I want to stretch my vagina - am I insane?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by Adrock013, Jun 29, 2006.

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    Not at all. I was married for 25 years to a lovely lady and by the time we split she had a big vagina. She never liked talking about it as she felt embarrassed how big it was but she was always the first to ask for her big dildo or my fist. She has a new b/f now and she says that she is lucky that he has a very thick cock because he does not like fisting or playing with dildo's. I then met another lady who was really into fisting. She also had desire to stretch her puss further and we had lots of fun doing it. She was one of the few ladies I met that could take a fist without any lube or gel.

    My current wife is also huge. She was like that when we met 7 years ago and loves being so big. When she spreads her legs her puss gapes. She still has very good muscle control but if she does not tighten it she is huge and cannot feel my cock at all which is a big turn on for both of us. She can now take both my fists and she is very proud of it. So .. are you insane? Not as far as I am concerned. Enjoy it.

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    This entire thread cracked me up. Wow! I came here because I am extremely tight and wanted info on how to stretch myself. Not sure this helped much, but there was a lot of interesting info here. I'm not interested in fisting! I am extremely tight because I have barely been penetrated and most of my partners have been women. Only recently I have been with a transgender guy. He told me I was so tight that it felt like my vagina was clenching his two small fingers. I don't see how it is a good thing to be this tight! I don't get much pleasure from vaginal stimulation, which I think is partly because it hurts every time - hard to concentrate on pleasure when you are in pain. Maybe I also am one of those women who needs to stretch out a LOT to feel pleasure, but I need to start with the basics!

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    3 or 4!...waw...go Androck go...
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  4. Time to go dildo shopping and some lube and spend a bit of time self exploring. Take your time. Try to relax. You are in control. A lot sex shops cater to woman and can be helpful when shopping.

    When you think you're ready and have a trusting partner and discussed your concerns and challenges, start out on top and you can control the penetration and motion to keep things comfortable. Keep lube close by but, I suspect it's more about muscle control and being able to relax.

    And take your time. Don't be afraid to stop for a bit. Get a drink, have some more foreplay and get things going again. Repeat.

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    My wife feels just about the same way. At times it is hard for me to orgsm and my wife stopped having orgasms unless she stimulates herself som years ago. But I find it very sexy and arousing and would not change it. Thanks for a sexy story!

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    Pretty much the same here. My wife can only get off with an insertion if it is really wide, and I find it hard to orgasm in her most times unless I really work the right angle. She still has good orgasms with just clitoral stimulation, but a combination of a huge insertion along with clitoral stimulation is what really gets her off.

    This thread is pretty old, but seems popular. If you look around the Internet, you will find a lot of men and women into vaginal stretching. It is certainly not the norm, but there are a good number of people who share this, for lack of better term, fetish. It is certainly on the rise in popularity as even some of the mainstream porn sites now have sections for fisting, gaping, stretching, etc. This was certainly not the case years ago. My wife and I share this kink.

    My wife was 18 when met, had a high sex drive, and already masturbated regularly with a large dildo and vibrator. We had been together a few months when she introduced me to her "friend" which was a 7.5 inch long, almost 2 inch thick dildo that she used regularly. Things kind of made sense at that moment. I am only a little bit smaller than this toy, so as you can imagine I had a hard time with a lot of girls I had sex with. Some I could not even penetrate, and with most I had to take it easy. My wife could take me all right away, and take it hard too, which was surprising to me since she was little, at just over 100 lbs.

    Right away I was hooked on using her big dildo on her, or even just watch her use it. Over the next several years I would surprise her with bigger toys, which always became her new favorite. She liked using them solo too, and did so frequently. Like I said, high sex drive. She also seemed to really get off when she was stretched to her limit, which slowly increased over time. Even after years of this, her pussy definitely got a little bit bigger, but it was not drastic by any means. My cock, and her big toys, could slide into her more easily, and I would often double penetrate her pussy with another toy, but she still felt tight enough for me, and got off fine on just my cock. She probably would have been bored if she had to fuck a skinny 5 inch cock at this point, but she was perfect for me.

