I want to stretch my vagina - am I insane?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by Adrock013, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Juicy-Juls

    Juicy-Juls Active Member

    LMAO..very true....
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  2. pinkdoodler

    pinkdoodler New Member

    I've heard this sort of thing is true too! Didn't they used to stimulate the clitoris in olden days as a relief for labour pains?

  3. pomomofo

    pomomofo New Member

    If your insane, then so am I.

    I have had this fetish since the year 2000 when I was 20. I could not give myself an orgasm and was still a virgin then. Then one day a male friend of mine found out, and proceeded to encourage me to try and give myself an orgasm. I went home immediately that day after school and did so successfully, only with a bottle that was 9 inches around in circumference. Using that big bottle gave me my first orgasm. This to me means that this is just what I get off on.

    The process was really gradual and over and 8 year period (2000-2008) I slowly stretched my vagina to take up to two smallish male fists, 150 glass marbles, or a bottle that is 12 inches around in circumference. Walking around with a loose vagina is the best, I can feel my labia majora sliding against one another, and feeling little bubbles of air escape as I sit down.

    When people ask about sensation (or lack thereof), I tell them that the feeling of just barely feeling anything, (2 0r 3 fingers), feels like a soft and gentle caress inside me, which I love and is my favorite thing to do, but I also love being pounded by fists too. It makes me feel open, full, and contained.

    And as for whether I can "please my man", I can orgasm from getting F-ed, and others are able to orgasm inside me too. However, I do not see sex as just penis in vagina, in my opinion I include a broad spectrum of things in sex play, the kinky and the queer. And questions like, "is my vagina tight enough for a man to get off in?" are increasingly irrelevant to me, I hold my own orgasms in higher regard, (I am a dominatrix), and besides there are a whole bunch of other different ways for each of us as individuals to get off from, why limit ourselves to what is the most obvious?
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  4. StLGaL

    StLGaL New Member

    woah..err..ummm..yeah I am speechless..to me that would feel really weird and prob gross me out..but hey if that's what tickles your fancy. Different strokes for different folks
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  5. Penguin-Goon

    Penguin-Goon New Member

    i was kinda thinking the same thing StL........

  6. StLGaL

    StLGaL New Member

    I dunno,,the thought of a big loose hanging vagina isnt my cup of tea

  7. Temptress Tally

    Temptress Tally Super Moderator Staff Member

    Ok , so how the hell did you as a virgin manage to get a 9inch in circumference bottle inside you. Ouch!!!!!!

  8. stine20

    stine20 New Member

    Thats exactly what i was thinking when i read that.
    Like i just lost my v-card and i don't think i could or would even think of putting a 9 inch bottle inside myself.

    But as said before, different strokes.
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  9. pomomofo

    pomomofo New Member

    Lots of time and lube [​IMG]

  10. Ian

    Ian New Member

    Talking of bottles in vaginas, in the now famous Heidl rape case I understand the girl was penetrated and raped with a snapple bottle. Are they not pretty large in circumfirence? Apparently she was unaware of being raped until some time after the event and she was only 16.

  11. Temptress Tally

    Temptress Tally Super Moderator Staff Member

    That's because she was unconscious and drugged up!!
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  12. MNM

    MNM New Member

    Uhh...what she said.... [​IMG]
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  13. msjackiedt

    msjackiedt New Member

    It makes me hurt just thinking about all of this stuff!!! I always thought tight was better... I know if I go for awhile without any and then get some, it's pretty tight and feels amazing... like the previous ones say ... I guess it's different for all..

  14. Vexed

    Vexed New Member

    This is an old topic, but I need to reply to it. First, I believe that the member that started this thread was actually a male that wanted to start a discussion about vaginal stretching and fisting. I do think that women start threads about fisting, but this particular thread seems to have been written by a male seeking to get some kicks from the replies.

    As for the topic of vaginal stretching and fisting, many men and women enjoy it. Only a small percentage of those into "stretching" desire to work up to two fists, but many men and women enjoy playing large dildos, or working up to one fist.

    It doesn't make a vagina loose, but it makes a vagina more flexible. Some men, including myself, enjoy it when a woman has a flexible vagina. We are able to pleasure her with a wider variety of toys. It makes for fun fantasy exploration.

    Sometimes a woman's vagina feels looser within the same day after her vagina was stretched, and sometimes a woman's vagina doesn't feel much different after it was stretched. It depends on the woman. Regardless, after a day or so, it feels just like it did before she played with a really big dildo.

    There's a percentage of women that would enjoy experimenting with large dildos because they are curious about feeling that "full feeling" while being penetrated. Some of these women are afraid that it would make them loose, so they don't experiment. I would like to shed light on the issue and let women know that large dildos or penises don't make a woman loose. Women are born with a certain size vagina, and other than that the amount of muscle tone is what makes the difference. The vagina can be toned and flexible at the same time. Also, obviously traumatic vaginal births can damage tissue and make the vagina bigger, but that doesn't happen with all natural births.

    So, explore play with large dildos or fisting if you'd like. It won't make you permanently looser, even though it may or may not make you looser for a few hours afterwards. Oh, and some men, including myself, don't like small or tight vaginas.

