I want him to come inside me.(about the pill)

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  1. Unwritten

    Unwritten New Member

    I am currently on a low dose BC pill. When my BF and I do have sex (regularly) he also uses a condom. So I’ve been thinking about it and really want to know what its like for him so com inside me. On the other hand pregnancy scares the crap out of me as much as I love my BF I can only deal with one of him at the moment. But I really want him to. So I have a few questions.

    1. is there a better time of the month that I will be most protected? (example: the 2nd week of my pill pack? After being on it for a week but not my ovulating week?)
    2. Will my being on a low dose affect my protection level?
    3. How many of you do it? B/C though I can not have a kid right now im afraid I would chicken out on an abortion if it was my only option

  2. Summertime Girl

    Summertime Girl New Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    The BC pill is designed so that you can have sex whenever and wherever. I was on it for 10 years and never timed our sex. We did it all the time and never used condoms. I never got pregnant, never even had a scare. I was on Triphasil, which is a low dose BC pill.

    The low dose doesn't affect your protection. He always came inside me. I know things work because we divorced and he and his new wife got pregnant right away.

    But if you are uncomfortable, talk to your doctor and him. Also, you might want to read up on the side effects of the BC pill. I recently stopped using them, not knowing what damage they were doing to my body.

    Good luck!

  3. zoe2929

    zoe2929 New Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    My bf has always come inside me - we never use condoms and I am on bc - never had a problem (knock, knock) - wherever, whenever, however-

  4. mswitt

    mswitt New Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    Never had a problem. Don't worry about timing either. The pill takes away your natural cycle, so you don't even ovulate. If, on occasion, you happen to ovulate (I did a couple of times), you're still protected because you have a thicker mucous.

    About him cumming inside you - I really wanted it too, but could never actually feel anything. However, it's really great not having to wear a condom. Nothing between you, no burnt rubber smell or taste, it feels a lot more natural.

  5. Unwritten

    Unwritten New Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    eww i know i hate it (condoms that is). when we have sex without a condom he just pulls out. im not so worried then because its such a little amount (i mean i knw thats all you need but).

  6. LisaY777

    LisaY777 New Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    You should be fine if you are on the pill. Have you been on it at least a month? I have had sex many many times with only being on the pill and I was fine every time. You should be fine, I wouldn't worry about it.

  7. mandapanda

    mandapanda New Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    Unwritten, I know how you feel! I've been with my SO for over 3 years and I've BEGGED him to cum inside me during the heat of the moment and he NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER will even though I keep telling him we're safe! It kinda defeats the whole purpose of me being on the pill and going through all this misery with my hormones! (well not entirely since we can at least have sex without condoms)

  8. Nenya

    Nenya New Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    not that much about coming inside of you, but wait till you lose the rubber [​IMG] THAT'S the real good thing, trust me [​IMG]

    damn the condoms and whoever invented them, i just got forced for other reasons to go off pill, and my sex drive went six feet under. not because of the hormones, but the damn rubber takes all the pleasure away [​IMG]

  9. mandapanda

    mandapanda New Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    So my bf finally came inside me last night! Just the thought of it was very sexual and exciting... but I think this act is a bit overrated! I kinda like it better when he comes all over my boobs (sorry TMI maybe)... anyone else agree with me on that one?

    But my bf was sooo paranoid this morning about getting me pregnant and I can't seem to stess enough to him that that's not going to happen! UGH! Frustrating.

  10. enough_already

    enough_already New Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    No such thing as TMI on this site.
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  11. CuriousWonder1

    CuriousWonder1 New Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    Tell him he has better chances winning the lotto. ( I don't know if its true, but the success rate is in the high 90s.)

  12. mil

    mil New Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    i love cum inside

  13. Seerah

    Seerah Member

    Re: I want him to come inside me.

    *laughs* Girls, just remember, the pill isn't 100% effective. The only thing is no sex whatsoever! Even with pulling out, do you know how many millions of sperm are in pre-cum? All it takes is just one little guy!

    Just because other girls have had no issues with the pill and not becoming pregnant does not mean the same will happen with you. It depends on how consistent you are with the pill, if you've been sick and had to vomit or have had diarrhea, if any medications you've taken have interacted or canceled out the effectiveness of the pill, etc.

    I've known plenty of women who have gotten pregnant on the pill! Also, it's not just about pregnancy it's about STIs as well. Are you and your bf in a monogamous relationship? Do you trust each other not to have unprotected sex with other people while have sex with no condoms with you?

    EA, you crack me up! Leave these girls alone! [​IMG]

  14. GreenTea

    GreenTea Super Moderator Staff Member

    You don't ovulate on the pill, unless what you mean by low dose is a progesterone only pill, aka mini pill or POP. Typically, low dose means a pill such as Yaz or Loestrin, which is has both progesterone and estrogen but is low in estrogen. If your pill pack includes a week of placebos, it is not a progesterone only pill, so it would keep you from ovulating. If it's a mini pill, there are no placebos.

    If you're on a low dose pill, not a mini pill, no, it wouldn't. If you're on a progesterone only pill, those are statistically slightly less effective than combined pills. But the key word here is statistically. What happens to you won't necessarily be what happens to others. And even a mini pill is over 95% effective.
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  15. 2612

    2612 New Member

    The low dose pill should protect you-the pill is not infalable however it is very good as long as you take regularly and you may also need to take it at the same time of day. I always enjoy cumming inside a woman it just feels so natural and nice...I don't like condoms...like a lot of other responses. He sounds like he needs some extra reassurance that you definitely wont get prego or something..may have some other ideas if you would like to discuss..pjline2003 at Y au. Cheers MaxxyX


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