hour watch w/ Joseph. The apnea monitor has not gone off, thank God. He is pretty congested, but no fever or coughing at this point. The critical period is up after tomorrow, so only one more all-nighter for me. My mom has been here every night and my in-laws during the day. So, we always have a couple people to entertain James and someone holding the baby. I pull most of the night shift and DH gets up around 2-3am to relieve me. My mom fills in in the early evening so I can get a little sleep and during nap time. I just don't think I would fully trust anyone else to stay awake for most of the night. Fortunately he is a really chill baby and a great nurser. So, at least he is getting some good antibodies and despite some occasional frustration w/ his plugged nose, hasn't fussed at all.

    Boy I am ready for this part to be over...

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    Thats very scary HWG! Im glad hes doing pretty good tho!

  3. HWG#2

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    Well, doctor appointment this AM was not exactly what I expected. Joseph is basically full-on sick at this point. Coughing, stuffy, rattling and snotty. I love my ped, but he did a sh*tty job of explaining this entire situation the other day, so we were operating under assumptions that are not entirely accurate. So here is what we know now:

    RSV for small babies is a 3 week illness. Unfortunately, it can get better and worse (multiple times) throughout those 3 weeks and there is no way to know how that will go. It causes bronchiolitis which is basically the constriction of the airways which is much more serious in small infants since their airways are already so tiny. Apnea can happen at any time w/o warning (hence the resperitory monitor since Monday) and will continue to be a risk for the duration of the illness. Vigilant monitoring will be necessary for another 2+ weeks.

    Now the positive news: Joseph is managing (so far) quite well. The NP explained that the best indication of the seriousness of his condition was how he appears. Right now, he is alert, eating frequently and surprisingly still gaining weight (she was shocked by this). His pulse-ox was 99 while resting and 96 while nursing, both excellent readings.

    So, now we wait and see. She said I am to call at any point during the weekend if I have ANY doubt or concern whatsoever. Even if I think things are okay, but want to double check I should call. We have to watch for indications that he is not getting enough oxygen (capilary refill) and note any changes in behavior or feeding (primarily feeding). He will continue to sleep on my chest, skin-to-skin, and stay attached to the monitor 24/7 until this is over.

    So, I am scared sh*tless. She was very positive that he is handling this great. But knowing how quickly that could change makes me afraid to close my eyes. I do feel more at ease now that my house is quieter and less chaotic so now I just need to keep myself going for another 2 weeks worth of (almost) all-nighters, since there is no way I would let him sleep w/ anyone else while I sleep. I will have to manage w/ sleeping in the early mornings when DH wakes and while J naps in the afternoon.

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    OK this isn't really baby related (other than Eddie was napping in the car with daddy while this happened), but I need to vent and I don't feel like posting this to Facebook right now.

    In Oregon, there is a deposit on bottles. We don't drink that much soda and beer, but both sets of our parents save theirs for us so we can get a very small amount of extra money. They don't drink much soda/beer either, so it's never a huge amount of bottles. There is a limit of 144 bottles per person per day (that is a LOT), we've never been close to that.

    We were heading out of town today, and had a few hours to kill in Oregon before I coached and we headed north. So I loaded up my bag of cans and bottles, it was maybe 1/3 of a garbage bag full (the white kitchen kind, not the huge black kind).

    We go to Fred Meyer. I need to do the bottle return first because if I do it after I shop, I will probably lose the receipt and not get my money. Our FM has two machines that only do cans, and two that do glass/plastic/cans. One of the multi-use machines is out of order. There are a guy and a girl who are together using both the multi-use machine and a can machine.

    My bag was about half cans, so I start on that machine and unload all of my cans. Now I have about 25 bottles left. So I move over near the multi-use machine and wait. The guy has a huuuuge garbage bag of stuff, so I know I am in for it.

    But I do my best to wait patiently... I pull out my iPhone and check my email, and Twitter, and Facebook... the guy is annoying me because he keeps putting cans in the multi-use machine (which you have to do one at a time) when it's much faster to put them in the can machine (you can just pour a bag in). He could have just given them to his girlfriend or whoever she was, and focused on his bottles, which he legitimately needed that machine for.

    But whatever, he'll be done soon enough and it will be my turn.

    Of course the machines constantly fill up and break down, so the attendant was in there at least twice fixing things. I'd been there about 20 minutes at that point.

    Well after the attendant leaves the second time, the mom or whatever of these kids (they were probably ~18-20 years old) starts bringing in MORE stuff. Literally boxes and boxes of bottles!! There appeared to be four people in their party, which is I guess how they get around the 144 limit.

    So at this point I am rather exasperated, so I politely ask the guy if I can take a turn on the machine, as it will just take a minute or two to do all of mine.

