Infants to 1 Year all welcome here - Part 3

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  1. Ambrosia

    Ambrosia Member

    Hi Ladies,
    quick ques ( Isaiah is about to scream bloody murder)
    Can I still be having red lochia ( about a tsp every othr day) at this stage?

  2. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    I dont think thats abnormal Ambrosia. If its foul smelling, or if you are passing clots larger than a silver dollar, call your doctor.

  3. TDG

    TDG New Member

    Ambrisia--I had lots of red bleeding nearly 8 weeks after evan was born..

  4. Ambrosia

    Ambrosia Member

    hey Ladies,
    I hope you've had a great day.
    I haven't had a chance to really read through all the comments but hugs, congratulations and "wassups" to all of you guys. I have been spotting for 2 days this week and it freaked the beans out of me cuz I thought AF was coming. I want her to stay AWAY FROM ME for the next 2

  5. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Well we're camping and just BARELY get reception aNd it's very slow but I thought I would let you all know that af arrived today on schedule. So now I'm in bed in the fetal position while everyone else is out having fun. Not fair! !!

  6. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    HAwwwwwwww I'm sorry abou AF labby. She really sucks!!!
    I hope everything else is okay though and that your camping trip isn't ruined!!

  7. Ambrosia

    Ambrosia Member

    Awwwhh Labby *HUGS*... Hope you have some motrin and feel better soon.

    AFM... been using my medela for about 3 days now and its not exactly what I hoped. i thought the sec I started pumping, I would get a gazillion ounces from each breast and then toss all the enfamil out of my house...NOT!

    So far, I initially pumped about 1oz from each breast about 5 times a day.... Now,it has slowly increased to about 1.5oz. I read that the more I pump, the more it will increase so I am keeping my fingers crossed and still supplementing Isaiah with breast milk and formula. I don't feel so bad about it since I see how healthy Zay is...
    Btw, you ladies who pump, how much do you express in one sitting?

    TMI ALERT...
    DH and I have started doing the "do" again...LOL. He is doubling the condoms till I get my Paragard (or reset my ladycomp) because he (and I quote) " not about to get you pregnant again!!!!"

    Have a great weekend ladies..

  8. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Ambrosia, you might want to talk to your doctor about increasing your supply. 1 oz from each breast is not enough. The other ladies will chime in I'm sure, but I used to pump 3-4oz from each breast at each pumping (about every 4 hours). Give it a few more days. Often times it takes a few days for your body to get the message to produce more, then take it from there.

  9. Ambrosia

    Ambrosia Member

  10. Myste

    Myste New Member

    Ambrosia, I used to only get 3-4oz total per session - very rarely 5 - when pumping. It varies from person to person, and when pumping AND nursing it'll be less generally than if just pumping or pumping to completely replace a feeding. There are a lot of things you can do to help your supply - Fenugreek, eating oatmeal, drinking tons of water, etc. But don't panic - your baby is also a lot more efficient at getting food than a pump is. Pumping isn't an indicator of overall supply.

  11. HereWeGo#1

    HereWeGo#1 New Member

    Ambrosia-right there with the others-3-4 oz.

    I only read back a page or two, so I am not sure what everyone has suggested, so I will take a chance and tell you everything I tried.

    "Lactaction Blend"
    Reglan (prescription-I DO NOT recommend)
    Lots of Water

    All of these seemed to help. But the biggest difference was pumping about 8x per day. It sucks and is a complete pain, but I had to "relactate" several times during my 5 1/2 month pumping only stent and the best thing was pumping around the clock.

    If you are still nursing (again, sorry not clear on the full story) then get Isaiah to the breast often! The LLL boards recommend a gradual elimination of formula by doing the following:

    Nurse then supplement. Cut the amount of formula you are supplementing by 1/2 every few days until he starts nursing more and taking less of the supplement. You will likely have to feed him more often but nothing increases supply better than direct nursing!

    Again, sorry if this is repetitive. I totally feel for anyone who has a hard time nursing and keeping up supply. Don't give up!!

    Hi to all the rest of you ladies!! Miss you all...gonna check out the toddler page now that James is a big boy!!

  12. Ambrosia

    Ambrosia Member

    Thank you guys so much.
    My problem is when I put Isaiah to the breast... he feeds for about 10 mins, then he starts screaming his head off (i think it is because he is frustrated that nothing/not enough is coming out)It would be hard to decrease his formula because he would be too hungry. He is ravenous ( even on formula) he takes 6-9oz of formula every 2-3 hrs and with me only producing about 2 oz per session, it wouldn't be adequate.
    I make sure I put his first to the breast and then give formula after he is done with both my breast. I might have to try this fenugreek/oatmeal idea...

    thanks again for all the advice and support!

