Infants to 1 year - Part 5

Discussion in 'Babies & Toddlers' started by Penguin-Goon, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    Ok ladies, continue on!!

  2. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Ali, cosleeping rocks! Why ever don't you want to ever do it?

  3. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    Confused, we said we wouldn't because my brother and SIL did it with their 9 month old... and well they're still doing it and he's now 3! I don't have a problem with other people that do it. I don't think it's wrong at all. It's just not right for us though. To top it off, I'm not getting very good sleep doing it. I was worried the whole time he'd suffocate on something and I was waking frequently making sure he was still breathing. Last night he kept tugging on my shirt and grabbing my boob to nurse. It was better than no sleep at all, but I didn't wake up feeling rested. I also like having my own space to sprawl out.

  4. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Oh ok! Sometimes, just water helps. Because it is thirst, not hunger, I feel, at night.

  5. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    Makes sense. I'm a water drinker all night long. So I can understand a baby gets thirsty just like we do. Do you just keep a sippy cup bedside?

  6. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    No, just a glass of water. Now that I've figured out the humidifier a bit (use filtered water, HAHA!), she doesn't wake up quite as much. It's just easier to pull her to myself and nurse :). I drink water all night long too. I woke up with a very dry throat because I didn't adjust the humidifier, and now, can't go back to sleep. Actually, my eyes are hurting now. So perhaps I can!

  7. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    I've never wanted to co-sleep either, the only people I know that did IRL had hell getting their child into there own bed. A woman I work with still sleeps with her daughter now, the kid is 13!!! I have tried a couple of times in desperation when Luke used to wake up about 5am but it never worked out. He would either screach in excitement and then just lay there babbling and waving his arms around, or I think 2 occasions he did actually fall asleep and I couldn't sleep because I was terrified I would squish him! lol!

    So he has started rolling from front to back! YAY!!! It was after a hellish day when I was so worn out and generally p**sed off. Just before bedtime I put him on his tummy and he rolled! I was amazed! lol!

  8. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Yayy, Mel, we should have a milestones thread, to keep track of everyone! I didn't even realize that he was rolling onto his front yet.

  9. starbug

    starbug New Member

    I'm so annoyed. Today my partner's family threw a 'welcome to the world' party for Autumn, which was a lovely idea and all his family who don't live around here got to meet her. Although at first I did feel a bit as though they were taking over as I was pretty much told it was happening and when and that I had to turn up (with Autumn, obviously) There were a lot of people there most of which I either had never met or had only met once or twice before and I was slightly anxious that it might be a bit too much for Autumn at only 6 weeks with there being so many people there. I was also exhausted, and feeling sore so didnt feel my best for meeting new people. But it was quite a nice afternoon and they made a big effort with the cake, decorations and getting caterers in and stuff, and it was really nice to get out of the house and have people to talk to.

    But I made her up 3 bottles for the afternoon. one for 12.30 and one for 3.30 then a spare just incase she was sick and needed re-feeding but had the intention of bringing it home at about 5.30 and feeding her it at 6.30. Then I would put her to bed at 7, then get her up at 9.30 for a bedtime feed then back to bed at 10. That was the plan in the hope that I would get a quiet evening and would be able to get to bed myself for 10.30pm. I told them multiple times when I got there that she was to be fed at those times and the 3rd bottle was a spare. She gets fed every 3 hours during the day and evening and I'm trying to get her a routine with her evening feeds as she now has kind of a routine during the day. But she got fed at 12.30, then they fed her at 3.15 which was slightly early but not much. Then at about 5.15 I was planning on going home and I heard her crying in the other room (I hadnt seen her all afternoon because she was being passed around so much) so I assumed that who ever was cuddling her at the time would bring her though to me as she was crying. But his mum came in and said they were giving her the last bottle and it had only been 2 hours. I was so mad! She doesnt get fed every 2 hours now at 6 weeks old and hasnt since she was 2 or 3 weeks. I specifically told them that she was to be fed at 12.30 then 3.30 then Id feed her at home at 6.30. So not only did they just get the bottle and feed her without asking, but they completely ignored what I told them! Now her feeds are messed up for the evening. So I'll have to feed her at 8.30, 11.30 and have to be up until midnight, when I really wanted to be getting to bed earlier!! I would never feed someone elses child without asking! really if she was crying they should have brought her to her mother to try and calm her down, or so I could take her home which I planned to do. I did say something at the time because i was very frustrated, but my partner wasn't happy with me because I should be grateful for all the effort they put in and that they were trying to help. Its just upset me when I had her feeds planned out. People need to realise that she cries for other reasons than hunger and that we can't just put a bottle in her mouth to shut her up everytime she cries!

