Infants to 1 Year all welcome here - Part 4

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  1. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Yes, TDG, you're right. This is just a normal tendency, statistically speaking, and may not be true individually. Also, M was born only 6 lb 4.8 oz (2.86 Kg). That would have something to do with the size, eh?

  2. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Not nessisarly confused. Evan was my smallest baby at 6lb 9oz and so far hes been my fastest grower! But yeah obviously it isnt all bf vs formula, genes and birth weight play some part. Hey I just noticed your ttc ticker! That time will go by quick! Are you ready? :p

  3. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Hmm...I think so. I still have some physical fixing up to do. I am at pre-pg weight; a little lower in fact, but not toned in the tummy. Also, I really want this tendonitis to get fixed before another pregnancy.

    Pregnancy with tendonitis and a toddler will be arrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!!

  4. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    I've always heard formula fed babies gain more quickly than breastfed babies. I thought there were different growth charts for the two, so that breastfed babies didn't "fall off" the charts compared with formula fed babies?

    Here's what the Dr. Sears site says about it (I think someone already basically summarized it--all babies end up even around a year or so): You can take whatever that site says with a grain of salt, especially the second part of the text.

  5. TDG

    TDG New Member

    hm interesting site desert. My bf babes grow pretty quick, but I do let them nurse whenever..even just for comfort. Plus they sleep with me. Brendyn was the slowest grower and he spent the most time in the bassinet. Makes me wonder if that played a part that he wasnt allowed open all night snacking like the other two. In fact with Evan I didnt even have a bassinet and he grew the fastest.

  6. desertgirl

    desertgirl Active Member

    P also had unlimited access and slept with us, and she was always in the very top percentiles for height/growth. It's so hard to say what would have happened if we'd done otherwise though. My guess is that, likely, everything would have been the same.

  7. Myste

    Myste New Member

    Well, Wes co-slept and nursed on demand as well, but he's always been super skinny. Never did have "baby fat" at all, just small and lean.

  8. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    Well ladies, I am BACK! I don't know why it took me so long to start writing here again, O WAIT, yes I do.. my life is a bunch of craziness lately lol

    But the twins are doing AMAZING. They are growing and playing and right on track development wise. They were both home from the NICU after 30 days(Jaxon came home at 28 days) and they have their 4 month checkup next week. I am so anxious to see how much they weigh now [​IMG]
    They are still in NB and 0-3 month clothing but to me they seem so big lol I guess that is because I was there when they were so tiny.

    I just started them both on cereal but I think Sadie may be allergic to the oatmeal because since we started it she has been getting more red and rashy everyday so starting tonight I am going to give them rice cereal instead since I know she isn't allergic to that because they have had that in their bottle since they were a month old due to reflux.

    Anyway, just wanted to see how everyone was and to start updating [​IMG] Hope all is well!!

  9. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    O also, I have been on this STRICT HORRIBLE diet to lose my baby weight and UGH... I just want FOOD lol

  10. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Welcome back jen! Im sure you are crazy busy. How you work, and take classes with twins is beyond me! lol. As soon as my damn incision closes I need to get serious about loseing weight..soo not looking forward to it.

    I just wanted to share some new pics. Waylon is changeing sooo fast.




    We have a king size bed n theres no room for me or df most nights. lol


  11. iampam

    iampam Active Member

    He's so big TDG!! Your boys are really cute [​IMG]

    I finally got to see my friend's baby last night. She was due 2 days after me but had the baby a month ago. She's up to about 7.5 pounds right now... I think the baby in my belly is bigger than that! I've never held such a tiny baby before, nor has DH. It was fun and it was cute to see him hold her [​IMG] I had her on my shoulder with her feet resting against my tummy, and my baby was kicking her a few times [​IMG]

  12. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    TDG, I think the only way I survive is because I can work on my school at work... so technically I am only at work 6-8 hours a day(doing school then also) and then home with the babies the rest of the time.
    I am on this strict diet and have OFFICALLY got to my pre pregnancy weight as of yesterday BUT I still have 10 more pounds to go to get to where I want to be and LOTS of tightening up to do!
    The pic of all three boys sleeping is STILL MY ALL IME FAV! it is absolutley ADORABLE!
    Pam, That is so cute.. I used to love it when the babies would ick when other kids were near me.. I always thought that was the cutest thing!

  13. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    TDG, awww, those are adorable pics!!!! Just a word of caution - they say that it isn't safe for an infant to sleep with an older sibling without a responsible adult between them. I don't know if you were right there, watching them, but making sure you know this.

    Jennifer, why should you have lost all the weight so soon?

  14. *mel*

    *mel* Super Moderator Staff Member

    Love those pics TDG! Waylon is a chunky moneky too [​IMG] Although not as big as my little monster! Haha!

    Luke was flirting with a girl baby today! It was cute, he was smiling and batting his eyelashes! Starting young!

    Nice to see you posting again Jen, well done on getting back down to your pre-preg wait already! You have done so well!

