Infants to 1 Year all welcome here - Part 4

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  1. starbug

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    TDG, Waylon is gorgeous.

  2. Alluring-Ash

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    Hey guys!

    TDG- I love your boys! They are all so cute and will be so close growing up I bet! I just love the little bond already!

    Jen- Wow! 4 months already! Geez! Time sure does fly, and you sound like super mom with everything going on! I wonder how I will get time to wash laundry some days [​IMG]

    Whew! Things sound like they are settling for you Star! Nice to get some rest too! I wish!! Hubby can't calm the baby AT ALL... or is just too impatient and I can't leave her with anyone for long because of breastfeeding.

    Kinley is doing pretty good, I think she has a bit of a cold or virus hitting her, some sniffles and a cough but no runny nose yet. I sure hope it doesn't hit her. I am having some issues with her being SUPER gassy and crossing anything I have that can be crossed she is not going to be colicy like Noah. I am going to ask if they can do some allergy testing early to see if she (like Noah) has a milk allergy.... or if it is common that if one child has had it will the next? I am pretty sure this is why he was so colicy because I never went off dairy while breastfeeding him and he was SOOOO hard with his screaming and gas! She seems to be the same way starting off and can not STAND to be put flat on her back, she extends her legs and SCREAMS! Once she gets that way it is pretty hard to calm her down. We go to the peds office on Thursday for both kids well visit and I plan on asking about all of it.

  3. *mel*

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    Nice to see you posting over here starbug [​IMG] I used to get those evening meltdowns from Luke every night too! I used to get so upset but it WILL pass. Luke still has meltdowns but now they are a couple of times a week rather than every night. Also they don't last as long now. And yes, they normally used to start just as I was about to have dinner, very hard as BF works away from home during the week so there was no-one else to just hold him while I quickly ate. For a couple of weeks I lived on toast [​IMG]

    Awww Ash I hope Kinley isn't about to get ill [​IMG] I hope the doctor can get her tested too, you don't want her to suffer like Noah did!

    Luke was poorly at the weekend but seems to be over the worst of it now. Saturday he just wanted to be held all day and slept more or less all the time. So unlike him. He also wasn't eating as much and actually skipped his last feed before bed altogether. This worried me as Luke is NEVER off his food! Think it was just a tummy bug and although he isn't back to normal yet he is so much better than he was. Hate it when he's ill! Feel so bad that I can't do anything for him!

    Oh and as a side note, on this day last year I had the fertilised egg put back! Can't believe that was a whole year ago and now I have my baby [​IMG] Crazy!!!

  4. AliBaby

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    I used the Fisher Price Rock and Play for sleeping and just a safe place to put Ty when I needed to leave him for a sec. (like going to the bathroom). At 2 months I started putting him in the R&P in his room for naps and then at 3 months in his crib in his room for naps and a week later stopped using the R&P for sleeping and just for a place for him to sit safely away from the dog. I wish I could still use it, but he pushes off and tries to sit up in it so it's not safe anymore. Anyhow, we didn't have transition problems moving him to his room. I think the naps helped ease him into it.

    Glad everyone is doing great! Ty turns 6 months on Wednesday! That is half of the first year already gone! And I hear the 2nd 6 months goes even faster because of all the exciting development! Woah time is flying!

  5. TDG

    TDG New Member

    (update on my incision copied from toddlers)--My appt was OK. She cauterized(aka burned) it again and stick it together. That worked great for the other side so hopefully it just needed a second dose for this hole. IF that does not work..the next step is CUTTING out the part that wont heal so it can "start over" essentially. FREAKING out about that idea. I dont want a bigger hole cut in me and if that happens Im looking at another God knows how long before Im healed. FNUCK that. This has to work. lol. I have another appt in 2 weeks...just hopeing and praying this is enough. Im thrilled she has a plan now that things are taking this long. I didnt really want to drive 2+ hours to a specialist, but had she said keep waiting Id have had no choice. If her plan doesnt work I still might need to go...ughh...just the thought of weeks or months more of this make me want to bawl.

    star--thanks! My friend used a positioner thing...cant remember what its was like a cushon thing that keeps the baby sitting up. It had a strap so they couldnt move on it and its ment for babies with reflux. She put it right in his crib so he got used to sleeping there. He slept 8-10 hours from like 6 weeks on after she got that! Ive only just finally gotten back to cooking...we ordered so much pizza at first the owner of our fav place knew dfs voice over the phone!! lol.

    ash--I think those kinds of allergies do tend to run in families so getting her tested early is a good idea. Hopefully whatever shes comin down with does last long.

    mel--I hope luke gets feelin better sick. Ive said it before and Ill say it again..there is NOTHING worse than sick kids.

    ali--lol...time will just go faster and faster! Im planning evans SECOND bday...he was just born I swear!!!

    So other than my stupid incision nothin much is goin on here. Waylons been a little off the last 2 days, but not obviously sick. He always gets really hot and sweaty when hes upset but he gets REALLY hot, REALLY fast now, like even when hes just a little upset. He doesnt feel warm otherwise tho. Its weird. Hes also sleeping more and just more crabby. I really have no idea whats goin on. Just keeping a close eye on him for now.

