Infants to 1 year - Part 5

Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by Penguin-Goon, Mar 18, 2011.

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    Mel, that's what I'm getting RJ for his birthday, if possible the Ferrari one I saw since I'm obsessed with Ferraris. LOL

    Thanks Bron! I found out Monday at 8DPO and I'm due August 19. We got it first try this time so praying for sticky dust now. We still are debating about finding out the sex considering RJ's sex change on me. So far we are debating about keeping it a surprise altogether, finding out and keeping it a surprise for everyone, or just plain finding out and telling everyone. I'd really like to know so I don't have to get anything gender neutral like a car seat. We are really hoping for a girl this time.

  2. Bron

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    Well good luck with the pregnancy - it will be nice regardless the gender to have them so close. I also feel if I had a third I would probably go in wanting a boy as I already have two girls but I guess there are also advantages to having two the same - my girls adore each other. I am too impatient not to find out - I don't think with all the scans I have that I could put it off as at some point I'd want to ask - will you be getting extra scans too?

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    I just locked up this large topic and started up a Part 6.


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