    But on the plus side, she was really good all afternoon. She seems to really enjoy being passed around and cuddled by everyone. She's a people person [​IMG]

  10. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    Isn't it so frustrating that when the baby cries people automatically think they must be hungry? To top it off Ty RARELY cries from hunger. It's usually being tired that sets him off. Try to get sone rest if you can. Sleep deprivation doesn't help matters. (hugs)

  11. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    That would really get on my nerves too, I think I am extra sensitive to things like that though! lol! The amount orf people that tell me Luke is hungry when it's only been an hour after his feed! Just because he chews his hand!!! I don't think anyone should feed your baby without yours or your partners permission.

    I have to say though that I am impressed that such a strict feeding schedule works for you when Autumn is still so young! I have always fed on demand and at 6 weeks there was no way I could plan exact times for his feeds, he still mixes things up now when having growth spurts and such!

    Confused he isn't rolling from back to front yet, just from front to back! When he starts doing both I think the fun will really start as he will be mobile then and I wont be able to leave the room!!!!

  12. starbug

    starbug New Member

    I think Autumn mostly cries from being tired too. When she was younger she cried for food more. But I feel as though I know what is a hungry cry and when she is just tired and grumpy. Afterall its me that spends 24 hours a day with her and me that will be losing sleep if her feeds are messed up. Its ok for those that just feed her because it is a novelty (which is why I think they did it to be honest) then just hand her back. There was also the risk of her being sick for being over fed.

    She seems to be doing well with routine although I shouldn't speak too soon! Everytime I say something like that I end up having a really bad night lol. Her 3 hourly feeds are almost exact which is wonderful really because I know exactly when to feed her before she gets over hungry. Obviously if she brings it back up then it throws it out of whack but that can't be helped. But she hasnt got a bed time or getting up time yet and it will probably be a while before she does, so her feeding times depend entirely on what time she wakes up on a morning for her breakfast which varies greatly. After a very difficult first few weeks she seems to be getting much easier in general. But I will probably jinx it now.

    I'm quite funny over routine, probably because my own parents were. I was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and so was my brother. My brother was sleeping 14 hours solid at 18 months. She seems to have fallen into it herself over time though mostly, I wouldnt want to make her wait if she was hungry. 3 hours seems to just suit her. But I know at 6 weeks it will be a while before she is sleeping through the night and having less feeds etc. But for now it would be nice if people didnt just assume she is hungry just because she cries, and would listen to what I'm telling them. My partner annoyed me though by not siding with me when he should be sticking to her routine too as its no good if she grows up with me telling her one thing and him saying the opposite. And my dad was like 'it doesnt matter, its a one off, just chill out' and I thought thats all well and good but you can just go home and go to bed whenever you like and sleep all night, its me that has to have the disturbed night!. I would never let my daughter go hungry and if I think she is really hungry inbetween feeds she will get food. But 90% of the time she is crying for other reasons. But I ended up looking like the bad one. Anyway I'll shut up now and stop ranting about it lol.

  13. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    I have to watch the clock too, as Ty has never been one to tell me when he's hungry. I think at 6 weeks we were on a 3 hour schedule with 7 feedings and then at 3 months went to 4 hours with 6 feedings. Then when he dropped his overnight feeding at 4 months we went to 3.5 hours so he gets 4 feedings a day and 1 dream feed before sleeping 11-12 hours. He also eats solids twice a day now. I need to ask the ped how much solids he should be eating and if he's getting too much milk. I only nurse 5 times but he sometimes goes for 20-30 min suckling. He used to take only 10-15 min.

  14. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    I love that Luke is in a routine too, he just wasn't ready for it at 6 weeks. I was baby led and I think about 8 weeks he started setting his own routine which is a 3 hourly routine, it works well and he is horrible if something messes it up! I don't have to worry about him not crying when hungry though, he never fails to let me know when it's feeding time! lol!

    Funnily enough, he settled into a bedtime and morning waking time routine far earlier than a feeding and napping routine, I guess he is a backwards baby! lol!

  15. Ambrosia

    Ambrosia Member

    Oh my goodness..I have been gone far too long

    Mel: CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope it is nott too late to give you a warm big cyberhug!!!

    Starbug: Hi... nice to meet you. I give you credit for even taking Autumn to the party in the first place. It completely wrong when people plan thing around you like you are not there. I know how you feel because NO ONE... knows baby like mom does.

  16. TDG

    TDG New Member

    star--Im not one to force a baby into a routine, because like mel said growth spurts n such can totally change their needs, but I sooo agree it drives me nuts when people just assume a crying baby is hungry. Our families are the same way, as soon as one of our babies cried they MUST be hungry, even tho usually 2 mins of walking or just going back to someone they know well like mom or dad calms them down, and I KNOW right away by the cry/the way they act if its hunger or something else. I also would have been highly irritated them planning a party and expecting you to show up with your 6 week old like it or not.