  6. starbug

    starbug New Member

    I will probably put Autumn in her own room in the bouncer for a few weeks for naps to get her used to the room so she isn't in unfamiliar surroundings when I start putting her in there for the night. She slept very well last night and was only up for 30 mins out of 9 hours! She was in bed by 11 and up at 8 and just had one feed at 4am. Shes slept for quite long stretches for the last 4 nights so I'm hoping she is becoming more settled at night rather than me just being lucky for a few nights. Shes been up the entire day today so I'm hoping she will sleep well tonight. She just wouldnt nap today for some reason and was grumpy for being overtired.

    I hope your babies aren't getting sick Ash and TDG. I'm dreading Autumn getting sick. I keep worrying everytime she feels hot, throws up a feed or cries at nothing. I'm too paranoid I think lol. She might have a mild cold already because she sounds very very snuffly. She's sneezing alot and coughs quite alot too. But I think it might just be from cat hairs. She does sound quite congested though. I'll mention it at the baby clinic tomorrow.

    I'm going to try and see a doctor this week because I am worried about my scar which seems to have got very sore over the last few days and seems quite swollen, and my bleeding seems to have increased too. I thought I was almost recovered then I feel like I've gone backwards [​IMG] Not only am I worried about infections and stuff but I'm also fed up of not being able to do much, and of the bleeding. Unless I'm having a period, but I'm not sure how I would tell the difference lol. I'll be so glad when it all stops anyway and I can go back to normal. The bleeding got less and less until it had nearly gone, then I had about 2 days without any then it came back darker again from saturday when Autumn was 5 weeks. I have no other symptoms of an infection though or at least not yet. But I thought it was too soon for a period and I haven't ovulated.

    I'm going to try and put some pictures of Autumn in the pictures thread, when I work out how to get them from my iphone onto my laptop. I'm so useless with stuff like that.

  7. TDG

    TDG New Member

    star--I would ask about the swollen scar, but its pretty normal for the bleeding to let up or stop then start again within the first 6-8 weeks. It does get really old!

  8. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Star my bleeding more or less stopped about 6 weeks, then suddenly got heavier again for about a week, just like a light period. I still have no idea if that was just the end of the PP bleed or if it was a light period. I have however had a few periods now but am not yet ovulating. My body appears to be trying real hard to ovulate. I have been getting really bad ovulation pain and loads of EWCM on and off for the last few months, odd because I didn't usually get EWCM before lol!

  9. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    Star, my bleeding did the same as Mels, it had pretty much stopped by 6 weeks and then all of a sudden I started again for about a week and now I am more or less regular.

    I didn't have a hard time transitioning the twins into the nursery at all which I was relieved about because I thought since they were going from one pack n play in my room to two cribs in their room they would hate it but after about 3 days of strict bedtime routine, they go straight down at 8oclock now and sleep through the night... I have some nights still when one or both wakes up at around 4-5 but I figure its just because they are growing and are a little more hungry then usual. When it comes to sleeping through the night, I don;t stress too much(like sadie woke up at 2:30 randomly this miorning to eat) if they wake up to eat because I know that their little bodies are doing so much growing that sometimes they just need an extra bottle through the night. It also helps that I don't seem to mind the lack of sleep so I just kinda go with the flow but for the most part they both sleep through the night in their cribs and take a good morning and afternoon nap in their as well and a short evening nap.
    They are both belly sleepers though which I know is horrible but honestly, they were hooked up to monitors in the nicu the first month of life so they were alwasy put on their tummy so that is just the way they wanted to sleep so when I brought them home they refused to sleep any other way so I just put them on their bellies and they slept.
    As for the reflux, both of mine are on Zantac which helps as well as after they eat, I put them in the bumbo seat for 30 min or so to let the food go down and digest so they aren't as uncomfortable.

    Sadie is having another allergic reaction to something(her skin seems to be very sensitive) It started with the oatmeal so I thought it was that but it is still there and not getting better so tonight when I get off work I am going to wash her sheets and some clothes in new detergent and see if that helps.
    It is just frustrating always having to play trial and error with everyting, I am going through the same thing with their bottle because I FINALLY found some that work WONDERS on their gas and reflux(Dr. Weil baby bottles) but they are online only so I ordered some and the nuipple but had to make the holes bigger because they get rice in their milk and now every few weeks they get stretched out and too much milk comes out and they choke on it. I would just get stage 3 nipples so I wont have to make the holes bigger but they are sold out everywhere so now I found that they like the pampers airwave but they just don't do as well. Jaxon makes more of a mess then usual with them and sadie doesn't eat as much... it is just a big hassle and I wish I could find some that work and stick with them!

  10. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Oh yeah! I also had no probs at all with the transition into a cot in his own room rather thean the moses basket in ours! I was dreading it but it really was no problem at all.He sleeps through the night and I waited untill he was doing that before putting him in his own room. Saying that, for the first time in 5 weeks he woke last night at 2.30am for a feed, was a shock to the system! lol! I think it was because he didn't have as much at his night time feed though. Fingers crossed it doesn't become a habit!

