Infants to 1 Year all welcome here - Part 4

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  1. *mel*

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    Thats the thing, I have really enjoyed getting out and about and meeting other local mums. Been going stir crazy cooped up in the house all the time, but Luke seems to have other ideas! Hopefully it's an after effect of him being ill last weekend, he still isn't quite right. It's annoying though to meet other mums, get invited back for a coffee and then Luke starts sreaming the place down! Anti-social baby, just wants to be at home all the time!

  2. Jennifer21

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    yea, I don't know how I got so lucky, but they both do nap so well.
    As for the weightloss, I have a feeling these last few pounds are going to be the hardest to lose, not to mention I still need to actually get some muscle tone back.

    Mel, I feel your pain... I once just started crying when I was out with friends because both of mine started screaming at once and we were all eating and I wasn't home so feesding them both at the same time is just about impossible unless I want a mess everywhere and I was just so overwhelmed. I felt horrible for not being able to handle it and crying but I was just having a hard day and so the tears just came out.
    I am always being invited to go places like the beach and busch gardens and after thinking about it I usually opt out because I feel they are still to young to be so far away from a house or somewhere comfortable where I can feed them and put them down for a nap. They tend to get cranky if they can't take their naps in their own bed or at least a place that is comfortable to them.

  3. starbug

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    I've had days where Autumn has been screaming and screaming, and due to lack of sleep I've ended up almost breaking down. And thinking I'm such a bad mother because I don't know whats wrong with her and can't settle her, and how I shouldn't be having kids because I haven't taken to it like I thought I would. And I know its just because of sleep deprivation. But then I have days where I feel everything is going so well and I'm doing a good job.

    Mel, I know what you mean about going stir crazy in the house all the time. I'm the same. I can't wait until I'm up to pushing the pram up the hill to the health centre so I can get to some mother and baby groups. I'm getting quite lonely really. But she is too young to interact just yet anyway.

    Autumn has slept quite well at night since last friday and has just been having one night feed. Apart from last night when she threw up 3 times by 11.30 including one time where it projected across the room. I can't believe the distance it goes from such a tiny person! So then it messed up her feeds for the night as she had an empty tummy then, so I ended up sat up until 1.30. I had to put her in her moses basket because she had vomitted all over her bouncer but she wouldn't settle in that so by about 4ish she went in her car seat and she slept fine then. I don't like her to sleep in that but she seems to hate her moses basket so I didn't have much other choice.

    Today I put her in her cot in her room for 2 hours. She watched the mobile and loved it. I got lots of smiles from her [​IMG] It did send her to sleep eventually and she had a nap for about half an hour. So I will try to put her in it every afternoon for an hour or so to get her used to the cot and the room. If she falls asleep I will see that as a bonus. I think I will try to put her in it at night when her night feed stops, so not just yet. And when her reflux improves.

    I mentioned my bleeding to the health visitor when I was at the baby clinic and she said it sounded quite normal. I'm going to try and get in the doctors tomorrow because I'm due my 6 week check anyway and will get my scar checked. The swelling does seem to have gone down since the other day and its not quite as sore, but its still very tender. I expect it is normal and maybe it was due to clothes digging into it, or maybe me over doing it. I spent a day sat on the sofa as much as I could to rest and it seems to have really helped. But it might just be a coincidence. I'll be glad to have it looked at anyway.

  4. AliBaby

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    Mel, I have to get out every day too. Even just for a walk or to go to the store and see if there's anything I "need." Although Ty is the opposite as Luke. He's super social. But he doesn't smile at people anymore and so he looks like he's not, but he likes to study different people and smiles once he gets to know them. He's very skeptical and people comment about how solemn he is. Lol. Babies are so funny that they have such strong personalities for such little things that they are! [​IMG]

    I SOOO jinxed myself!!!! I was up ALL night with Ty. He was crying and wouldn't sleep unless he was held. I made a pallet on the floor but that wasn't enough. DH helped from 5:30-7am but had to work today so after I got a nap for 1.5 hrs I took Ty to bed with me at 7am and he slept until 10am. He was feverish with a stuffy nose and cough. I think he has a cold. That's probably the only reason he's been sleeping so much during the day because he was starting to get sick. [​IMG] We've been fortunate though, as this is the first time he's been sick.

  5. starbug

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    I keep jinxing myself too. I say 'things are getting much easier now, she seems to be sleeping much better at night' then suddenly I'll have a really bad night with her or she'll be really really grumpy all day and won't stop screaming. Then I'll be like 'why did I just say that' lol

    I hope Ty gets better soon, Ali.

    I phoned my doctors today because you have to book on the day, and I can't get in until next thursday so nearly another week. Very annoying when I have concerns that I want to be checked out! I tried to get in on tuesday this week but got told to ring on the day and they were already full that day. I couldnt get there weds or thurs because I had no one to take me. So I tried to get in today and they said I can't get in until next thursday. So booking on the day didn't work! So looks like I'm stuck with a very sore incision for another week before it can be looked at.

  6. Bron

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    Kirima had a terrible night two nights back where she was screaming a lot and then wouldn't go back to sleep for hours. Last night was the total opposite and she only woke once in the night (but that was after a 3.5 hour sruggle with her til 21:30 -I gave her colic drops in the end)

    Mel like you I also have to get out the house - even all the packing and sorting and warning Laurana what to do and where to walk is worth it just to get out even for a short time.

    Starbug hope you can get the incision seen to soon.

  7. TDG

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    ali--I always get worried if my kids sleep more than always seems to mean illness is coming at our house. I hope he gets feelin better and you get some sleep over the weekend!

    star--its pretty normal to still have pain, especially if you are over doing it. As long as it looks ok its probably normal.

    I wish I could get out. I cant carry Waylons carseat with him in it with this dumb hole in me so I dont go out without df(or someone) unless I HAVE to. Im so fed up with being crippled like this. (sorry Im such a whiner..this just sucks soo bad) Sadly people rarely visit me out here in the middle of nowhere so my only adult interaction is here and fb right now. This silly baby likes his routine so much! He freaks out every morning if I dont put him in his swing right away(which I do most mornings to get the boys breakfast) Fine with me if thats where he wants to be! Makes it easy for me to get everyone ready for the day and eventually to have some exercise time.

  8. AliBaby

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    Star, that sounds frustrating! Can they put you on a waiting list if there's a cancellation?

    Bron, I can't beleive K is a month old already!

    Another rough night. We coslept again. We said we never would but I guess when that's the only other option to holding him all night you do what you have to do! On the bright side it looked like he did the sign for milk!!! I do it everytime before nursing and today I noticed he was doing it with me. I can't wait to test him later and see if he does it again. Despite being sick he is a rolling fool! On the floor, in his crib, doesn't matter. I put him on his back and rolls right onto his tummy. I still haven't gotten him to roll to his back since the first few times he did it over two months ago. [​IMG]

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    hey ladies, the threads getting quite long, so im gonna lock it up and start you a new one, but ill leave this one here for a day or two to let everyone catch up before it goes to archives!!


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