Infants to 1 Year all welcome here - Part 3

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    I would HIGHLY recommend the medela pump in style as well. FAR better than the first one I had--I dont even remember the brand. I also recommend medelas hand pump--not for using all the time, but great for a quick pump because it works great and is much easier/quicker to clean. Its cheap $30.

  2. Ambrosia

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    Hey Ladies,
    Last night I bought Medela Pump in Style Advanced (Shoulder bag version) and it should be here in 3 days. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! I told Isaiah that his formula days are numbered cuz I am gonna pump till my nipples fall off!!!!!!

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    LOL Ambrosia!!!!

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    Hey guys! Im sorry i havent been around much - my computer is having some issues [​IMG]

    Landon had his 6 month appt, and he is enormous!
    22lbs, 28" long, 43 cm head circum. [​IMG]

  6. labby06

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    Wow Briana, he is a big boy!

    So I'm not sure if this is something I should be concerned about or not. It is something that is very strange that has never happened to me before. My PP cycles have been very regular so far, 29-30 days. I am due for my next one (29 days) on Saturday. Yesterday I noticed some weird abdominal pains. They weren't cramp like, but more of a piercing kind of pain. It wasn't severe pain, but enough to notice and be rather annoying (especially when I sneezed). When I got home from picking Olivia up from day care I went to the bathroom and saw some bright red blood when I wiped. Right away I was like great, AF is coming early (which has NEVER happened before) but then I remembered the pains I had earlier in the day. Today there is nothing, no blood, no pain. It is just very strange. I feel fine today, no pains or anything, but now can't stop thinking about what that was all about yesterday. I guess I'm still in the time frame of cycles being all weird, especially since I'm still breastfeeding, but the pain I had yesterday which is what is concerning. I'm really not sure what to make of it, especially since it is gone today. Anyone ever have something similar happen to them?

  7. desertgirl

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    Labby, maybe it was ovulation pains? Seems like it would be a little late in your cycle though?? I get stabbing ovulation pains (that especially kill when I have to sneeze or cough), and occasional spotting with ovulation. Never bright red. Some women experience delayed ovulation with stress, my cycles tend to shorten considerably, so if I had pain and spotted early, I'd assume I was getting my period early yet again. I'd be a bit concerned with your history of ectopic.

    So, speaking of periods, I'm so sick of them already! It doesn't matter what time in my cycle I'm at, if something important is going on, my period is guaranteed to start!! Let's see, cruise to Alaska, period starts on first day. Wedding, period starts (at CD 20, no less). Recently, Valentine's Day--first pp af shows her head. Next one, camping trip of course. Last weekend, Piper's party, and yep, no surprise AF shows up, early at that!! We're going out of town this Friday, and I'm sure my body will somehow manage to start another full-blown period less than two weeks later.

  8. StLGaL

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    oh my he is a biggin!

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    WOW!!! He IS big!! N is just flirting with 22lbs! and he is going on 15mos! ( what am I still doing over here! [​IMG] lol! ) Good job!

    LOL DG! It sucks but it is a little funny! What are the odds? Sorry! Hope she stays away this time!

    Labby- My first thought was the same as DG! OR perhaps could have had a cyst rupture? This would explain the bright red blood and the pain... They are pretty common... Hmm could be anything! Good luck and if you figure it out let us know [​IMG]

  10. Confused-Hasya

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    Thanks, Ash, I'll try it.

    We had another appointment today. M is 6 lb 13 oz, and the doctor said that he is happy with the weight gain, thank goodness! I was so worried that breast milk may not be sufficient for her. Hope to only have to see a doctor at 8w (July 8 appt.) for vaccinations and routine check. Apart from the usual ones, he said that they offer a rotavirus vaccine and a meningitis vaccine. Anyone took these? How did your baby react?

  11. Confused-Hasya

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    Did anyone experience very rough facial skin postpartum? How did you get rid of it?

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    Labby, I had the same abdominal pain. Im not sure if you remember me posting about it. Mine was not accompanied by bleeding though. Funny but it seems like when I stopped breastfeeding, the pain also stopped. I'm not sure if there was a correlation.

    Confused, the rotavirus medicine (it was an oral medication) was routine at Sofie's 2, 4 and 6 month well check up. It wasn't optional. I have not heard of the meningitis vaccine, nor has it been offered to me. Sofie had no reaction to the rotavirus medicine. Rough facial skin? No I have not experienced that. I usually use an overnight facial cream that keeps my skin soft and smooth.

