How to Tell If She's Sexually Attracted to You?

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    Sexual attraction is something you have little control over believe me the excitement within is quite difficult to put under wraps that's why there are great ways to find out if someone is already sexually attracted to you. Women can be pretty transparent when they are and the good news for you is that you can easily detect her hidden moves through her body language. So to shorten your agony, here are five ways on how to tell is she's sexually attracted to you.

    Stealing glances.
    When sexual tension builds up, it starts to become difficult to maintain eye contact because by now, all you need is to read it in her eyes she is so totally into you right this very minute. Instinct tells her not to let you know about it, however, the urge to look at you is quite tough to do. So the next time she starts stealing glances (the shy fleeting look also applies), that's one sexy signal that she's already sexually attracted to you.

    Getting too fidgety and antsy.
    Restlessness is a good sign of heightened sexual tension. This would include crossing and uncrossing of her legs constantly, self-consciously smoothing or fixing her hair, blinking too much and a little shaky fingers and she seemed so unaware about it. Make her feel a little at ease by engaging her in a conversation or cracking a joke to make her laugh.

    Pursing and licking her lips.
    The lips are the sexiest part of the face and they're also one of the most sensitive parts of the body. The next time you see her pursing, pouting, licking or biting her lips alternately her sexual fantasies might be running wild this very second. Stare at her lips while she does this and she will be feeling more electric shocks down her spine thus, making her want you like crazy.

    Nervous laugh.
    Crack a joke with a little greenish or sexual preference and instead of the usual expected giggle, she gives out a series of nervous laughter. This is a very evident signal that she wants to know you better and be a little intimate as well. She seemed worried, but doesn't want to leave you. She looks distant but remains focused on whatever you're saying that's right. Her imagination is going wild.

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