    Waylons doin awesome. Hes been sleepin about 5-6 hours at a time at night.(usually 12/1 to 5/6) I just wish hed sleep in a little later, so on those rare days the other two sleep on Id get to, but hes always wide awake and ready to play by 8am. lol. Hes the happiest baby! He smiles constantly.

  17. starbug

    starbug New Member

    Autumn pretty much fell into her own routine but I try to stick to that as best I can. I get days where it doesnt work though like yesterday when she didnt seem to take much milk but then was very hungry all night and I was up most of the night with her to make up for what she had during the day. Which is fair enough but its a shame it was a night where I was really really tired and struggled to stay awake lol.

    She doesn't seem too well today. She was just having a nap so I went upstairs to do a bit of cleaning and while I was up there I heard this blood curdling scream! I was worried I had accidently left a cat in there with her and it had scratched her or something, or maybe she'd been bitten/stung by an insect that had come in through the window as it was a scream I hadnt heard before. But the poor thing had an upset tummy and managed to cover herself, clothes and bounce chair. It might just have woken her up and made her jump, but she continued to scream for ages while I was cleaning her up so I'm wondering if she has stomach ache. Hopefully she's not coming down with a bug. She may just have over eaten during the night. Such awful screaming though [​IMG] Poor baby. Shes still crying and its not a cry I'm used to.

    TDG, I can usually tell if it is a hungry cry or something else too (apart from today). I think she probably missed me as she was passed around all afternoon. She was great with everyone and I was proud of her but I suspect she probably just wanted a cuddle from me. I did hear her cry from the other end of the house but I couldnt tell from being in another room and only heard her for a minute or two before she was fed. Wow 6 hours is a nice stretch of sleep. Autumn managed that once but I think it was just a one off from having a busy day as she hasnt done it since lol. One time she only had one small feed during the night and was up for 30 mins in a 9 hour night but that really was a fluke!

    Ambrosia, hi [​IMG]

  18. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    Star, I would be mad too... Not only did they just FEED her without asking(WHO DOES THAT??) but they just assumed she was hungry.. I mean babies DO cry sometimes, for all they know it could have just been from overstimulation.
    What I have been getting ALOT lately is people telling me my child is crying... I will be walking and Jaxon will be knawing at his hand like he wants to bite his thumb off(he is gumming REALLY bad now) and people will stop and tell me that he looks like he is hungry and maybe I should feed him... I'm like "REALLY? IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK?" not that I don't LIVE with him 24/7 and am his MOTHER... I am pretty sure I know if he needs to eat or not! I swear, some people are just so ignorant for thinking that they can just go up to me and tell me my child is hungry and needs to eat... or if he has his blanket over his head(he likes his lovey to go their) they will tell me that his blanket is civerng his face.. I'm like YEA I KNOW, he puts it there! Mayvbe its because I am young with 2 infants they think I need the random useless advice? but whatever the reason, its not needed and it just pisses me off lol

    Sadie and Jaxon also LOVE there schedule and I am so happy(and pretty proud lol) that they are on such a good one!
    I do think they are getting sick again though [​IMG] their 4 month checkup is this weekend so I am just hoping its nothing serious!
    We figured out it was the Dyflucin Sadie is allergic to so we know she can't be put on that anymore.

  19. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    Help! Ty was sick last week with a cold. Now I can't get him to go to sleep on his own anymore. He fights his naps and fusses at me. And at night he won't go to sleep without nursing to sleep. Also, last night he woke up every 45 min. to 1 hr. I had to nurse him 3 times as that was the only thing that would settle him. He's been doing so good until then! Ugh! I'm so tired. [​IMG]

    Edit: and his naps are back to 30 min. and he keeps rolling onto his tummy and getting stuck. I flip him over and then he gets mad at that too. Is he still not feeling good maybe? He's being really playful and having normal periods of awake time.

  20. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Yay Luke on rolling!!! The milestones are exciting!!

    Ive also had problems with family members assuming that because baby is crying, she must be hubgry. Drove me nuts. I knew her hungry cry, which was way different than her "im dirty" cry, or "im bored" cry. This problem goes along with a list of other family issues relating to taking care of the baby.

    Stuffing their fists in their mouth can mean teething, or just their natural reaction to discovering their hands. You will discover quickly how everything they find goes directly to their mouths. Their hands are usually the first thing as they are connected to them!! Then its their feet!! You would think grown up family members who have had kids would know this!!


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