HPV/Colposcopy/Bioposy Questions and Answers

Discussion in 'General Health' started by BethG, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Here's links to several threads about HPV (human papilloma virus), colposcopies (a simple proceedure often done following an abnormal pap test), and bioposies (sample taken of cervical cells).

    The thing to remember if you're new to any of this....is not to panic and worry. HPV and abnormal pap tests are generally not serious conditions and colposcopies and bioposies are done to determine if more treatment is needed.

    HPV A good discussion on the proceedures and HPV. Good facts.

    Colposcopy/Bioposy Another excellent discussion. More good facts.

    LGSIL -- coposcopy/bioposy More discussion.

    Colposcopy A short thread on the proceedure.
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  2. Camryns-mommy

    Camryns-mommy New Member

    Ya. All that stuff sucked and was pretty nerve wracking... I had to get the colposcopy, then the biopsy, and then the leep procedure cuz it went to deep into my cervix [​IMG] The leep procedure screwed up my cervix and i have had to be hospitalized twice because my cervix wouldnt open for my menstural flow, and it would build up in my uterus...VERY painful stuff...

  3. Regina_1

    Regina_1 New Member

    Thank you BethG! Great info!!!

  4. SillyGirl79

    SillyGirl79 New Member

  5. Raunchy-Row

    Raunchy-Row Super Moderator Staff Member

    Oh hey--I was talking to my doc the other day and she shared some really useful tips on not spreading HPV if you have the genital warty kind.

    DON'T SHAVE YOUR COOTCH. It will spread to wherever the open skin is, and start warts there.

    Try not to touch your vaginal/rectal area at all--if you touch one part, don't touch another, wash your hands thoroughly and try to keep your skin from being irritated. Irritated skin becomes broken, and broken skin is susceptible to further flareups.

  6. SavinGracie

    SavinGracie New Member

    Yea it is annoying how fast germs can spread in certain areas of the body and rapidly create other annoying things you have to deal with!

  7. Crystal

    Crystal New Member

    I too had the colposcopy, 2 biopsies-1 w/a dull knife & 1 w/a sharp one(the sharp one was worse, it made me cry!) and then a LEEP too! My entire cervix was covered and they had to remove tons away...mine was not due to genital warts...but it kept getting overlooked for 3 years and by the time they caught it, it was actual cancer!

    I have been fine since, the doctor did a great job cause another doctor said she could not even tell I had the procedure done...she said she would have never known if I had not told her.
    I was 21 when they found it was full blown cancer, and now I am 33!

    Good luck!

  8. sabina

    sabina New Member

    im so grateful to find someone unafraid to discuss this - it NEEDS discussion! it shouldnt be dismissed as nothing, as it often is... perhaps wellmeaning some times to reassure a person that it is common and treatable etc etc... it shouldnt be disregarded however as something trivial or worse, shameful. lack of information about it makes it worse.
    --- unfortunately, personally it really messed with my head. i could not take one more damn thing to make me hate my body, my sexuality etc. on a positive note, however, my physician that caught the abnormal cells - wow, what a fantastic guy... when other people would have, and likely did, overlooked it, he found out for sure - and when i looked for the right surgeon, im glad i took the painintheass time to NOT settle for the first one i spoke to - he would not even answer my questions about hysterectomy, partial hyst, coldcone, laser etc - he simply wanted to tell me what to do and have me do it. the next man, quite old i tell you, said "its YOUR body - you tell me what you want to know, whats best for the situation, and you decide WITH me".
    has anyone had this REOCCUR?

  9. BethG

    BethG New Member

    sabina, I had HPV diagnosed back in my early twenties and I'm now 39. I've never had an abnormal pap test since then. I do think, however that my tests are coded differently because of it. I believe (always been hazy on this) that the virus is still present but not active.

  10. kris1980

    kris1980 Member

    sabina- i had HPV in my early twenties as well- and i had the colposcopy and had the LEEP. Its been 7 years- my paps all come back normal now- no sign of HPV. It can re-occur as i'm told but thats why its important to have paps every 6 months for a few years. I've just graduated to yearly paps b/c my gyno is very cautious. Try not to stress- it really is a very common diagnosis and is very easily treated.

  11. BethG

    BethG New Member

    Oh, I forgot to say that my HPV was treated: colposcopy and bioposy to further diagnose and then cryosurgery (pretty much before the LEEP proceedure was around).

  12. nafi

    nafi Active Member

    I just came across this and I'm glad I did. It's eased my mind a bit. I'm moving end of the month so I gotta find a new doctor and GYN for all of it, but my 2nd pap came back abnormal so now I gotta get a colposcopy? done. But first I gotta find new doc when I get to New Brunswick, then get old records sent over, then get referred to a GYN there and get the tests done. I'm hoping it's nothing too serious and can all be sorted easy, but it's nerve racking! Trying not to think about it til I can actually do something. Doc says it's not highly abnormal so nothing to be too worried about but something to be checked as soon as I can. I don't plan to wait long, hoping within 2 weeks of being there I'll have a doc and the whole thing will be in motion.

  13. Nikki

    Nikki New Member

    So, I got a call from the woman at the Reproductive Health Center this morning saying that my pap smear came back abnormal. She didn't say much, just that I was going to need a colposcopy. I should have called back and asked some more questions, but I was too afraid to.

    I haven't been able to sleep or think about much else. Which is why I'm still up at 3:30am, instead of sleeping for work tomorrow. I'm feel like I'm going to make myself sick with worry. I guess I really just wanted somebody that's been through this to talk to.

    At first I was thinking that it must not be that bad, as I'm not getting rushed to the hospital to get a biopsy done. I was thinking that if it was that bad she would have gotten me in there earlier than next week. Then I started to think that it must be really bad because she didn't say much, and just told me that she wanted me to come in to discuss the results. I read on here that some women just get another pap test, so my cells must look pretty fucked up.

    I feel kind of pathetic saying this, but I hope somebody responds soon. I'm just going to be sitting here, awake.


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