    Our first child was born without any tearing. I am certain this was from the years of stretching her with big toys, and her daily user was about 2.5 inches thick by this time. Due to the lack of damage, we were having sex again before the 6 week standard. What a difference. She not only felt bigger, but now gaped when she spread her legs. Even her biggest dildo seemed to slide in with ease. One night, around this time, I was fingering her with four fingers and slipped my whole fist in her. We had tried fisting in the past, but my hands were always too large. She absolutely loved it, and so did I. Needless to say, fisting became our new "thing" and we also added a few new, even larger, dildos. We both became pretty obsessed with the act of "stretching" her and would always talk dirty about her "big" vagina, or how we were going to "stretch" her out. We would also play games where she would hang out "stuffed" with a large plug or bottle inside her. It was over this period of time that I noticed she needed something large vaginally, even larger than me, to get off, and she was felling kind of loose to me. By the time we had our second child, her daily user dildo was close to 3 inches wide. After the last couple years of fisting and huge toy play, her vagina was noticeably larger, and the second baby came out with just one push.

    After our second, we got some new bigger toys, including a giant inflatable one. Our play continued and we eventually worked up to double fisting her. We eventually got to the point where we "bottomed out" on her bones. She could work up to a 13 inch around insertion pretty quickly, but then get stuck on her bones. This is where the inflatable comes in handy, it will bend around the bones and still fill her up inside and stretch her outside. She usually blows it up to about 4.5 inches wide when using it. Her body has changed a little too. Her hips got slightly wider after birth, and she weighs about 10 pounds more now. She works out a ton, and most of it has gone to her ass, which I love. She also enhanced her boobs from a B to a D after breastfeeding. Her vagina also gapes huge naturally when she spreads her legs, taking a fist or huge toy is easy, and I have to concentrate to orgasm inside her roomy vagina, if I even can. As you can imagine she has little interest in regular size insertions, and does not get off on them, but I find this to be a turn on.

    Anyway, this is our experience over the last 15 years. If you are really interested in stretching, just know what you want to do. I imagine occasional stretching along with frequent kegels would probably have minimal long term effects.. However, if you stretch to extreme widths and do it all the time, you will probably eventually have some irreversible effects. In retrospect, it was probably all of the fisting and stretching play we did with my wife after each childbirth that changed her the most as we never really let her fully recover. I certainly would not change a thing though. Her combination of big boobs, big ass, and big vagina is sexy and erotic to me. I still can't keep my hands off her and find her more attractive now than I did 15 years ago.
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  7. Hi Intheno,

    Certainly you are enjoying being in front of her kunt and penetrating her to her fullest vaginal capacity, with all the moans and groans as positive feedback.

    Watching my husband doing the same to me, although in very minute scale by comparison, I can see his eroticism engaged.

    But high erotic level is not the same as cumming. My husband has to cum every time, and I have to cum every time.

    So, what was/is the motivation to have a vagina that works wonders for her but have you “hanging in the air” every time, hoping to get lucky and touch ground with one single stretched toe?

    And besides, by rendering her vagina “unworkable” with your penis, you also guaranteed that if no toys, you are (almost) incapable of making her have an orgasm.

    Your post is long, very open, very detailed on a theme not much discussed, and I loved it.

    I wish most posts were that detailed and open. Well done. Thanks.
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    I think that is a wonderful thing. I would love to find a woman like you. I think a pussy is there to have fun with. Fuck it fist it lick it. Even step in it if you can. Then take a nice golden shower from it. Mmmmmm I love it.

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    I guess if you lube and keep putting fists in it will eventually stretch. I personally would like just the opposite. I used to be very tight; my ex- boyfriend had told me I was the tightest woman he ever had. However my husband has a very large penis and we have frequence sex so he has stretched me out and I dont like it; and I havent even had any babies. We have never tried fisting (I'd never allow it) and my husband enjoys anal sex for the sole reason that its tighter so I would really like to have a tighter vagina myself.

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    This is an odd thread

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    I also absolutely love being stretched open by fists and objects. I can lose a can of soda inside me get dressed and go anywhere while keeping it deep inside my pussy and I love that feeling. I have let the boyfriend put anything that he can fit inside me the largest I've had so far is a salon style bottle of shampoo the really big fat bottles. You just have to use lots of lube and work your way up to bigger and better. I'm hoping to fit a 2 liter bottle inside me by the end of summer

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    I've been looking like crazy for a women that likes this topic for a while but I haven't had any luck. Any help or suggestions ?

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    Hope you made your goal. :) So sexy!


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