  13. TDG

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    labby--Could you be preg? Maybe implantation pains/bleeding?

  14. SweetestTea

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    Yay on your pump Ambrosia, I hope it works wonder for you and Ze!

    Sorry labby, I cant say much about pain and bleeding. Im stll adjusting to my Mirena, I've been bleeding for like 9 days now lol.

    Wow he is a big boy Briana!

    Darrien had his 2 month on Monday. he's weighing in at 12lbs 11oz, 22 in (supposedly, their measurement is always weird), and 34 head circum. He got his rotavirus immunization among others and I didnt notice any real difference except a couple extra poopy diapers Tuesday and Wednesday.

    lol Ash....I wont tell anyone you're still here.

    I had weird skin all through pregnancy and it's thankfully gone away PP. I had to switch to an all "oil free" regimen to get rid of my dark rough patch.

  15. labby06

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    Hmm, pregnancy really hasn't crossed my mind since we've been using condoms and quite honestly, that hasn't been happening much these days! I guess it is possible though since condoms aren't 100%. Ugh, now you guys have me worried! We definitely want another baby, just not now! I don't have any other symptoms though. I was thinking more the ovulation/cyst possibilities mentioned earlier. I guess I go google, lol!

    DG - I'm with you on periods showing up at the most inopportune times. We're leaving tomorrow to go camping, so I'm sure it will show up then. It never fails!

  16. nessa26

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    Happy 7 months to little Olivia!!

    I know what you mean Labby, sex just doesnt seem to be something my hubby and I can get around to these days!! We have put off TTC until October, but Im charting and temping in the meantime.

    Ambrosia let us know how the electric pump is working. Im sure you're loving it way more than the manual pump.

    Sweetest, you're little boy is getting big!!! I remember when you were dying to be in labor! Lol!

    Ash, we love your company, even though Noah has graduated to the other thread!!! How is TTC #2 going?

    Nothing new on my end, other than putting off TTC for now. Bought Sofie some new toys at Walmart yesterday, and she's loving them. Still working on the weight loss, I still have about 10 more pounds to go. The summer is the worst time to lose!!

    Hope everyone else is well!!

  17. labby06

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    Thanks Nessa! I've been so busy that I didn't even notice today is 7 months! I can't believe how time flies! It's amazing we are already on the down slope to 1 year! And I hear ya on the whole sex thing. By the time we get home from work, tend to the house work, care for Olivia, play with the dog, we're too exhausted to do anything but sleep!

    So after some googling I think I've come to the conclusion that it may have been ovulation pain/spotting. I've had ovulation pain before, but never accompanied by spotting which threw me off. But it was only one spot with one wipe and that was it. And DG, since you said it hurts you when sneezing too that's what I am chalking it up to because it REALLY hurt when I sneezed! I pulled out my calendar and did some counting. My first cycle was 29 days and the second was 31, so I guess it is possible this one will be longer, especially considering the breastfeeding and stress I've been under at work. I really need to get back on the temping train to make this all easier to figure out! It was funny looking at my calendar because it feels like I've had so many more cycles that that!

  18. nessa26

    nessa26 New Member

    Lol, as I type this, Sofie is sitting on my lap with her eyes glued to the TV screen watching Shrek!!! Silly girl!!

  19. SweetestTea

    SweetestTea New Member

    lol I do remember that Nessa. lol And I still dont miss being pregnant.

    Yes, time flies by SO quickly when you're enjoying the time with your little one and taking care of all the aspects of home. Im coming to grips with the fact that Im going to have to go off to work soon. I really want to get back into school and with my changed situation Im going to have to go to work. NOW I understand how you were feeling when you were talking about going back to work Nessa. [​IMG]

  20. nessa26

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    Hehe, I must be the only one who enjoyed being pregnant, to the point that I miss it [​IMG]

    Uggh, working and having a little one. It sucks!!! Its hard at first, but gets a little easier but its never all the way easy. I work 12 hour days (7am-7pm) and depending on how hectic my day is I wont see Sofie for 2 days. When I leave, she's asleep, and sometimes she's already asleep when I get home, then I have to work the next day as well. It really stinks, but Im not wealthy enough to make it on one income (my husband's income alone). ESPECIALLY with all these damn medical bills from Sofie's birth that just done seem to stop. It seems like everytime I get mail, there's another bill!!

    I have been off the last couple days, and spent the entire day with Sofie. I work tommorrow, then Im off for 4 days, so it doesn't entirely suck. I treasure my days off to be with her!


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