    He just looks at me, grunts (no kidding!!) and goes back to what he is doing. I step back, thinking that maybe when he finishes the bag in his hand that he'll stop and give me a turn.

    NOPE. He kills that bag then gets started on a box. The mom is still bringing in MORE stuff. I'm about to lose it.

    Fortunately, there was another lady in there using the second can machine. She also had an ungodly amount of cans, I think her daughter had been collecting them for a fundraiser. She was also surprised the guy wouldn't let me take a turn (I clearly had a very SMALL amount that needed to be returned). She said I should have them hand counted. I didn't know how to have that done, so she paged the attendant for me. We had to page him three times, but he finally came out.

    I met him outside (it's impossible to hear in there when the machines are going) and explained what was going on and asked him to hand count my bottles. Fortunately, he was SUPER nice about it, and laughed and said he would have to kick the guy off the machine anyway to get my receipt for hand counting them.

    So he did hand count them, kicked the guy off the machine, and gave me my receipt. I took off, I had to pee. I think the attendant might have kicked that family out of the bottle return area, because by the time I was done peeing I saw them in the store and I doubt they finished everything by then.

    Anyway, in total I think I was in the bottle return room over half an hour. It was RIDICULOUS (and hella nasty). Normally I would have just left and done them another time, but I didn't want to leave the dirty cans in the car all weekend, and I didn't want to lose the receipt. Maybe I was being a little stubborn there, but seriously, if I was returning a zillion cans, I would take a break and let someone with a small amount take a turn. It's like letting someone cut you at the grocery store when you have a cart full and they have a single gallon of milk.

    On an Eddie-related note, we moved up to 18 month sleepers last night. They fit so much better! The 12 months were getting really tight. Time to start phasing out the 12 month clothes and phasing in the 18 months.

    Unfortunately he's been a little congested the past few days. Doesn't seem to bother him much during the day, but at night, he sleeps for maybe 2-3 hours, then gets really fussy and clingy. The past 3 nights, he won't calm down in his crib, but does when I pick him up. I will rock him to sleep, but he wakes up as soon as I put him back in the crib! He ends up in our bed much earlier in the night than we (well mostly daddy) would like. We're trying to phase him out of our bed, not back in it.

    Any tips for congestion? He hates having his nose suctioned, and usually I can't get much that way.

  5. BunnyGirl19

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    I have an aromatherapy animal I heat up and put in RJ's crib when he's congested. I don't know how much it helps but he sleeps easier. I got them at Fred Meyer in the cosmetics section.

    RJ has been in Carter's 18 month clothes for about two weeks now because he's so tall. They are kinda loose because he's so thin still (in the 18 pound range). I buy Gymboree 12-18 month too and they seem too big, but 6-12 is definitely too short. He had a major height spurt and seemed to practically skip right past the 12-month size. They measured him at roughly 32 inches Wednesday in the fracture clinic (he was squirming so much they weren't certain it was exactly right) and he weighed 18 lb 11 oz. So he's still around 10th for weight and 97th for height. LOL

  6. iampam

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    Long and lean! Eddie chunked out a bit when we started solids, I'm guessing he's ~23 pounds right now.

    I love Gymboree clothes, but I find their sizing inconsistent sometimes. I have a 6-12 sweater that is as big as most of his 12-18, and a 12-18 sweater that is way smaller, like 6-12 size. He has a long sleeve shirt and cotton pants that fit way smaller than the button up shirt and jeans.

  7. BunnyGirl19

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    I noticed that their pants up to 6-12 months were extremely skinny and were often very tight on RJ even in a disposable. As scrawny as he is that shouldn't have been an issue. I keep reading how everyone says Gymboree runs big, but that hasn't been my experience at all.

  8. HWG#2

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    yeah, pam. I would have lost it! Way to maintain your composure! I am a big couponer, but when I have a huge haul (which can take some time) I try to let people go ahead of me. C'mon, if I'm gonna take 20 mins at the register, there is no reason someone who has one item cannot go ahead rather than have to wait.

    Speaking of sizing, I completely forgot how quickly little ones grow out of clothes! Joseph is already in 3-6 month sizes! They are a little long on him still, but newborn was WAY too tiny and 3 month fits about perfect. I can't believe how quick they grow!

  9. iampam

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    Starting to plan for Eddie's first birthday party! It's kind of fun, we get to have it on his actual birthday. We are having it in the basement of our church, and we will have a light dinner/cake action before the evening service.

    I don't have a theme or anything like that planned, but I am planning on doing shortcake (strawberry and/or blueberry) instead of real birthday cake. I am not a big fan of birthday cake, I got burned out on it after working birthday parties at my gymnastics club. If Eddie wants birthday cake, he can have it, but he's too young to care, so I think this will be a nice change. Maybe I'll buy some of that store-bought angel food cake too in case some people like that better.