  15. reado

    reado New Member

    its great to know im not alone lol my wife and i fist eachother all the time its the greatest feeling, theres nothing better that a big lose vagina opens up a whole new world of sex play , lucky for me though she has very small hands, best way though is to work up to one hand then insert a small dildo into the palm of the fist thats in and graduall increase the size of the dildo which inturn will make the one fist bigger and bigger then remove all toys and slowly insert fingers from other hand into the palm and so on .dont ruch though spread this over a month atleast good luck
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  16. HillarySC2

    HillarySC2 New Member

    My husband is the same way. He likes big loose vaginas. Luckily for him, mine is pretty big. I have had three vaginal births and that has loosened me up some but I don't think I was ever really tight. I've always gaped open to some extent but it's much more now. For what it's worth, I was fisted once by a girl with small hands, I'm 33 and we are swingers.

  17. ply

    ply New Member

    I've been with loose women and don't really see how that does much for your hubby unless you deep throat & swallow him or have anal sex with him.

  18. cathy22

    cathy22 New Member

    I've liked the feeling of being stretched in the past, but not quit like this.

  19. c@th3r1n3

    c@th3r1n3 New Member

    well i'm already 30 and my vagina was always stretched why my husband always inserting his fist in me and the i don't know if this is embarrasing he inserted a can of softdrink it hurt m quite but the most embarrassing was he inserted a cucumber then he force me to wear miniskirt while we are in a wet market the people always watch me but i don't care at all

  20. V Stretcher

    V Stretcher New Member

    My wife was 17 when we met and only had one other guy twice before meeting me. When we first started dating I was only a few years older and only been with 1/2 dozen woman myself. I remember at the time being impressed she could easily take and enjoy 3 fingers which when pumped would make her orgasm in less than 5 minutes. Her pussy was no tighter or looser than any other girl I had been with but she seemed mush more flexible.

    We married and it has been over 20 years. She is 41 now. Sometime after her last of two vaginal births around 10 years ago I commented that her pussy was not as tight and that I liked it. This was only a month or two after her giving birth so her body hadn't recovered.

    Over the next 6 months her pussy had returned to size and I told her that I missed her loose feeling. I offered to buy her a sizable dildo to see if we could unlock that lost feeling. My cock is average at 1-1/2" wide.

    I purchased her a 2" wide rubber dong which she really took to. After a good dildoing session she did feel looser and together we enjoyed the feeling of her looser pussy.

    My wife found herself enjoying the extra size and as a result we have continued buying gradually larger dildos over the years and more and more they have become part of our sexual lives.

    At this point in time my wife is stretched and fucked every day with a dildo that is 2.8" wide (8.8" circumference). We have a wonderful marriage and even after all these years we still @$%*@* every day. Sometimes she will @$%*@* herself first with her largest dildo and then I will @$%*@* her afterwards. Sometimes I will @$%*@* her first and then she will dildo herself but every session ends in me fucking her. My personal favourite is when she stretches first and I get to enjoy her hole at its maximum looseness right from the start. Some days she tells me she needed filling so bad while I was at work she has spent half the day with her hugest dildo inside her and still wanting more.

    My beautiful wife has become a size queen. She thoroughly enjoys having her pussy filled to the max but at the opposite end of the spectrum she loves the feeling of my cock swishing around in her huge loose hole. Recently she has also started saying borderline derogatory things about her vagina during sex like "@$%*@* my loose hole harder". We have a new 3" wide or 9.5" circumference toy ready to go for when she is ready.

    Regarding her stretching. At the start with 2" toys her pussy would feel loose after the session but after 6 hours or so she returned to normal. A few years later when she was approaching 2-1/2 toys and our fetish had been fully realised and we started to play almost every day our only real break was her monthly cycle which put a 5 day halt on her stretching games. As the months went by her increasing looseness was becoming obvious and at the end of each monthly cycle we were excited to see how permanately stretched she was from the previous month after her 5 day break. There was no doubt that in her relaxed unaroused state her pussy was becoming looser and looser each month.

    Now she is permanatly loose. Daily stretching and her refusal to do kegals now for at least 5 years has created a monster pussy. I have fisted her a few times but she doesn't like it due to the shape of my hand. It's not the size but my technique and its not something we have had the urge to perfect so we don't fist. She does enjoy me fucking her with 4 fingers inserted at the same time and sometimes we also do a double vag penetration with her collection of rubber cocks. To give an idea of just how permanetly loose she is I can lube 8 fingers any time of day and slip them in all the way down to the thumbs with practically no resistance. We have never tried double fisting and to be honest its not a goal. When fucking her largest toy it is in and fucking her in under 30 seconds.

    Now when we @$%*@* I almost feel nothing but her warmth and juices. Unless I am fucking her hard she can also no longer feel me but together we both easily orgasm through normal sex. Sometimes I slowly and gently pump and we just kiss. Neither of us can feel any type of penetration during slow gentle sex but we feel very close knowing I am completely lost inside her ballooned pussy.

    This isn't for everyone. Most woman think a their pussy has to be tight and could never indulge in this type of play and most men would feel threatened that their cocks aren't adequate. For us this type of play has been sexy and loving and absolutely wonderful and neither of us see an end in sight. We both love her loose pussy and wouldn't change anything. I don't think we are weirdos we just stumbled by accident upon something that gave us pleasure and it grew from there.


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