I want to stretch my vagina - am I insane?

Discussion in 'Female Sexuality' started by Adrock013, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Lexxa

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    What are you doing to us? [​IMG]

  2. Jamal

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    I have to confess, I found myself thinking about this post last night and found it a huge turn on.

    When my partner and I play, often, I love working up to having three or four fingers from one hand up her a$$hole and then adding the same number from the other hand. Once carefully sliding in the second set, I love to pull in opposite directions (either top and bottom or the right and left sides), stretching her open and she very much gets off on this as well.

    With my first wife, for years I would f*ck her anally only while she was shoving 2 to 4 fingers from each hand into her a$$hole at the same time.

    Anyway, for the person who orginally posted this thread, I wanted to recommend a couple of things that might assist you. The first is to get an extra-large butt plug (which, of course, can be used vaginally as well)--Doctor Johnson's web site (among other places) offers one that is 4.25 inches in diameter at its widest point. Learning to insert this and then leaving it in for extended periods will help you attain your goal.

    Beyond this, however, you can get inflatable butt plugs. I have one that inflates up to at least 4.75 inches in diameter and while we've never expanded it that far while inserted, we have pumped it up to 3.75 inches while inserted and then I f*ucked the same hole it was in, which was more than a little intense for both of us and resulted in orgasms that left the two of us just sort of lying there unable to move for quite some time afterwards.

  3. mel172

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    okay okay all i have to say is WHY!!!
    Most people want the oppsosite. I'm grateful for what i have. i dont want mine to change

  4. Jamal

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    Probably lots of reasons. Personally, I think it may stem from my first time f*cking, which was with a "big girl" who was so large vaginally and so wet that all of my fingers slipped in, like I was reaching into a jar of warmed hand lotion. That experience and the subsequent reminder the next day--when rushing onto a bus after awaking late from a major drunken episode--left my hands strongly perfumed with c*nt all day probably helped me to associate loose nether orifices with sexual receptiveness--which it sounds like the original poster may have also had as an association. In other words, wide spread vaginas or asses communicate to my subconscious: "this woman really wants sex and has thrown all other considerations to the wind in order to get it."

    I'm not certain that is it, but it is a possible explanation.

    Before leaving the topic, I wanted to share a couple more examples from the realm of internet photos or video tapes. First, I have downloaded a photo of a woman with 15 candles (dinner candle size) inserted vaginally--both lit and unlit, which I marvel at. I've also seen video of women taking a champagne bottle, bottom first, both vaginally and anally; a child's football inserted vaginally; and a 1.5 and 2 liter bottle vaginally. Truly amazing!
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  5. Lexxa

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    Wouldn't this cause some lasting 'wear and tear'?
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  6. Jamal

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    Wouldn't this cause some lasting 'wear and tear'?

    Doesn't appear to and from the input I've received from others who indulge in this sort of thing, it apparently often has the reverse impact, strengthening the muscles and providing greater control. Anal muscles are closed when at rest, so opening up essentially functions as a toning exercise--the reverse of what one might initially think.

    Even the famous "gaping" a$$holes of contemporary porn actually require the woman to exert herself to open the orifice. So, fears about not being able to control one's bowels are misplaced.

    The vagina is a different animal of course. Frequent stretching, as some here have reported, can cause that orifice to stretch permanently and gape while at rest.
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  7. Jamal

    Jamal New Member

    I should add to my last response briefly--the stretching does cause microscopic scarring out the area immediately around the a$$hole, so you can tell somewhat that the person engages frequently in anal play from the appearance, but this is neither grossly disfiguring, nor does it have an impact on control of the sphincter muscle--it just amounts to a relatively minor, but noticable, cosmetic affect.

  8. Lexxa

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    Good to hear, although, "microscopic scarring" doesn't sound too good. [​IMG]

    I was interested in trying fisting, but my SO takes one look at his hands/wrists and one look at me and goes mute on the whole subject.
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  9. Jamal

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    Your SO should have a bit more faith in the ability of flesh to stretch. Have him look at his unerect penis and then when it is erect for a start. Then remind him of the size of an infants head at the time of birth. If those don't work, locate some fisting photos on the Web (most pay sites have a handful of free photos that they will let you look at as promo materials). This should suffice to convince him that more is possible than he might think--but also, start off incrementally. Go from one finger, to two, to three, working in some lubricant as he does so. Don't expect it to happen all at once--for some it can, but for most, it takes a bit of getting adjusted to.

  10. nettie

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    This seems to be one assumption that remains relatively unchallenged - that almost all men prefer a tight pussy. Its the equivilant of 'almost all women prefer a large cock'. Judging by other posts this assumption leads to many women feeling great anxiety that we might be 'too loose'. Sometimes I think its another thing men are 'supposed' to like, dictated by porn and recieved wisdom.
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  11. seeker

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    I admittedly have not read all the posts on this one but, my experience with fisting has been that if you excersize the pc muscles both the vagina and or anus retain thier muscle tone, and thus tigtness. This wxcersize also helps with controlling orgasm as well.Niether one of us ever had a problem. Then again, niether one of us had huge hands.

  12. nettie

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  13. nettie

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    Futterbly, you make the assumption that the only reason people may do this is because they they need to. Not so, I still manage to wreck my bunny vibes on a depressingly regular basis with my vaginal contractions despite being able to take a fist. That said if you don't want to you are not likely to be able to relax enough to manage it.
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  14. seeker

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    Yes nettie

    wxersize...I am Russian, you have problem with dat.....lol

    BROKE your rabbit wibrater...wow, We call dis wise grip in Russia....hehehe

    I'm sorry, I'm sorry...don't hurt me

  15. seeker

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    Seriously though!

    You really, gulp,have broken your vibrators, plural, with your contractions. That's awesome, and gonna leave me with quite a cool mental image.

  16. Jamal

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    Sometimes I think its another thing men are 'supposed' to like, dictated by porn and recieved wisdom.

    Excellent point and no doubt true. I'd blame received wisdom more than porn, since in the porn I watch, you'd tend to think "tight" was not a term that could be applied to the nether orifices, but the point is well taken. People in general have a tendency to both believe these generalizations and suffer from attempting to live up to them or attempt to "stay within the lines" of these truisms and thereby significantly limit all that sex play has to offer.
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  17. Ian

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    I agree with Jamal, its not porn that reinforces those beliefs. If 'tight' was so important why would the emphasis on the male porn stars being big? Surely that must tell us that the female co- stars can't be that 'tight' yet they are clearly considered highly desirable. If the male audiences of porn films rated tightness as that important the girls would be refusing those big dicks and insisting on little ones, surely?
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  18. jractrucking

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    I can't get past the bald head up the vagina. That is really oral sex, wow!! She really got eat out. HAHA

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    I have a GF that has a big pussy too. We both have found out we like it huge & are trying to also make it bigger. She says she acn still feel me inside & she loves it. I am up to one fist & 4 fingers of the 2nd hand. Funny thing is she doesn't gape open, she closes immediatley afterwards...but I know with just a slight push ,I'll have a fist in again.

  20. MNM

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    Good lord this is an OLD thread.....But, the most I've ever been able to use on the wifey is 3 fingers comfortably. Not too much into her using the super large toys though either. But hey if it works for you I say roll with it!


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