    I don't know what I'll do for decorations. Not much haha. I'm not super into that stuff, and Eddie doesn't care, so it's not very exciting planning at this point.

  10. Myste

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    I'm with you, Pam, on the not making a big deal over first birthdays. I'll do a cake but it's not gonna be a big party - just us and the grandparents. I'm pondering a dinosaur theme but I dont go all out - I will probably make unnecessary invitations just because I like making cards, and maybe a little dinosaur on a small cake. I'm not doing much more for Wes's third birthday either, same people, I'll do more decorating for him because he'll care a little more - plan on probably a car theme for him.

  11. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    We're doing a party at one of SO's store after they close in the evening. I hired a lady my mom knows to make monster cupcakes. I'm doing orange, green, and blue colors with some decorations from Dollar Tree and nothing really fancy. I'm planning to wrap up the summer clothes I bought him so far, a toy vacuum. My mom got him a Bible and some LeapFrog toys. We did buy him a Joovy Tricycoo and figure it'll be good for this summer. It's one of those convertible tricycle things that goes from them sitting and being pushed around to one they can ride themselves. I ordered the lime green one for him. I decided I'm going to get the orange one for Brighton next year (fingers crossed they still make them cause they're awesome!).

  12. iampam

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    Is it terrible that I've only done Facebook invites? I'm guessing there will be ~20 people there.

  13. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not sending invitations either. It's word of mouth.

  14. labby06

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    Ok, so what is the trick to getting a baby to nap longer than 20 minutes? Caitlin is driving me nuts with her naps! I can't really get much of anything done in those 20 minutes. She is proving to be worse than Olivia in the nap department, although she is still sleeping pretty well at night most nights. It is like 20 minutes on the dot that she wakes from her naps. I'm trying to be really consistent with them and when she wakes I try to keep it dark and quiet to try to get her back to sleep but it never works. It's not even that she's grumpy when she wakes, she's usually pretty happy but then she doesn't last long until she's ready for the next nap. I'm putting her down as soon as she starts showing signs of being tired like yawning and rubbing at her eyes, which ends up being like 5 or 6 naps a day, each lasting only 20 minutes. I'd rather have 2 or 3 longer stretches where I can actually start something and finish it instead of having it take me an entire day to do some dishes!

  15. BunnyGirl19

    BunnyGirl19 Super Moderator Staff Member

    RJ was a good napper and sleeper when he was little, but now he's a bad napper because he's such a busybody getting into everything. It's hard to get him to nap more than 45 minutes once a day. He also fights going down at night, but will be out after fussing for 5 minutes in his crib. I haven't found a nap solution though. We've mostly given up and let him nap if/when he's tired and falls asleep on his own. This has proven much better for us despite it being an erratic schedule. Part of the problem is our schedules anyway versus days working and days off. On work days he's up at 8:30 to go to my mom's and there goes down between 10:00 to 10:30 after breakfast and will then sleep until around 3:00 and then no more naps for the day. When we have him he sleeps in until noon usually and then is up until his 30-45 minute nap close to 5:00. Then he's up until he goes to bed around midnight. He may take a 20 minute nap around 9:00 but that's not a regular thing.

  16. *mel*

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    Labby Caitlin sounds so much like Luke as a young baby. He used to sleep loads but only in 20 minute slots which is so frustrating because, like you say, you can't get anything done in that time!!!

    For Luke his napping only improved when he became more mobile, then he would sleep for longer periods and not have as many cat naps. I think he just wore himself out.

    By the time he was crawling he was having 2 naps a day (approx 45 mins to 1 hour each) and now he's walking he has 1 nap of approx 2 hours.

    I babysit for a 9 month old 2 days a week and she only has naps of 30 mins a time and has 3 a day, it drives me nuts! lol!

  17. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Well she just woke from a 2 hour nap...only problem is it was on me! It was dark and rainy and dreary so I put a movie in for Olivia and sat down on the recliner to feed Caitlin. Olivia climbed up with me and all 3 of us fell asleep. Next thing I knew 2 hours had passed! If only she would sleep like that while not in my arms!

  18. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    Eddie sleeps about 35-45 minutes... if I lay down with him I can usually get him to go back to sleep, for a 1.5-3 hour nap total, but he rarely naps longer than 45 minutes without physical contact with me.

  19. Confused-Hasya

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    Oh BG! I just realized that you know the gender of this one too!

    Mine still doesn't nap for more than 45 min without contact with me. Still doesn't sleep through the night. Does that make people feel better about their own or worse, that such nightmare sleepers abound out there? :).

  20. BunnyGirl19

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    RJ got his first haircut today.



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