  15. TDG

    TDG New Member

    thanks ladies! I swear if they werent so darn cute some days theyd be goners. lol [​IMG]

    pam--babies are so funny. Mine would ALWAYS kick their brother(s) on my lap but then wouldnt kick dfs hand. They just KNOW when another babys invadeing their mommy I swear! lol.

    jen--well thats nice you can do school at work. 10 lbs is NOTHIN. lol. Ive got about 60-70 to lose. Seems like a LOT but I know Ill get it done. As long as I can keep my thyroid levels right I lose weight fairly easy(I gain easy too tho lol). I gained about 60 with Brendyn and have gone all over the place since then but I ended up with about 60lbs to lose after all three pregnancys(plus 10 pre preg pudge lol). Strange how that worked out.

    No worries confused. I dont leave them alone. I had been sleeping in that tiny space between Evan and Waylon and just got up to pee and took the pic. Df is such a sound sleeper I have to keep Waylon safe in our bed whether Brendyn and Evan are there or not.

    mel--at least it was a BABY girl. Brendyns ALWAYS flirtin with older girls!! lol

  16. Jennifer21

    Jennifer21 New Member

    O yea, If I couldn't do school and work at the same time, I would be a zombie.
    It ha been 4 months since I had them so I figured it was about time... not to mention I was EATING HORRIBLE, fast food everyday, sweets ALL the time.. I mean it was just ridculous because thats all I had had time for when they were in the NICU, so I just wanted to start now so I wouldn't gain anymore! lol
    Yea, I gain and lose pretty fast too but I have a feeling these last 10 pounds(weight I put on from the wedding till when I got pregnant lol) are going to be HARD, not to mention I know that when I DO get there, I am still not going to be happy because I have not been excersicing ONE BIT, so I know I will still need to do some toning and DEF some ab workouts to get to where I am comfortable and not worrying about it anymore.

    Awe, that is so cute. I don't really see mine flirting yet, they just pretty much smile and laugh at everyone lol... I love seeing their personalities grow. It is just the cutest thing!

  17. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    M got a kiss from a 1st birthday boy yesterday :). Somewhere in the middle of her face. Couldn't tell where it was!

  18. AliBaby

    AliBaby New Member

    Ahh, that's so sweet Confused!

    TDG, those pics are adorable!

    Jen, glad to hear from you! I can't believe your babies are already 4 months old!

    Wow, Pam, any day now!

  19. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Ali, yeah, gotta keep her safe from these boys, lol!

  20. starbug

    starbug New Member

    I keep forgetting about this thread lol.

    Autumn is 5 weeks 2 days now and started smiling at me about a week ago [​IMG] She seems to have really changed alot just over the last 2 weeks. I can't believe it. She's so awake and alert now. Shes also not spending all her time awake crying like she was before. She will actually sit quietly looking at things. She seems to be getting into a routine more during the day with her naps and feeds, but by evening shes unsettled every night. She always screams when I'm eating and during the time I should really be cooking. So I'm eating a lot of ready meals and eating them fast lol. I'm hoping she will grow out of that soon because I'm concerned about the lack of nutrition we are getting lately. She has no pattern at night yet either but I'm assuming she is too young for that right now. Sometimes she will take 5oz once in the night and sometimes as little as 1oz then only go 1.5 hours before the next one. But for the last few nights she is sleeping for longer during the night. She actually slept for 6 hours the other night! The downside to that was she was then awake from 4.40am but I think she might have had tummy ache rather than she had just slept for too long.

    I have been putting her to sleep in a bouncer for the last week. Its not ideal but I have been reading about it a lot and it seems safe enough. She doesn't like laying down flat and won't sleep if she is flat. But will sleep for quite a long time if she is slightly more upright. She has reflux and I believe this is helping with that and I worry less about her choking when she brings up milk. The bouncer has a newborn head support and padding down the sides which I think she likes as she probably feels a bit more enclosed like in the womb. But the problem with that is I'm concerned I will never get in her own bed in her own room! Everytime I try to put her in there during the day just to see if she likes it, she screams. I know she's still young so theres still time, but I'm still concerned that I will have problems getting her in there. I don't want to go back to her being up until 4am like she was for the first 2 or 3 weeks.

    She stayed over at her grandparents last night for the first time. It was lovely for me to get a full 8 hours sleep for the first time since I was about 6 months pregnant. We watched a DVD and got a takeaway too.The first peaceful evening since she was born. It was nice to not have half empty bottles all over the bedroom too when I got up lol. But I did miss her so I took her teddy bear to bed with me so I could smell her [​IMG] So this morning I have had lots of time to get the house all clean, tidy and fresh as it was smelling like milk and sick. Shes coming back at lunchtime which is good because I'm ready to see her now. Shes staying there for a whole weekend in 4 weeks time as I'm going away (booked and paid for it 18 months ago). I'm not sure how I'll manage without her for a whole weekend, I'll miss her loads! She could come with me but it will be quite hard having to take all her stuff on the train, along with all ours.


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