  11. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    Yea, Jaxon as sleeping through the night when I moved them but Sadie was still waking up once in the middle of the night for a feed but after about a week or two she started going through the night. I moved them to their room in the cribs at 2.5 months old and it was def harder for me then for them lol.. but now I just have the monitor next to my bed that I listen to until I fall asleep hehe

    I wouldn't worry about him making a habit out of it, honestly he is probably just growing. My mom says there are more cases then you would think of babies showing up to the hospital with "failure to thrive" because the parents have had the baby on a schedule and when he/she randomaly wakes up at night to eat, they just let the baby fall back asleep because they want them to keep their schedule but in reality you should feed them because they are waking up hungry for a reason, their body needs that food.
    So I always keep that in mind when they wake up.. but then again there are times that they are a little fussy and I go in and put the blanket back on them and they fall right to sleep... its only when they are noticably hungry that I get up and feed them

  12. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think it was because he only took half his normal amount at his bedtime feed. Normaly has 8oz and only had 4. Since he has been ill last weekend he hasn't been taking as much at each feed so it makes sense that he would wake during the night hungry. I would never just leave him to cry though, if he's hngry he's hungry. Leaving him would be pretty pointless anyway, neither of us would get any sleep! lol!

    I also wanted to say star that Luke would never go down for naps in his room untill he started spending the night in there. I think it's because when I put him down at night, after his routine he is near enough asleep anyway so it doesn't really matter where I put him. During the day it isn't as easy to get him to sleep for his naps. Whenever I tried putting him in there in the day he would freak out! But then, I didn;t start putting him upsteairs for naps untill he was about 3 months old, maybe a little before. Untill then he always napped downstairs.

  13. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    Wow! I hope I don't jinx myself, but 3 days in a row Ty has been taking 1+ hour naps!!! Sunday night was horrible with him waking a lot and having a rough night, so I expected Monday for him to be sleepy. But, yesterday and today he's continued the nap trend and is back to sleeping fine at night. Fingers crossed that my cat napper is now a good napper! [​IMG]

  14. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Thats great Ali, always makes such a difference when they nap well. Luke has been doing pretty good in that department too lateley. Normally goes down for approx an hour, give or take 10 mins. Saying that he has been driving me up the wall today. First of all he has been crying in his sleep from 3.00am, needless to say I did not sleep well. Up at 6.00am and he is just being very whingy. Can't wait for bedtime already! lol!

  15. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    Congrats on the napping babies... about 2 weeks ago mine started taking like 3 HOUR morning naps and then playing for a while and taking another 1.5-3 hour nap! and then they take a small 30 min cat nap(30 min or so) before we start their bedtime routine at 7 and then they go down for the night at 8.
    I keep thinking they are going through a phase and will snap out of it and go back to their old scattered routine but it seems like its pretty official now. They have their schedule pretty down and they don't like to stray from it by much.

    HAPPY ST. PATTY'S day everyone!
    I thought it was going to be hard sticking to my diet today because usually the office has cupcakes and sweets galore on holiday but I guess they didn't plan anything so nothing was brought in and that is finnnee by me... I'll stick to my tuna and pickle for lunch lol

  16. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Thats great ali! Fingers crossed he keeps it up for you!

    jen--looks like you are doin great with "operation hott momma"! I wish I could get started on that. Their extra long naps probably signal a growth spurt..something theyll have a lot of to get caught up. [​IMG]

    Nothin new here with Waylon. Hes a easy EASY baby. Occasionally hell get a little moody in the evenings--I think hes a little over tired(hard to sleep with his noisy brothers around) but daddy has the magic touch and can ALWAYS get him to sleep quick. My incision is lookn sooo crappy. Im skeptical this cauterizing will work.

  17. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    3 Hour nap??? Wow, I can't even imagine that! lol!

    And TDG I am so jealous of your easygoing chilled out baby! Luke has been horrible today and I know my patience is not what it should be due to lack of sleep [​IMG] I tried going to a mother and baby group this afternoon and had to leave after 5 minutes, he had a full on hysterical meltdown. Was awfull! This is the third time he has been like it this week, it's making me not want to leave the house!

  18. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Well I still feel your pain mel. Im exhausted too. Evan and Brendyns sleeping habits are the worst regression weve faced with things being off. My patience is often gone by 10am. lol I would happily trade my two naughty toddlers for your one crabby baby! :p If waylon were a crabby baby I would probably have made df get a vasectomy already! lol

  19. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    LOL! Most of the time I am okay and my confidence seems to be growing as a mother but urghh... days like today and I feel like I'm back to square one again [​IMG]

  20. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Mel, awww, everyone understands breakdowns. You have to keep trying to expose him to other babies, although there's no rush to it. I only started when M was almost 6 months old, once a week. He won't be able to interact with anyone not carrying him at this age anyway! Take it easy on yourself. At this stage, going out is for your sanity. So, do whatever helps you with your sanity. If it is being at home, so be it, if it is going for a quick stroll, that is fine too!


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