  13. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    ambrosia - also make sure the cone of the pump is fitting you correctly. At first I was only getting an ounce if that and was getting very frustrated. I found the standard 24mm cone that comes with the pump was actually too big for me so my nipples weren't getting the propper compression. I ordered a set of 21mm cones and once I started using those I started to get more and more and now get 3-4oz and sometimes more if I am especially full for whatever reason. The pump sheilds might be either too big or too small which can also lead to small yields. Just stick with it and it will get better!

  14. TDG

    TDG New Member

    I quess I was a freak. I used to get 8-10 ounces PER breast when I pumped! I was a milk making machine. My best advice...avoid caffine...that always made a huge difference in how much I produced. and drink water water water. You need LOTS to produce lots of milk.

  15. Confused-Hasya

    Confused-Hasya Active Member

    Ambrosia, do you have a good latch? I sometimes find that my daughter does that too and when I check with my hand, there's milk still squirting out. I have to struggle to put her back on and she comes off a few times but she seems to get satisfied after several tries. It takes a while but she seems to be getting what she needs. We have latching problems that we're trying to figure out.

  16. Ambrosia

    Ambrosia Member

    His Latch is perfect....ummh.. a bit TOO perfect sometimes. LOL

  17. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Well Olivia's first camping trip has come to an end [​IMG]. She did well aside from sleeping. She did NOT want to sleep. Surprisingly, she really was quite pleasant considering she hardly slept. The only time she really got fussy was when I tried putting her down for a nap or bed! We set up the lower bunk for her to sleep in which she did for a little, but I always ended up bringing her into our bed, mainly because it was a pain for me to crawl to the bunk to shush/sing her to sleep. So DH got booted from the bed and ended up sleeping on the pullout couch with the dog, lol! We have decided that before we have another child we need a bigger camper! It's amazing how tight things get once you have all the kid's stuff packed! But to get a bigger camper we need a bigger truck. I guess we will just have to make do with what we have for now. [​IMG]

    Oh, and she LOVES her new car seat which made for a much better ride! I was so mad because I ordered the car seat over 2 weeks ago for this trip, and a week and a half later it still hadn't shipped so I canceled the order and ordered from another place that shipped same day and I had it the next. Well wouldn't you know the first company calls me the next day to say they can't cancel because it already shipped (which after getting the shipping confirmation and seeing the timestamps I realized was a big LIE!). Well they wouldn't take it back without charging me shipping and a restocking fee (I had it out with their customer service who then proceeded to tell me that she was not continuing the conversation because it was getting no where and threatened to hang up on me! She then put me into a manager's voicemail that cut me off after a few seconds, boy was I LIVID!) I was going to take the issue up with my credit card company or try to just sell this one that is being delivered today, but after seeing how much better she did and how much I really like the seat I think I'm going to keep it and use it in place of the Recaro we have. She has more leg room and shoulder room than in the recaro and I think she can see around better. We're going to need another car seat when we have another kid anyway and by that time she should be front facing and might like the Recaro better that way. I'm still mad about the whole ordeal, especially considering how much car seats cost and we really didn't need 2, but if it makes her happier in the car then it is well worth it!

  18. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    You gotta love these companies who stick it to you!!! I too have dealt with these types of companies!!!

    What car seat did you get?? Has Olivia grown out of the other one?? I have been researching the next step up from what we have now for car seats. So far, Im thinking of buying the one that can be flipped around once she hits a year old.

    I bought a pack n play at a yard sale the other day. We paid $25. It's Graco Winnie The Pooh, and has the bassinet, mobile, and changing table. It was in good shape, and figured that even though we dont need some of the parts, it can be used for baby #2! [​IMG]

    How is everyone? How was everyon's Memorial Day?

  19. labby06

    labby06 Active Member

    Nessa - She hasn't outgrown the infant carrier yet but is getting close. Ours only fits up to 22 pounds and she is already around 18 and she's on the highest strap setting. I got the True Fit Premier made by The First Years (we also have a Recaro that we've been using since I went back to work). It fits up to 35 pounds rear facing and 65 front facing and up to 50" tall. What I liked about it was the fact that the head rest comes off for rear facing up to 22 pounds or until the head exceeds the seat back. This makes it so the back of the seat isn't pushing up against the back of the front seat and gives you some more leg room in the front. I also like that you can adjust the straps without re-threading (a HUGE pain in the Recaro we have, luckily it doesn't have to be done often!) and because of that you can also take the cover off to wash without actually taking the car seat out of the car.

    I'm hoping she continues to like it and do well in the car so we can keep her rear facing longer. If not, she will get turned around at 22 pounds because I think our sanity is needed more to keep her safe than having her rear facing!

  20. gutterflower

    gutterflower Active Member

    Hey Ladies, I'm going to lock this topic and start up a new one [​IMG]


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