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Discussion in 'Centchroman' started by CentchromanSurvey, Oct 24, 2006.

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    Dear Centchroman Survey Takers,

    We know that it has been awhile since the Centchroman survey ended, and we apologize for the delay. However, there have been some new developments, and we wanted to wait until we had all the facts squared away before sharing them with all of you and opening up discussion.

    Specifically, after the informal Centchroman survey was complete, we received interest in our study from 2 faculty members at Yale University. They are very interested in user experiences with Centchroman, and they would like to help us write the survey up as a journal article and submit it to a professional medical journal. They also feel that it is likely that publication in a medical journal would result in some media exposure!

    However, there is a problem: the survey you took was an informal survey written by us that was not overseen by any ethics oversight board. Few, if any, journals would be willing to publish such a study without it first meeting the approval of a Human Investigation Committee (HIC). Likewise, the 2 Yale faculty members do not feel that they would even be able to look at such data unless the study was first approved by Yale’s HIC.

    This means is that, if the Aphrodite/MSN Centchroman community wants to explore this opportunity, we would need to conduct another survey. The new survey would be reviewed and approved by Yale’s HIC, which would take some time: we estimate approximately 2-3 months. It also means that we couldn’t release the results of the informal survey (at least not until the new survey was complete). This is because knowing the results of the informal survey could have effects on your answers to the new survey by introducing bias or the “power of suggestion.” We would, however, be able to release the results of the Yale study in private e-mails as soon as we had the data. We would simply ask that no one post the results to the public forum until the publication date (the publication process often takes about 9 months).

    Another possible benefit of repeating the survey stems from the fact that there have been many recent developments, such as unexpected pregnancies and users experiencing new side effects and/or deciding to quit, which unfolded just as the first survey ended. The intention of the original survey was to capture a “snapshot” of user experiences at that time, but such a snapshot captured now would probably be even more informative, due to recent experiences. However, we also appreciate that users desire to have information they have already provided summarized for them.

    So, given all of that, we thought the fairest thing to do was to bring the situation to the message boards and hear your views. This is “your” data, and thus your opinion matters to us. There are two choices. Would you like us to:

    1) Forgo the Yale study and opportunity for academic support and publication, summarize the informal data ourselves and release it now

    2) Wait to release the study data until a new survey could be conducted. After the new official survey, we would then release the data from both surveys, though privately at first as we prepare a manuscript for possible publication.

    Also, if you have any concerns that you would prefer to share in private, we have started a special username, “CentchromanSurvey” for survey-related business. Please PM us, and we will get back to you privately. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at

    Thanks for all of your help!
    Susan T. G. and Elizabeth W.

  2. DJain

    DJain New Member

    The Yale study sounds like a great idea to me.

  3. Finally Jess

    Finally Jess New Member

    #2!!!! yale study! yale study!

    I'd be more than happy to wait if it contributes to Saheli information getting out there in North America!!!!

    YAY! [​IMG]

  4. LilyDreams

    LilyDreams New Member

    I'm all for the Yale study, too!

  5. artemiss

    artemiss New Member

    yeah, I will have to concur. Yale study..
    I am truly curious about the results, but to be a part of something bigger takes precedence!!

  6. gds

    gds New Member

    Yale Study!


  7. Cami

    Cami New Member

    yale study

  8. sassymin

    sassymin New Member

    yale study, definitely!

  9. RaeS

    RaeS New Member

    Great that we're generating some interest!

    Yale study sounds worth waiting for to me...

  10. Jslady

    Jslady New Member

    Yale Study!!!

  11. miss auburn

    miss auburn New Member

    Yale study!!! We now know about more side effects (which is a good thing for the study), and more people are taking the drug than before. So great idea!

  12. skycircles

    skycircles New Member

    I'm for the Yale study as well.

  13. EllieGoulet

    EllieGoulet New Member

  14. SupaKat

    SupaKat Member

    Definitely the Yale study.

    Let us know when the other survey is ready to take.

  15. RAD247

    RAD247 New Member

    I'd like to take part in the Yale study because I wasn't on Saheli long enough when the other survey was being conducted to participate in that one.

  16. soft hair

    soft hair New Member

    Yale study.

  17. honeybee

    honeybee New Member

    Yale study - for sure!

  18. Morganacat

    Morganacat New Member

    The Yale study would also give me the chance to contribute, since I missed the window for the last one. [​IMG]

  19. atrophia

    atrophia New Member

    Yale study, definitely.

  20. Nickee

    Nickee New Member

    Yale study!


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